Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas and all that

quick recaps... tuesday i met jasmine in the afternoon for bolt (THE HAMSTER. PLEASE WATCH BOLT FOR THE HAMSTER.) and xo noodles at, where else, amk hub. caught up and etc, and i showed her the most impt part of the hub: scarlet city. at night met family friends and some of their friends for japanese excellence at Botan and drinks at Blu Jaz after, where we met with disappointment and no live jazz.

wednesday was the day of the ill-fated tree top trail hike, which was rained on so i met nat and naomin at city hall for long awaited crab tang hoon at thai express where we argued over the bill, talked about islamic banking and cried. again. about balls. in the evening was church, then met jerrine and luke after for a could-be-funner zouk night which was nevertheless fun COS I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU, JERRINE AND LUKE.

and today, christmas day, was spent helping mother prepare for usual partay. i made the cranberry sauce. woo. had the whole spectrum of meat laid out for dinner: pork (sausages, ribs and ham), goose, turkey, chicken, duck and beef and i died with the meaty loveliness of it all. tried to watch transformers with edwin and calvin but was chased off. the after party was a long and squishy drive with the cousins to sembawang beach, just because i said the drive was nice and straight and the beach was dirty and dark. we had fun watching people try to fish and clambering around playgrounds, making homevideos and annoying campers, breathing the salty air and brushing scratchy sand off our feet, swinging and running and climbing and even vibrating, at one point. there is something about the night that inspires the tranquil, unapologetic childishness that i wish i could have in daylight. after that we drove to the other end of singapore for late night prata and enjoyed the straight stretch of green lights that only the night can offer us.

it seems that everything i do this holiday is veiled by a thin gauze of barely discernible sadness - sadness at leaving so soon, the selfish sadness of loneliness; i am not sure what it is. what i do know is that the tangible presence of friends cars playgrounds family food dancing familiarity is effectively sweeping this undesired, unwarranted annoyance far into the part of my brain that is duly uncovered whenever i am far from home. i doubt the healthiness of this self-defensive mechanism, but for the meantime... je m'en fous.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

god. it's good to be back

ok never blog for very very long so i must recap from very long ago but i am sick and sleepy so i shall do it quickly. last few days of school. when not spent studying, was spent quite nicely with friends whom i am not going to see for at least another 8 months to ever. hung out with nicolas, linda, dan, shirinandrudi, elena, paul, eric, erwin, sarah, ivy, iwan, kohei, nateandsue and of course siyou at various different meals, had a farewell partay where i took a lot of nice photos but after which my camera was stolen :((( and... that was it, actually. every other waking moment was spent packing or studying. not very fun at all.

aaaaaaand... NOW I AM AT HOME AND heeheehee i love life again. in the past 3 days i have had enough chill, nice, happy, friendly, familiar, lovely fun to fill about 2 months in wes. so on friday, arrived in the morning, FIRST THING I GOT WAS YOUZHA AND WARM SOYA BEAN WITH MOTHER. ah bliss. and then lunch with elizabeth and ming and their friends at cheap ass dimsum (which i got for free :D:D), got fetched home, took nap till dinner, then went to eat world's freaking best rojak at balestier with family. and then and then. FUN HAVEN'T END KNOW. went to meet luke and ky at island creamery, then was driven to holland v for wala wala and mr siva. stumbled home in jet-lagged, alcohol-enhanced tiredness and fell asleep for a blissful 12 hours.

saturday was dedicated to nat and naomin! i must say... i haven't laughed SO FUCKING MUCH IN OH, 5 MONTHS. we oozed in the heat from TCC in raffles city to suntec to nat's house, where we spent er... much time laughing until peng over the unbelievable ugliness of our 14-17 yr old selves. goddamn i was a fugly teenager. when we were tired our from all the laughing, we headed to Mr Prata, ate beehoon goreng (alsfalskfja;klfja;klfjafkjaf good. a;lskdfjalkfdjalkfjalkdfj) and laughed summore, until i had to come home because i was all laughed out and there were no more laughter tears in my tear ducts. i swear. it was a weird feeling.

today went to church and surprised many with my unexpected presence. it was nice being so... wamrly received. then lunch at maxwell with parents, where there was the AWESOME MAXWELL FISH SOUP I HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR SINCE WELL... OCTOBER. i died. didn't talk for 20 minutes. and zen... off to christine's house where jerrine very opportunely skyped us! met luke and his manchester friends at PS cafe, talked too much about rock band, then was very nicely given a lift to orchard to meet felicia for bout 4 hrs of bitchiness, had ayam penyet (:D:D:D) and am now at home, showered, sitting on bed with laptop and nemo next to me. HIYAH. THE NICENESS OF LIFE.

and much more fun to come, cos jerrine returns and rachel returns and cousins come to singapore and i go to clubmed bintan and another wes dinner and there is christmas and new yr and my 21st AND HIYAH. SO SHIOK :D

Friday, December 12, 2008


studying makes me think of everything else but.

so. i shall now list my three favourite smells in the world, ever.
1. fresh orange peel
2. lavender
3. horses

aaaaand... that's all, folks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the name of procrastination

I have sat in front of my computer for the entire day and the only time when my keyboard clacks so quickly and productively is when i am... blogging. ergo, it has not clacked quickly or productively all day :(((((.

ahead: packing my wesleyan life into boxes again, french final paper, COL final paper, korean final, econ final (DEATHDEATHDEATH), forensic geology final, frenetic meals with people i will not see for 8 months/1 yr/ever.

it is insane how long this semester has been and how it has flown by. i forget details of things that have happened at the begining of september, but the beginning of september seems just yesterday. memory is a strange thing.

had joint farewell party with erwin on monday night. almost everyone i wanted to come, came, and that is good enough. no matter how much i complain about this school and the people in it, there are some i am genuinely sad to leave behind. so... yay. not all is lost. also, i have received funny presents from assorted koreans/asians, so that was nice. so far i have received: taro bubble tea, shin ramen, a piece of paper with eric's face transposed onto an ugly man, porridge, an annotated korean Men's Health, and a paper flower.

teehee. ok now french essay calls to me. must heed. turrah.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

be back home VEREH VEREH SOON :D:D

hello christine. i blog for yooz again k.

i do not feel like i have anything of worth to say anymore, thus the lack of blogging. hell knows why i feel thus.

but for the sake of typing something down... this friday has been a nice one. as usual, taiko and horseriding made me happy again, even though i fell off high horse. literally hor, not metaphorically. have never been on metaphorical high horse, cos have no morals. K ANYWAY. came back, elena called, had semi-usual friday gathering of gal palz for dinner: me shirin linda and elena. then rushed to sch cinema with isaac and eric and dom for screening of dark knight! which i have watched twice but it gets better each time i watch it! the joker and the christian bale and the humanity! dieded. i also love the black prisoner who threw the detonator out of the window. a tear made its stupid way out at that point. hannyways... after that went to chinese house for bubble tea with sue somin and paul. felt very wholesome and family like, which is good. zen... came home to make mulled wine with erwin. heehee VERY NICE OMG. so we randomly put a bunch of shit in a pot of wine: orange peel and oranges, ginger slices, brown sugar and a lot a lot of cinammon powder. and then put on low heat. and then drank and watched 2 days in paris, with somin. and now after movie we are tipsy and thus have gone to our respecive rooms to sleep it off.


tomorrow night will be french hall party, GIRL TALK CONCERT IN SCH GYM WITH 1500 PPL WOO, sunday will be taiko performance and monday will be the last day of school. YAY.

Monday, December 1, 2008

k. guess i should update again.

woo. first snow today lehhh. little puffs of greyish powder lie among half-dead grass, under steel-grey, sleet-urinating sky. as you can see, the weather is putting me in a very good mood. also, the fact that it is sunday and i can no longer sleep more than 10 hours a day!!!!!!! howz~~~~???

so, thanksgiving involved:
- me being invited to a korean 'gathering' and me not feeling completely out of place. teehee. TRIUMPH OF THE OUTSIDER.
- playing mario kart with pyungah, nick and somin
- going to boston with siyou paul and chelsea and spending thanksgiving dinner semi-conscious in BU. thanksgiving dinner was very asian: roast duck, stir fried lobster, beef, spinach, rice and egg tarts hahaha
- shopping on black friday quite unsuccessfully, and meeting rachel with siyou and thomas and chelsea in chinatown for dimsum!
- coming back to campus and being a hermity sloth. or a slothy hermit. both also can.

so... that was my weekend. my and siyou's last trip togetherzzz~~. we spent very good quality time together, including affirming each other in the dark, squabbling about directions and lateness, talking about er.. the future (NOT TOGETHER HOR, DON'T GET WRONG IDEA PLS THANKS) and the present and everything else in between. teehee. aiyoh. this is very disgusting and mushy and i hate it so... i shall now go do korean homework.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

long time no see, blog.

weekend was fun, cos no more horse show so can sleep late. aiyoh. that just sounded very loser. ok hannyway, it is first day of thanksgiving break and i have the WHOLE DAY FREE and i have just been watching movies in my room and cooking noodles and listening to music and am going to take a nap. BLIZZ.

so. recap of weekend hor. thursday night i cooked bahkutteh for linda shirin and rudi! we polished off 1.5kg of pork ribs, VERY VERY SCARY OMG. and 7 bowls of soup. hahaha. stomach mati alr i think. then watched Rocket Science with somin and spent the rest of the night feeding linda and rudi.

friday was horseriding as usual, and i rode well and was happy. at night went to sarah's birthday partay in her basement and had a lot of weird drunken encounters such as counseling a japanese man, being counselled by other japanese men, laughing at other horny asians, laughing about things that are not funny, shouting names of indonesian food in a circle, and boob touching. ran home at 4.30am because it was cold and dark and i had a vision that i was being chased by monster trucks.

saturday night went to studio 54 party at psi u with paul and other housemates. paul wore blue flared jeans and vintage loafers and a hawaiian tucked in shirt, and i loved him for that. we were being pushed around by stupid couples making out so i did rudi's use-ass-to-dance-into-people-and-push-then-away thing and herded them all away from us. hero, i am. then came home, had fun with apple bongs, watched pineapple express and cooked 3 bowls of noodles with linda.

sunday was work and shit. went to investment group meeting. SO BORING. BRAIN SHRIVELED UP AND DIED. i looked at the insidious, money-grabbing, single-minded people around me and was very sad that they are all very accurate representations of the people i might work with for the rest of my life. UNLESS. i be brave and don't listen to my father. but that is anotehr story for another time.

monday was a shitty day, cos i got back a bad essay and felt stupid for the rest of the day. night improved with dinner at french hall with siyou and shirin and isaac cos jega cooked nasi lemak and roti prata and it was VERY VERY GOOD OMG. jega is master housewife sia. why boy (albeit, gay) can cook so much better than me. at night was siyou's birthday party again in sarah's basement. got suitably wasted again and met the handsomest irish gay man EVER, met another Sam multiple times, witnessed illicit lesbian action, asked a lot of people if they have ever gotten back a bad essay (so bloody irritating omg), laughed at horny birthday girl, gave her a lap dance, was coerced into doing things, yelled bout forensic geology and ate a lot of fries.

ok.bed looks very inviting, it is time to dive in. heeheehee. bye all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

quote from Annie Hall

which i just watched with Dan cos i have no homework and no life. it is a very nice and succinct and slightly sad quote about something with which i have had zero experience but one is allowed to appreciate the unknown, is one not.

Alvy Singer: [Woody Allen narrating, talking about his ex-girlfriend] After that it got pretty late, and we both had to go, but it was great seeing Annie again. I... I realized what a terrific person she was, and... and how much fun it was just knowing her; and I... I, I thought of that old joke, y'know, the, this... this guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doc, uh, my brother's crazy; he thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs." Well, I guess that's pretty much now how I feel about relationships; y'know, they're totally irrational, and crazy, and absurd, and... but, uh, I guess we keep goin' through it because, uh, most of us... need the eggs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

oh noes

i just bought a bunch of grapes and a teeny tiny almost negligible box of blueberries for... USD$11.99.

O.o wtf. might need to sell my soul soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008


was ok. got third in horse show!!!! very happy! i have a ribbon declaring my excellent shiny third placing! yay!!!

but apart from that... everything was mostly bland and blah. i need to go home.

i also watched james bond and was disappointed with the lack of sex. and wit. however. the gratuitous shot of daniel craig's half naked torso was very er, greedily digested, without sounding like a complete perv.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


i just realised that i played TAIKO in front of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. and he WAVED to us. and there were snipers pointing GUNS at us while we were playing.


Friday, November 7, 2008

misery is

when you sleep only four hours at night
to feel that your essay sucks cock
and then to fail econs midterm
only to be rained on when you stop out of class
to go to work for pittance as slave
and then to find out that the hat you bought online cannot fit onto your huge head
as you step into a puddle which ruins your brand new pumps
while you struggle to breathe cos there is mucous in your nose all the bloody time
at the same time thinking how your life is boring and grey while everyone around you is living glittery shiny ones
before going to eat shitty food for which you pay an extortionate amount
which is followed up by the dessert of more homework.

misery is also when you know this will happen again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


it was an insane campus last night. everyone was on foss hill, drunk and high and exuberant and dancing and letting off fireworks and screaming and hugging and listening to this song:

i wish i felt like this about my government.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


as politically apathetic as i am, it is no doubt that tonight will be lak;fj;akldfj exciting.
however, i might be working in the lab when results of the next ruler of the first world come out. such is my life.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


weekend better than last, vastly. friday night i decided i was in need of a drunken night out, so i did. went to Buddhist House (!) for party with siyou isaac carlo leslie maria dan etc and lance lance and old flames were er, revived and we were almost caught by police for trespassing and then went home to cook noodles and listen to romanian music with dan and maria.

tonight i just stayed in my room and tried to read godot and played the hardest game in the world (seriously. and tried buying horses, donkeys, vietnamese wives and hookahs with isaac linda and dan. thankfully, we only succeeded in buying the last item. there is a party raging outside my room and my room is nice and bright and comfy and quiet and nice so i shall stay here with pocky and mojito.
v nais.

isaac: i wonder what you would get if you cross-bred a horse and a donkey.
me: a honkey.
isaac: !!
me: whoops.

k thass all. till next uneventful weekend, which i wish would come right now cos next week i have econ midterm, shitload of readings, korean test, COL essay, and US elections. cannot live alr.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


i just realised my 21st birthday will be spent in transit :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fall break et al

so tonight i ponned another party cos the taiko performance sapped me of all my youthful energy. this anti-social behaviour cannot continue, it is rather worrying.

anyway, fall break is almost over :(. over weekend went to NY for much asian food (korean bbq, dimsum (TWICE!), hippie cafe food, ramen, and southern comfort food), shopping, visiting MoMA and karaoke (!!!) with housemates and the etcs. and rachel! meeting rachel was very nice and fun and familiar and i was happy :) we had dinner at the insane hippie cafe and talked about er, interesting lives and not so interesting lives and walked about after dinner in the brisk fall air.

random things:
nick and norah's infinite playlist is the cutest movie ever! please watch, cos michael cera just made my heart pop like.... a weasel la. (i know it's pop goes the weasel BUT WHATEVER. ARTISTIC BLOGGING LICENCE).

tomorrow i (hopefully) start planning morocco and get things settled with friend. AM. SO. EXCITED.

also, sch starts on wed and i already have an insane amount of work it is not funny. THE PLAGUE, IT PLAGUES ME. k night. off to continue my very chill and zen night alone after 3 days of frenetic new york meandering with too many people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i have too much work to live but i am happy because:
- i had nice chat with jerrine yesterday, about very long necks and cubes/pubes and unwashed mushrooms
- i just skyped nat and naomin in simei starbucks singapore ZOMG. heart very warm
- will be seeing rachel vairy vairy soon
- vermont is more or less confirmed
- there is hope for my morocco trip yet!

aaaaand, that's all folks. now i must trawl through 40 pages of indecipherable french creole, at 1.13am. joy.


i think this says a lot about my sad little state of mind that today, the thing that made me most happy was not the nice weather, nor the ice cream i had after lunch with friends, nor the taiko session, but the fact that econ class was canceled.

in other news, ny in 3 days. cannot. bloody. wait.
school has been going on for far too long.

Monday, October 20, 2008


lousy weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i suddenly thought of the word 'stim' and realised how much i miss home.

ok that's all.

also, tonight i cooketh laksa for 'ickle freshies', to quote shirin.

Friday, October 17, 2008


nothing to blog about again, cos my school weeks are mainly a routine blur spent studying, hanging out in my house, and doing quiet gentle things like watching movies and cooking food and going to the gym. it is quite calm and nice, this existence. if a bit lacking in the excitement factor.

oh oh! got exciting thing! i participated in my first horse show last weekend! i got fourth place! out of five! hahahahaha but whatever, it is damn fun. i sit on the horse for like, 5 minutes but... i love horses la. so it is wonderful. i wish i could have a horse and take care of it and ride it and smell it everyday and call it bob and feed it apples. sorry creepy.

just came back from pho on main street with siyou and isaac, am now half-heartedly watching presidential debates. taiko in 20 minutes. watch horror movie with leslie and carlo after taiko. this is all not as exciting as... MY PLANS.

fall break: nooyawk, babeh! there, i shall: meet rachel (:D), watch a musical, eat MANY TYPES OF ASIAN FOOD, cut hair, shop, and have general excellent fun.

thanksgiving: dunno yet, but either vegas with jerrine or skiing in vermont!! though the latter looks more viable, cos i BOH LUI. :(

ok the above was written last night, before i was interrupted by a horror movie featuring many many gollums. cheebye scary. anyway. lemme continue with PLANS.

winter break: mebbe europe to visit sk ad to make a short detour to amsterdam...? before I GO TO FRANCE, BABEH. (OH YES, I GOT INTO THE PARIS PROGRAM. WOOHOOOO. omg i am going to travel so much that i might have to sell my kidney for cash)

so... more updates, i guess? today had lunch with heiren gal palzzz. it was very funny and gossipy and i love them and they always use words like 'shawty' and 'why you gotta burn me like that' and 'booty juice' (omg i almost typed botty juice HARHARHARHAR dunno why it is funny and cute leh) and i always get a kick out of it. dinner at usdan with shirin nicolas siyou rudi etc and many sausages. i love sausages. almost as much as i love horses. teehee. missed movie with dan cos of KOREAN TA (WHY MISS SUCH AN IMPORTANT LESSON RIGHT) and now i am in my house doing... pretty much nothing. which is pretty damn nice.

k that's all. i bore myself. baibai.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i need fall break to come. now.

'... it is almost impossible to distinguish between playacting and true feelings. To decide that I love my mother and will stay with her, or to stay with her by putting on a charade, amount to the same thing. In other words, feelings are developed through the actions we take, therefore I cannot use them as guidelines for action.'
- Sartre, 'L'Existentialism est un humanisme'.

If what Sartre says is true, then relationships and love and whatnot are merely situational, circumstantial, and arbitrarily substantial. Not the most cheerful thought to have at 1.30am, in a quiet house by myself eh. But then again, we are all happy in whatever capacity we have been exposed to. happiness is not an absolute quantity; it is merely relative. and i guess that's all that matters.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

freedom est bien.

in a bid to not do any work after this disastrous week, work wise, these two days have been dedicated to some... rest and relaxation.
friday i skipped korean class and slept till noon (shiokelao ok omg.). after taiko, went horseriding, rode a pony. very stress-free. came back, watched a new korean drama (^^ ^^ ^^) while eating kimchi noodle soup. shirin came to hang out for a bit, then the party started at my house. twas nice and stressfree and safe and . a koreanweenie came to my room to escape from the craziness outside heehee and i managed to keep all my black-widow instincts to myself. ok if he reads this, EVER, i die. during the party i escaped to sarah's house for naked exhibitionism again with siyou pyungah and random japanese men. came back, found drunk housemates eating very badly cooked drunkenly made food - charred rice and raw chicken. win. we then decided at 3.45am to go onto the rooftop, sit in the cold, drink wine, eat cereal, and gaze at the stars. it was très beautiful.

today i woke up, had brunch with erwin carlo siyou isaac and mikako, hung out with siyou for a bit, took a nap, woke up in a panic and cooked food for the house dinner, then watched Morocco with very hot soldiers and a very hot Marlene Dietrich. and now i am back in house. later, we goeth to isaac's birthday, where he has very cleverly spent 400 bucks on alcohol. should be good.

and that is my weekend. in other news, the week sucked. kinda failed econ midterm, almost missed deadline for applying to study abroad, slept a total of 20 hours in 4 days, folded fucking napkins and washed bloody dishes at work and yadayadayada.

i think this is part of the reason i have stopped feeling lonely. i have no time to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sorry everyone!

i will reply everyone to whom i owe an email very very soon. it is just that as this moment in time i have ceased to become human and have degenerated into a greasy, econ-textbook-reading, despairing, blobby reminder of my former self.

i apologize.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh noes.

i cannot come up with a thesis for a five page essay on T.S Eliot. i have been sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours.

oh....... no.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the procrastination. wins.

so today, instead of starting on COL essay, studying for korean test, studying for econ midterm, starting on econ problem set, or settling my application to go to school in france, i:

- skipped horseriding *to study*
- watched an anime movie with carlo and ruby
- cooked my father's specialty (bread with FRIED LUNCHEON MEAT AND SUNNY SIDE UP WITH RUNNY YOLK :D:D:D) for me and isaac.
- was disturbed in my room by, let's see, in chronological order: isaac somin james jeremy carlo eric thomas domily leslie yinhow vickie erwin nicolas, from 8pm to 2am.

so i wasted my whole day, wasted my lesson fee, didn't get work done, ingested 200% of my recommended daily intake of sodium, got fat, didn't get drunk, and am... blogging.

i think i need a good cry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


last... paragraph... of... french... essay... very.. hard... to... squeeze... out... at... 2... bloody... am... D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

quote of the day

me: *upon seeing dorian gray (the book hor, not the... person) on eric's bookshelf* eh you've read dorian gray?
eric: nah. i hate virginia woolf.


Monday, September 22, 2008

kay la, kay la.

here is my blog entry for the week.
i have done many things this week, and here are the salient ones, in point form:
- monday to thurs were routine days of work, school, and study.
- tuesday i had linda elena and dan over for some fried rice. rice actually sucked, but hey. none of them had fried rice ever, so no judgement pls tanks.
- friday i had my first horseriding lesson of the season, and i duly fell off a horse and landed on my feet. i win.
- friday night was the uniform party at my house, which was good, clean, lancing lancing fun. i wore a sch girl getup, along with 99% of the other girls there. i was embarrassed for pandering so shamelessly to this blatant societal degradation of women, but then '4 minutes' came on and my vague feminist-ish ruminations vanished, just like that.
- saturday i studied rocks in the afternoon, then went for a Marie Chouinard (yes, the name does not mean anything to me either) dance performance which was replete with black strap-on dildos and gold nipple caps. the theme was Orpheus and Eurydice. i still do not see the.. connection.
- then, hyejin's birthday party at seitaro's place where the usual drunken revelry was had. not as fun as last week, but i DID manage to play with hulk gloves and steal some cheetos. came back and made indomie with erwin. that was highlight of night.
- today i woke up late and cooked pasta (very al dente-y done, if i do say so myself) and read mrs dalloway to the point where i now think in semicolons.

aaaaaand... that's it! now, another week of the same ol' same ol' looms ahead. as does the dried up, stick thin figure of mrs bloody dalloway. night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

college nights

ok updates. this is a tiring business.

so this week i:
- decided to buy a bike so i can cycle around this new england countryside with siyou
- watched purple rain, which is the best worst 80s movie ever
- practiced taiko till my arms fell off
- heard the most gleeful news i have heard in a long time
- didn't do much work
- pimped up my room with two beds, 5 lights and satin sheets :D it is now porn-movie worthy, as erwin says
- cooked dinner 5 times

fri night was nice and.. interesting. went for alcohol run in main street with siyou after class, met seitaro and toan and they gave us ride back. came back to house in pouring rain, was pleasantly surprised by housemates cooking japanese curry and stir fried chicken for dinner. opened bottle of wine, ate and talked for a bit with the rain still pouring outside. was very nice :). i learnt the korean onomatopoeia for shit it is puh-jeh-jeh. aiyoh. tried to do a little econs, gave up and started the inebriating. the night henceforth was a messy, happy blur. went to frat house for party with siyou shirin rudi dan linda and lance lance for a bit, then went to asian party which is where i.. truly belong la. there, i got beer poured on me, poured beer on people, was flashed by punk sushiman, had my leather jacket stolen by another sushiman, talked to various random people, sat on the wet grass, witnessed numerous taupoks, bonded with singaporean freshman, witnessed the birth of love, sang the school song, and was generally... very bawdy. after that went to isaac's room with mark and somin for some after party cloudiness.

saturday had to wake up early for another taiko performance (WOOO~~~) and i appeared on local television again, though i am too embarrassed to watch. came back for japanese calligraphy workshop (didn't learn anything except the right way to draw Hello Kitty), then cooked aglio olio for singapore dinner (damn nice sia), then singapore dinner where the fire alarm was set off by ivan's burning plantains. after dinner, hung out with jega and siyou for a bit in my NEW PIMPY ROOM, then went to keith's house for some burnin' with assorted upperclassmen.

today went to korean church, had free bibimbap (:D), met cute as button freshman, went to asian supermarket and went crazy on... sunsilk shampoo. i very vain, is disgusting. afternoon went to ikea and i pimped up my room summore! now i have a sheepskin throwrug! omg! how to not film porn movie! and now i... work. so that has been my weekend, and it has been quite a good one. and now i shall stop here. and oh this is so boring.

ok if you have been patient and laboured all the way to the end, here is your reward:

Sunday, September 7, 2008



it is time to complain about the work.

i have too much. it is also in indecipherable french. hence, i am at home on a saturday night, missing parties that i should be attending, as a... hips and haps sophomore. woohoo.

last night had housewarming party at my house. million ppl came, didn't know about 900,000 of them. they stole my milk and cereal, so this morning i had no breakfast. and to add insult to injury, they poured my cereal all over the bloody floor. WANT TO STEAL FOOD AT LEAST EAT RIGHT, CHEEBS. in other news, korean freshmen vehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehveh cute. i die.

today was boring, but pleasant. cooked fried rice for siyou and paul. it was not bad. i put garlic and egg and mushrooms in heehee. i think i am destined to be housewife la, sian, summore yesterday i cooked instant noodles for isaac. then sat in living room and people just came in and out and prevented me from reading a novel in the language of lurve. eric and leslie distracted me with korean horror movie. isaac tried to vacumn a fly in my room. he chased it around for 5 minutes, but the fly escaped. i talked excessively to siyou. somin came over. i cannot study.

oh god this blog has again reached new lows. ok shower. bye.

ps. now got indonesian ppl watching indonesian gigolo show outside my room. WHAI LIKE THIS.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

campus life

has been good so far, even though it's been just two days. good though, not great. however, good is already great for someone like me so... there you go.

my classes are bloody awesome again. here is a list, cos i feel indulgent.
- 20th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature and the Search for Identity (cos must keep up the francais)
- Elementary Korean (^.^)
- College of Letters Colloquium: War and Its Consequences in 20th Century Europe
- Advanced Taiko (double ^.^)
- Microecon (-.-)
- Forensic Geology (bullshit science class but is basically CSI with rocks. and that is always fun, no?)

i have settled in so well that i feel absolutely no need to step out of my comfort zone. This morning, i woke up early and ate cereal and watched Tyra before class. in the afternoon, i went to the gym with shirin. in between, had 2 hour chat with nicolas. somin just left my house. during work, kohei came over and philosophized at me about the difference between pleasure and happiness. i had my first korean class this morning. it was awesome. i gawked at the cutest korean freshman during lunch. i also chatted with jerrine briefly online, which was very very nais. yesterday, siyou came over at night and just sat. we talked very happily. had work at night, rudi and shirin came to disturb. before that i had dinner with siyou and paul and talked about 'let's get physics-cal'. before that, sat in school centre with isaac and talked about nipple tattoos and lesbian posters. two days ago i watched a scary movie in my house with houesmates. The Mist. it is quite fucky, and irritating cos the monsters were tentacles and that is just not scary. but it was fun. before that, i went to a tag sale briefly with linda and dan and got free hangers. a korean hugged me ^.^ i have also almost finished unpacking. now, to buy new furniture and DECORATE!

in conclusion, i will have no new friends this year. but whatever. harharhar.

Monday, September 1, 2008


despite my initial trepidation and downright misery about coming back to the land of the annoyingly free and, well, school, i must say it has been a comfortingly nice first day back. while hauling ass into my new house (:D) with my HUGE ROOM, carlo was there, taking a nap on the couch at 5pm like ahpek. hauled a bit more, and eric came out of his room rubbing his head. then mikako came down and gave me soap. then somin ran into the house and jumped on me. then shirin called. then went to dinner and shouted at a few more people. then hung out in shirin's room with rudi and nicolas for a bit. and now i am sitting in my living room with the tv on (WE HAVE 4. ZOMG. can have one for the boys and their porn -.-) waiting for people to come over later for wine even though i am kind of dying from jetlag.

SO. what i'm trying to say is... i'm comfortably happy right now, though i know this unfamiliar feeling of contentment will not last and i will start moaning in a few days time about having no privacy and too much homework and not having real friends but for the moment, i shall bask in this... rather pleasant feeling.

ok eric brew tea alr. shall go and drink.
and shit. no wine. ok shall sleep at 10pm on my first day back. win. bye!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

and so it ends

this summer has been so awesome without me trying to make it so. ergo, i will never get one so simple and happy and good, ever again.

oh dear.

today was a nice last day to have at home, with suitable amounts of comfortable companionship and an unexpected, but very pleasant jolt of new company. so the day started when i dragged my ass out of bed to meet felicia in orchard where we went to macs to beg for leftover breakfast mcgriddles. we succeeded. i then proceeded to break her camera, because i seem to be afflicted by bodily protrusions that prove to be so calamitous for me. aka, very flail-ly limbs. and then she went to meet her trio of japanese minions, and i tagged along shamelessly. so i met yuya and sekki, two very interesting japanese young male specimens. brought them for far east chicken rice (which they tried to eat with chopsticks! !!!) amidst very stilted but entertaining exchanges, amazed them with the colour and variety of agar-agar at the fruit store (sekki: they are the colour of... danger!) and then left them to meet christine, but not before the two boys quietly gave us little gifts of food.

me and christine then spent a nice 2 hours talking and eating and walking and eating and talking, in that order. it was very nice :) i love talking. and eating. not so much walking, though.

and then christine had to answer the call of academia and after shamelessly meeting felicia and the minions again, headed on down to simei for some grocery shopping for the japanese curry feast at naomin's house. me nat sk naomin fought about knives and mushrooms and potatoes, but the food got cooked and we had a very nice homely dinner. after which naomin the sexy drove us back to my place and we... ate again. talked about everything from 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' to death to tongues to introverts vs extroverts to ghosts to mothers. a... good night, i must say. a very good night.

and now i go to sleep cos i must waketh in 5 hours. oh the humanity.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

laife :) and happy birthday xtine!!!!

just came back from a warm and happy surprise birthday lunch and PS dempsey for christine, with another motley crew: me rachel joy yiming andre racheltan luke dwayne simon fabien and er, keith han. hahaha. is insane, this recent spate of motley crew-ness. but nice and comfortable and fun, unlike the forced, unnatural and painfully awkward group torture activities i was subjected to at uni. i think the presence of singlish adds muchly to the immediate comfort and assimilation. and the fact that there's nary a degree of separation between us. HIYAH WHY SO SHIOK ONE. SINGAPORE ROCKS LA.

ok that's all. the heartwarm-ness induced this sudden blog post. aaaaand... bye!

ps. don't wanna go to sch leh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

blahblahblah & etc

i think i have gotten used to being a nomad. shuttling between two places for the most part of the year, trying to create a new life there while attempting to maintain and varnish the one at home isn't as trying or difficult as i imagined it to be. or maybe i just have this dubious ability of being able to severe ties and forget people and things i love. whatever it is, the idea of the impending year without the safety net of the knowledge that i'll see my home, my family and my friends, again leaves me surprisingly accepting and inert. i am perhaps making too big a deal of what is mere routine for the majority of my foreignly-schooled peers, but to my over-hyped and annoyingly aware brain, once again i find myself wishing for that little extra depth of emotion and irrational yearning for my life here.

that is not to say however, that i will not miss you all (you know who you are) like a fat bitch after i'm gone. my heart just doesn't know it yet.

aaaaaaand... now on to the recounts!

on tues i ran 5k. woo. was too tired to do anything else in the afternoon so i just dragged my lardass out in the evening to meet jas and char at bugis. brought them to eat ayam penek. got lost, but was worth it. spent a nice long 2 hrs or so bemoaning, and laughing bitterly, at life. very healthy. after that met luke keith sarah and later siyou at haji lane for some shisha at a very dubious establishment. after that couldn't bear to leave siyou so we had bean curd in another dubious establishment in little india. a very exotic night la.

the beginning of wednesday was spent the way a sloth would. that is to say, i oozed around my house until naomin came in the evening, and went for run. 6k now. go me! after that nat came over and we had our long-awaited, annual popiah party. ate until shat. ok not that gross sorry. but ate A LOT. CHICKEN WINGS GALORE. SHIOK. talked about life and crap and everything in between and missed sk and was generally very happy and hazy.

thurs i trekked all the way to the rural rolling hills of NUS to meet the motley crew of karen nat naomin and felicia. julia even made a surprise appearance. i marveled at the relative... uniqueness of the school and its attendant specimens. singapore fashion rOxXxX, i must say.

and today, i leave the haven of my house for the delightful lights and noise of the fireworks festival with christine and joy, then the scary lights and noise of zouk to see my moh-dell friends strut their stuff, then perhaps some cooling jazz will deign to be part of the night.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the world is very kaypo

and all cos i quietly removed the relationship status from my profile.

Christine Sim wrote
at 10:55pm

hahahahahaha even if you really got lover this whole wall is proof of WHY YOU MUST NOT TELL ANYONE
Olivia Siong wrote
at 10:54pm
SO INTERESTING! heh heh heh :D
Jerrine Tan wrote
at 9:49pm
Yogita Shamdasani (Cornell) wrote
at 9:17pm
im leaving sunday ))):
yess lets plan to bump into each other again soon, this time maybe we can even hang out.
sam you are coming tomorrow. and whats this relationship status nonsense. the world cannot find out before me.
Ashlyn Chee Rui Yin wrote
at 9:11pm
Ashlyn Chee Rui Yin wrote
at 9:10pm
Anand Gopalan (Wesleyan) wrote
at 8:54pm
OH MY GOD. WHAT THE F***'s Going on in Singapore! SAMANTHA... u betta get ur assa backa to campus quick!

Naomin Tan wrote
at 8:30pm
Wall-to-Wall - Write on Naomin's Wall - Delete
Siyou Tan (Wesleyan) wrote
at 6:40pm
Natasha Ismail wrote
at 5:02pm
good thing SK broadcasted it here on the wall, i was not aware that you were no longer single either.
Siok Khoon Lim (UCL) wrote
at 5:01pm
Facebook says that you are no longer listed as "single".
Just in case the mini-feed doesn't tell everyone, I must say here also.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aboot tahme fer a noo pohste.

i do not know why my title is written in a bad scottish accent, but there you go.

so i haven't blogged lately cos life has been one long scrambly ooze of friends, family and sleep. is very nice, this life. if only someone would give me oh, 10 million USD, i would be able to keep up this happy lifestyle forever. ... anyone...?

let me start from last tues, cos my memory spans only one week. tues was very nice and lazy day spent with jerrine, and i got my first pedicure! my toes now look weird and womanly. everytime i look down i get a shock, cos i am no longer scruffy. or, as scruffy. this will not last though, cos i am me. evening went to jerrine's house and screamed at chinese and japanese (KOHEI UCHIMURA 4 LYFEEEEE) male gymnasts with adeline scoffing at us from one corner.

wed was adeline's farewell lunch at tomton with the usual, with a few male guests: dwayne, abel and luke. very motley, but very nice. left them early to go run 6km with naomin (some say i'm crazy) and then a very loser night of 'mambo' ensued. i ended up eating indian food and shishaing till the wee hours of the morning with nat naomin sk and sean. laughed until dieded at shit like 'nat, when you're old, your hair will be long and white'. don't ask.

saw adeline off on thurs at airport, saw joy for a bit which was nice even though she insulted me to within an inch of my.... life la. lunch with nat etc, then money no enough 2 at night with jas whom i have not seen for a freaking yr. movie sucked. is hao gong ming movie, cos jack neo wants us all to love our mothers with a passion. he really does.

fri i was fevery and wobbly the whole day, so that sucked.

saturday (oh god this is so boring) was cell bbq at my place. it was fun, made more so by common interest in the little sports competition going on now that is the olympics. a lot of screaming over black runners. i like doing things like that. edwin and josia made me very aware of my ungirliness again though. sianzzzzz~~~~ always like that one la, my life.

sun met nao and sk for a very tiring day of... collecting marathon tickets. then grandmother's dinner over the table tennis game.

today i went for lunch with my mother and her friends and felt very uncomfortable for most of it but it was worth it cos i got free japanese food. such is the state of my destitution. in the evening, met christine jerrine to eat xo fish soup FINALLY, then rachel and luke trickled in and ended up having dessert and some colouring fun at house in dempsey. a rather nice and friend-ful and comfortable night. VERY SHIOK I LOVE IT I AM HAPPY.

ok now i should sleep cos need to run tmr cos i am... 'a fitness freak', according to jerrine. then on to meet charmaine for some good ol' complaining about life, and then shisha with luke and siyou and assorted wesleyan people. ah, plans. i like plans.

Monday, August 11, 2008

cambodes, finally.

Ok. if you really, REALLY want a detailed recount of my cambodia trip, please be redirected to Nat's blog, which can be found on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Thanks.

This will just be a random uploading of photos i think are... interesting. nothing expressly to do with angkor wat or local culture, just cos i don't want to spoil it with my words. also, cos i am lazy. i am a philistine, deal with it hor.


picture taken from inside ruins at Bayon. pls enlarge, thanks. i think it looks like.... a heavenly door and is very pretty. actually upon closer inspection it is quite a lousy picture but WHATEVER. LIKE IT PLS, COS I DO.


kids playing in the king's ancient pool. i like taking pictures of kids, cos they are faux arty.

on the Tonle Sap lake. i like the weird juxtaposition of green, blue and... teh tarik.

RATSSSSSSSSS. cambodians eat them. for like, fun. tsktsktsk. taken at the riverside market. my favourite part of the trip, cos no tourists at all.

at Siem Reap's pub street, on the way to Temple Club for drinks. my unsteady hand made my two very alive friends look like ghosts. i think it looks nice.

heeheehee. ignore naomin's largeass face please, and feast on the korean in the background. thanks very much. my (and nat's) source of entertainment for the night.

Photobucket Photobucket
various 'that's life' expressions after getting caught in the rain in phnom penh. BEAUTEHS, WE ARE. BEAUTEHS.

at the royal temple, because we have so much reverence and respect for royalty, we wowed them with half-hearted, half-forgotten wrestling moves. to this day, i know not why.

i was... very happy to reach the riverfront of the city after walking through the harrowing alleyways of inner phnom penh.

nice picture of a not very nice place: the Tuol Sleng prison which used to be a school.

OK I LIED, THIS WAS IN FACT MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE TRIP. walked to find this little local gem: phnom pleung (cambodian bbq). i had beef, squid, shrimp, egg, and vegs on my own little bbq pit FOR ONLY USD4 LA WAH LAU. seoul garden can kiss my oily a**. woo.

in this picture, i am pointing to a korean flag. just because.

k that's my cambodian trip.

harharhar. fascinating stuff eh.

Friday, August 8, 2008


ok i should actually update on cambodia now cos i still cannot sleep. so. it was FUN ASS SHIT.
i am lazy to upload photos now but here is a little teaser. each of us found... ourselves during the six days away, and here are pictorial evidences of our essences. BEHOLD.





ok. more pics when i can be bothered to wait for bloggerbitch to upload 10 photos in as many hours. turrah!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

angst-ridden entry. don't need to read one.

i can't remember the time when i started being afraid of life, love and living. maybe it was so long ago i relegate it to the antique era of first crushes and first tastes of alcohol. nothing has conspired to make me the stoic anti-vulnerability wreck i am today, yet it has become such a defining aspect of my personality that i know not how to rid myself of my self-imposed curse. so much self-denial, self-indulgence, double thinking whirls inside my overwrought brain that it resembles a flushed toilet, spinning inexorably one way into the indifferent dark depths of inconsequence. and now, when something has turned up to prod at the deceptively calm surface of my emotional puddle, i try everything possible to rectify the rippling effect and mentally self-flagellate incessantly and unforgivingly. yet despite my concerted efforts, i seem to come full circle: i end up tired, beaten, and slightly diminished. the puddle is still there, the ripples have disappeared, but i am smaller than before.

ok this entry very emo and nothing has actually happened to me but it's true that the nights are lonely, dark and deep. it's trueee.

also, cambodia update soonz~~~~~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

we are funny.

Comments on this picture

Christine Sim wrote
at 1:43am on July 13th, 2008

Samantha Lee wrote
at 11:22am on July 13th, 2008
ah know. i'm a... beauteh. hahaha

Christine Sim wrote
at 11:55am on July 13th, 2008

Samantha Lee wrote
at 12:01pm on July 13th, 2008
that too.

Rachel Heng (Columbia) wrote
at 1:17pm on July 13th, 2008
shut up la

Jerrine Tan wrote
at 1:08am on July 15th, 2008
MY TURN. wait for it....

time for some good ol' fashioned recounting

today was a very nice and wholesome day. a recount is in order, even though it is boring. bear with me.

morning dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, 8am, to go all the way to ECP for cycling with church ppl. arrived one hour late at macs, and 2 people arrived after me, so i was absolved. cycled the usual route, had fun, then came home in the afternoon. had nice long busride, edwin said i was very... 'joyful to talk to'. that's nice, i guess. took nap. was woken by mother frantically waving the Wesleyan commencement magazine in my face cos... GOT FULL PAGE PICTURE OF ME PLAYING TAIKO. the expression on my face was... not very attractive, let's leave it at that. whai meeee. my whole life i have NEVER appeared in any school magazine in ANY capacity and now.. this monstrosity has invaded my calm, featureless life :(. anyway. nat and sk drove over to my house, very coolly, spent a long while looking through my clothes and touching my things, then went to serangoon for dinner at the market and yoghurt after. there was a very clever blind man busking at the market, and this is what he sang:
1. ji nang ji pua (one man on half)
2. some eric clapton song
3. pengyou
Three languages LEH. so clever. there were many old men around who kept clapping for him, and it was all very homely and heartwarming and i do not want to leave this constant comfort!!!

came back home, and started transcribing some research group meeting about parent teacher group shit. omg. it strikes you how BAD singaporean english is and how people all do not know what they are trying to say when you have to type down their every 'uhh... i think that this is.. i don't think that... uh... you know the children and the teacher uh... i think...'


now i am listening to Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell. it is very scottish and sad and poignant, and it makes me very very nostalgic for i dunno what. it also appears in the SATC movie, just for context's sake. nah, listen.

Friday, July 25, 2008


One of the favourite parts of my working day is its start and end. (The middle is just a stupefying, mind-numbing stretch of oh, eternity). I like the mornings, when everything is fresh and I am fresh and my clothes still smell nice and I plug in my Ipod and stomp off to work with Utada Hikaru blasting in my ears. And the evenings are exactly the same in reverse, with the impending presence of friends or family and social comfort. I walk the familiar route with my ubiquitous Ipod, shiftily observing and enjoying the familiar anonymity that comes with being in the same place at the same time every day but never seeing the same face twice. I gaze (surreptitiously, of bloody course) at the bare legs and strapped ankles, collared necklines and waxed hair of all the office-going specimens around me with unwaning interest. There is so much detail to be found in the seemingly mundane routine of commuting, and I am constantly surprised.

That said, we must all find something to infuse the daily doldrums with some semblance of variety, must we not. I wonder how long my simple wonder at this simple hobby will last.

Did You Know? The most number of chicken wings Naomin Tan has ever eaten at one go is twenty (20).

Also, BYEBYE ASHLYN! the next time i go mambo i will dedicate it to you <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is an unprecedented blogging spree.

today at work i was free, so i stalked andrea's blog, and i found this delightful little idea:

Google “[your name] needs”, with the quotes, and post the first ten (distinct)

and this is what i found:

Samantha needs a new life cause u r all sucking the life out of this one (hahaha)
Samantha needs adoptive parents who are willing to meet her needs for structure
Samantha needs to take a leak pretty bad apparently (that was true, btw)
This is Samantha Needs's public search listing on Facebook
Samantha needs to go live in her own castle
Samantha needs some hugs (so irritating this one)
Samantha needs $$$LM$$$ (TRUE)
Samantha Needs Help
Samantha needs some pixie thoughts (wtf)
Samantha Needs Sex to make her life tick. (ha. ha. ha.)

today at work it was so cold i peed 17 times.

after work at a nice loud noisy dinner at the very sec 2 taka kfc with nat naomin atiqah Christine ashlyn karen yogi, with talisman macdonalds french fries and poisonous chicken. then we adjourned (noisily and in clearly demarcated pairs) to some dessert place in the basement where we made too much noise and laughed too much.

now my stomach pain and i very tired. but it was vereh farn.
tmr night... kbox!
and it is exactly one week to cambodia. booyah.

last night i dusted off The Country Wife by Wycherley in a nostalgic (and bored) mood. Read quotes like 'your virtue is your greatest affectation, madam' made me miss studying books so in depth that you know every-single-thing about it, for no other purpose than to take an exam at the end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is why i love nat.

why. so. serious?


Yesterday, during the US university fair, I met the cutest little army boy in the world. This boy is not tall. He has a very clean, small face with small eyes. His complexion is pink and flawless. He speaks well, and softly. He is also gentle. His voice is neither high nor low, but smooth and kind. He has an older sister, and he looks like a Jared. I think he goes to church on Sundays, because he was well dressed at the fair. He is one year younger than me. His eyes disappear when he laughs. He does not like to study too hard, and wants to see the world. I bet my life he has a girlfriend. It makes me very inexplicably sad that I will never see him again. I have almost forgotten what he looks like, yet I have been thinking of him since yesterday with a little pang in my heart.

I suspect I am just clinging on to an image, just so my emotions can dust themselves off and stretch their wobbly legs.
I am a sick, sick being. Also known as siao.

Today, this phrase popped into my head suddenly: ‘It wearies me, you say it wearies you.’ Interesting.

about people being happy and contented because of wonderful and nice people in their lives makes me happy and contented about the wonderful and nice people in my life. I need external stimulation to make me grateful for things I should already be grateful for, but am not. What does that say about me.

By the way, I love Christian Bale. Also, Heath Ledger. Both of them are awesome and lovely and I cannot love them enough. I can demonstrate my love, however, by watching them two days in a row, which I have already done. And buying the pirated DVD from China, which I am going to do. And watching everything Christian Bale has ever acted in, except Reign of Fire, which sucks. And forgetting about Heath Ledger’s undignified foray into the cesspit that is The Knight’s Tale, which, and I think you’d agree, also sucks.

Ok sleepy. night.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


after a long hiatus, i am back due to popular demand. hello world!

nothing much to update cos my life revolves around the doldrumic wonder that is the OCBC tower. my day starts only after i leave the life-sapping lobbies at 6.30pm on the dot, but apart from that fascinating little nugget, here are some highlights:
- i owe my friends an obscene amount of cash. (BUT WILL BE PAID ON FRI, WORRY NOT)
- hellboy is a stupid and cool movie, and hellboy is fugly.
- i have regained my love for tennis.

(ok i must interrupt cos nip/tuck is on tv now and julia just kissed the midget and i have to go vomit a little.)(ok done)

- i hate feelings.
- i love that fact that i can see my friends for the first time after half a year and everything is the same
- i am going to cambodia!
- i am going to phuket!
- i love home so much i dunno how to write about it.
- i now know too much about the china banking system and its recent developments.
- ditto for taiwan.
- my ass has reached obscene proportions.
- i have found fellow mahjong noobs to practice with.
- i am seeing a lot of the people, of whom there are very few, who matter most.
- i still do not know what to do with my life.

nemo just licked my toe. heehee.
ok. i dunno why i do this. TATA.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


quote of the day (MY quote summore heh heh heh): in order to succeed in life, just don't do anything stupid.

spent the morning and early afternoon with christine and jerrine in the hospital, where jerrine now resides due to her out-of-commissioned hip. it was surprisingly fun amongst all the sickness and death, cos these little gems sneaked into the conversation:

'i kiap your nub then you know'
vajayjays (as usual)
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'oil'?'
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'ok'?'
the wise turtle in kungfu panda
'the bitty/digitalising'

ok that was written yesterday and then i ran out of steam so i went to watch japanese cyborg drama.

today was first day of work. had to shuffle to office and stop sheepishly at various eateries to fix bloody new shoes which were too loose for stupid feet. unglam to the maxXxXxX ok. work was boring shiznit as usual, then tried to watch 21 at amk hub with andrew and his friend but stupid hub (liar lor) don't have so WE WATCH ZOHAN WHICH WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF 7.50 BUCKS I THINK I STARE AT TOE HAIR AND WATCH IT GROW MORE WU HUA OK.

after that, limped home. and here i am and this is boring so i shall leave you now bye.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


i shall now entitle my posts with words of greeting. see how many i can come up with. is interesting self-challenge.

i am now trying to while away 40 minutes before dinner with family (seafoot! lawbster! klamz! prons!) and i cannot take a nap cos i will never wake up cos TODAY I CYCLED 40 KILOMETRES with naomin and nat. the backside is a past memory, while the face is one that glows red and cannot be forgotten. oh god. the metaphor SUCKS HARHARHAR. but. how to not get ass cancer as cyclist, i do not understand. today i FELT THE BURN for approx 4 hours sia. thighs burnt to crisp alr.

but! cycling in the changi area is beautiful. scenery with pine trees and willows and just all that bloody flora with the blue sea in the background spotted with the white sails of boats and the blue sky spotted with its own white clouds..... was vairy nahce. was amazing how greece-like the scenery was. my country surprises me very occasionally, and when it does i am grateful that there is so much goodness to come back to.

naomin and nat, you are part of the goodness hor, just so you know.

ok i am uncharacteristically mushy. i think is cos got endorphins.
also, cos got lobster in the near future.


ok nothing else to say. shit. still got 26 minutes to kill. shall go rummage in fridge. baibai.


hello. 1.21am and i have to wake up in 6 hours cos i must go to tampines to cycle with nat and naomin. but i cannot sleep, so here i am.

first of all, a shout out to yogi. THANKS FOR THE NICE COMMENT. haha thanks for... having same brain as me la hor. cafe del mar soon ok thanks. and inebriation at unusual hours. :D

had a very nice night. went to tampopo to have KyUsHu BlAcK PoRk RaMeN wItH tAsTy eGg oH gOd with jerrine and felicia. it was... too good to be true. soup boil for 2 days leh, how to not be aWeSoMe. the waiter came to clear my almost empty bowl but i shouted NO at him cos i wanted to finish eVerRy LaSt DrOp and he looked at me... fearfully. i scare myself sometimes.

wed night went to sleepover at naomin's house cos must watch germany vs turkey. atiqah was there too, was nice talking to her again. before the match, we were made to watch the heinous movie 'Bats' cos naomin HAD to see the ending, learnt german bridge (christine must teach you, must.) and took a nap. next morning, woke up late, went to eat kaya toast and egg, then bummed around er, simei ntuc with naomin while her mother shopped around. the heartlandless of my life knows no bounds. i love it.

i love naomin cos she thinks i'm funny even when i'm not.
*call naomin on handphone*
me: hi naomin. do you eat cherries.
naomin: HAHAHAHA. yes.
me: do you also eat longans.
me: 0.o very funny meh.

ok actually quite funny la. BUT CONTEXT: i bought fruits to eat at her house during match. not call her.... to ask her about her fruit preferences. that one a bit.. insane la HOR. ok evidently, am very bored now.

tonight over ramen me jerrine and felicia expanded on our spinster commune idea. i think i have found enough interested parties to form a spinster community. then.... we will have to call each other by our spinster names, to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. for example, my name will be... Spinster Sam la. and jerrine will be.... Spinster Jerrine. ok not much imagination, but spinsters hor, please forgive. then..... we will worship food, cos no men in our lives. every sunday we... dress in sunday best and go to tampopo and pray to the black pork kyushu ramen la k.

ok. this has been a very pointless and nonsense post. so i shall go to sleep. goodnight, world.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Under 'Top 25 Most Played' in my Itunes:
'Prisoner of Love' - Utada Hikaru
'With Me' - Rain

Watched since i came back:
Full House (Korean drama)
Last Friends (Japanese drama)

Dinner tonight: Japanese Food at Kuriya

Ringtone: 'Lies' - Big Bang

i am... a blood traitor.

Friday, June 20, 2008

long time coming.

haven't blogged since i came home, cos life has been very nice and nua and simple.

caught up with friends, old, new, random and evergreen. eaten everything i have been craving for, and have found even more things to crave when i'm gone. marveled at the wonders of public transport. found new corners of singapore that i have never been to before. IS GUHD STUFF.

today, i met nat again for the gabazillionth time and we concluded we are disgusting lovers, and that it is difficult to find things to do on a friday night as two single girls together. also, she brought me to eat malay food at the railway station. inn't that sumthin?! lunch was beef noodles at golden mile, and chinchow in glass bowls cos andrew says that the glass makes it all taste better.

wed went to mambo, which was again, an eventful night. it will take some time and new shoes before i set foot into that place again. i was verily my parents' daughter that night, donning mother-of-pearl pearls of mother and father's ubiquitous goldlion belt. the best part of the night was pre-gaming and photo-whoring before everything went curly, and eating beehoon goreng at nopokitellyou roti prata stall after the curliness at an ungodly hour in the unlikely company of christine abel and er, eddie.

ok and now i retreat to watch the beauty that is ryo nishikido. look at this, WHY GOT SUCH MEN WITH WHOM I AM NOT ACQUAINTED. the heart aches.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

of greece and passports

so i am back from my very unnecessarily truncated holiday. greece was AMAZING. how can such a beautiful country exist, i know not. to recount 12 days of fun would be vomit-inducing, so i shall do this in point form.

first, the bad:
- stepped into entrance hall, was accosted by two bearded, dubious looking men who identified themselves as police. i thought they bluff, so i said 'no, you are not the police'. to cut long and embarrassing story short, they brought me to interrogation room and went through my luggage, while i stood to one side very mortifiedly. greece police saw my kahpuang leh. fainted.
- almost pickpocketed in the streets
- lost freaking passport and wallet.
- the overabundance of cats
- the stupid exchange rate of the euro
- extremely horny men

however, there was many many of the good to eclipse the bad:
- the greek gods walking around the streets
- the food, oh the food. moussaka and souvlaki and grilled pork and lamb and eggplants
- the sugar cube houses and winding passages and insanely blue beaches at mykonos
- the very international clubs at mykonos
- watching the sunset at a seaside bar while sipping on a strawberry margarita at little venice
- making friends with random (good looking) greek men: most memorably, manos.
- cooking very rudimentary meals in our hotel rooms
- old greek men
- riding a donkey in santorini (THAT IS MY LIFE DREAM FULFILLED, RIGHT THERE.) up a cliff overlooking the sea.
- swimming in hot springs near a volcano
- walking on a volcano and inhaling the sulphur
- watching the sunset in Oia
- playing cards for 8 hours on a ferry
- traipsing through the acropolis and being awed by the ancientness of it all
- rambling through the ruins at delphi
- sitting at a cafe appreciating the beauty of the santorini cliffs while sipping on greek iced coffee
- watching sex and the city on a rooftop at Plaka overlooking the acropolis.
- rolling around on black volcanic sand at Perissa, Santorini to emulate muachee.
- nuaing on a beach for 6 hours while staring at little spanish boys

so, all in all, it is excellent trip. is like journey of life. we really do everything lor, go police station also got. go singapore consulate also got. win.

photos soon, when rachel gets back and i can steal photos from her camera. cos i have... none. :(

so now while my entire family is in russia, i am rotting at home without a phone. that is not to say i hate it. I LOVE HOME. in the airport when i was finally surrounded by singlish good and proper, i kept ahrmchio-ing to myself. i love it.

today went to east coast with aunt and cousins for dinner. I DIED. first time in forever i had lala and stingray and hokkien mee and satay beehoon and oh luak and grilled chicken wings oh god it was good. AND I STILL HAVE A LOT MORE TO CONQUER. singapore food, i worship thee. walking around east coast after dinner was very nice also, i love the smell of home air! and ppl in fbts and pok clothing made me very happy.


Friday, May 23, 2008

ah the life of a sloth.

he is going to see me play japanese drum leh. hahahahahahaahaha the absurdity of my life... win.

ok now back to my very politically apathetic life.
it is great, this feeling of having absolutely nothing to do. i love it omg.

- woke up late
- went for taiko practice late
- taiko professor told me i am good student and he wants me to continue next yr heheh.
- had instant noodles lunch at AAA, cooked by yinhow haha
- did storage, had some adventures, called firemen to save us. (not as interesting as it sounds, believe me.)
- HAD BAH KUT TEH FOR DINNER AGAIN. WHEEHEE. me and siyou cooked prima fried hokkien noodles with er, pasta. haha not bad la. sat around with luke andrew sarah ivy yinhow for a loong time and, strangely, talked a lot about animals. was fun.
- rudi came a-knocking and we went to watch forgetting sarah marshall, was nicely entertaining. got... fat nekkid man la. that one alr entertaining enough. OK JK JK.
- came back to AAA, hung out with dinner ppl for a while more, then went to sleep.

- woke up late
- went for long lazy brunch on main street with siyou and shirin
- did some errands (which are fun, COS THEY INVOLVE GREECE), went back to school.
- andrew called, went for 'tea' even though i now resemble a talking blob of fat. (keep eating lehhhh. nothing to do i eat, stressed i eat. HOW. HOW TO GO GREECE LIDDAT.)
- now am in room, about to take nap. then... dinner and perhaps some alcoholic indulgence in j-hall.

must repeat: ah the life of a sloth.

ps. my econ grade sucks though. sian. I TRIED LOR, I TRIED.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i only have 173 posts.

how can this be.

last two days were spent very fruitfully in big apple (wah. got pun leh.) with assorted group of ppl. unfortunately, no pictures cos i couldn't be bothered. i have to start taking pictures omg ok this very v boring sorry.

so. sun left sch with shirin rudi siyou thomas and jenny. had lunch at random deli in times square, didn't manage to buy chicago tickets, then me and siyou got sick of it all and went to museum of modern art. was damn interesting omg. there was amazing exhibition by some danish-scandinavian dude (haha my philistine-ness is overwhelming) about perception and awareness and got one portion where everything was illuminated by yellow light and it all looked monochrome. damn interesting la, i wish my brain worked like that :(

zen... met rachel! for ramen dinner and Italian dessert. all was good. played very exciting game of thinking of V words for too long with rachel thomas patrick, much to the ire of our other companions.

spent the night at sampoorna's v nice ny apartment, then mon woke up for dim sum lunch (!) (GOT FRIED RICE WITH EGG WHITE. WAS GOOD AND OILY AND TASTY AND OILY :D:D:D), went shopping for a bit, went to K-town to get some sotong kimchi, then went to serendipity for dinner and dessert, then back to times square for Chicago! which was damn nice! the women in black garters ah...................

after that, came back to sch, crashed at 5 am, and am now packing. ah, the downs after the ups are very very down. ok i dunno what i am saying.


Saturday, May 17, 2008


it is raining and cold and the com lab is empty except for me and pyungah and i do not want to do essay anymore. especially since 3/4 of the school has left.


yesterday was the official last day of school and in a bid to not use my brain, i wasted the whole day very pleasantly. it was a good day amidst a hellish week and i would like to record it for posterity, or until the internet implodes.

so. woke up late, went for farewell lunch with siyou isaac and erwin before the two guys left for russia and potential death. (ok sorry. choi.). zen... went to borrow books from library, which was fun. i dunno why i like walking around stacks of books, it is just very lonely and pleasant and nice. i also like the smell. musty..... books....... (ok i am trying to sound like salad fingers but that one a bit difficult la hor.) ANYWAY. went to siyou's balcony to have afternoon wine with her and jega whom i have seen too little off this semester. had nice long conversation with gleeful bitching. being bitch damn fun leh, will go to hell BUT SO WORTH IT. after that, went to collect stuff from gym with ruby, then went for dinner with rheesoo nicolas shirin and james. a lot of inappropriate penis talk ensued, as is always the case when james is around. then.. went to linda's room and hung out for a while until rudi came. tried on her clothes in various permutations. was very ugly, shirin pointed at me and laughed many times. ah well. such is life.

sue called, went to chinese house for bubble tea, little children (THE MOVIE HOR, NOT REAL CHILDREN) and then dumpling soup, courtesy of andrew. love the dumplings, love the soup. (inside got ikan bilis............) went to japanese hall for semi-party after, was late, got carded by police even though didn't drink a drop. such is life again. hung out with eric until wee hours of morning before he had to leave, then sat by foss hill in the dreamy dawn light with linda and rudi, laughing like an idiot partly due to her smoke and partly due to tiredness.

and today i awoke to a frenzy of packing and shitty weather. so life sucketh again.
k must write essay. bye.

ps. oh last night my school got huge drama. police tried to break up big end of semester party by shooting rubber pellets, tear gassing ppl and.... TASER GUNS. HARHARHARHA TASER GUNS DAMN FUNNY OMG. POLICE SIAO IZZIT. zzzzzzt ppl very fun ah. crazy. we appeared on real news. so excite.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

something i found while researching for fairy tales class

from the book 'Ancient Tales in Modern Japan'

The Clam Wife

Once upon a time there was a married man. A lovely bride came to his place from somewhere. He set out for work every morning and returned in the evening. After his bride came, the taste of his food greatly improved - the bean soup he had made before had never once tasted good, but now it was fine. He was mystified by how she was able to make such good soup.

One day he pretended to go to work, but he hid behind his house to see. His bride got out her earthenware bowl and put lumps of bean paste into it and started to crush them. When the paste was smooth, she spread her legs and urinated onto it.

The man was furious and drove her right away. His bride tried to apologize, but he would not forgive her. Then she turned into a big clam and started to move slowly away. The bean soup was good because he had clam juice in it.


i have... no words la. 'a lovely bride came from somewhere' 'she turned into a big clam and started to move slowly away' lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i love the japanese.

ok this just took up 10 minutes of my time. win.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

school and shit

jerrine, i now blog only for you. i miss you a lot, btw.

work is taking over my life. ok actually not really la. just my night life. i have been working on fucking econ stats paper for the past 3 days until 4am and i have gotten nofuckingwhere. and in the daytime i... waste life.

here is my life, in EXPLICIT DETAIL until i get too tired, for this past week.

sun night - taiko performance, which is the funnest shit EVER. except they made us wear headbands which, with my fringe and glasses, made me look like a sad lil fucker. but whatever. taiko is da shiznit. can shout like siaonang during performance and ppl will say you are cool nyeehehehe. and the high proportion of hot men in class! 0.o i want to run away from school and join dojo alr la. tell mother, see what happen. mountains will shake and oceans will roar, and all that jazz. omg i am incoherent.

let us skip monday, which was miserably spent studying for chinese test.

tues - night festival! after chinese hist test, luke brought me siyou and shirin to buy kaya ingredients and we spent the whole afternoon very happily and economically making kaya and tehping syrup (so don't need to make so many times). (along the way also made meepok and sausage omelette heheh). and zen, international pasar malam start and all the angmohlang say our kaya damn good and a lot of ppl take pikchas of our handmade singapore flag. and there was a lot of illegal behind-the-booth bartering between singapore society and japan, korean, malay, filipino and indian groups. very typical azn behaviour, ehz.

after that had drinking session with the usual ppl again, didn't get really drunk, didn't have a lot of fun, cleaned up after everyone, felt old and sober and responsible, went to sleep at 6am.

wed - spring fling! got mildly tipsy on hill with the entire school population, music wasn't really good but the sun was. sat around and chatted and relaxed and drank boxed wine and ate a lot of chips and sorbet. went for ksa (korean student association HAHAHA THIS IS GOING TOO FAR) dinner cos was invited, showered, then worked on fuck-cons until dawn.

thurs - woke up late, rushed cfa staff lunch for free food, went to work. after that went to collect extra kaya from luke and chatted for a good long while. laughed a LOT, cos of his Incident During Spring Fling. was nice. helped paul pack his room cos he leaving, was called 'mother' again (:( why ah. if not auntie, is mother leh. sian). went gym, dinner with shirin linda elena, went for two acappella concerts and then GUESS WHAT. BROUGHT ON THE FUCKONS. erwin isaac paul james ruby linda were suffering around me too though, so wasn't that bad. had a little bit of fun, at least.

you know the feeling of utter boredom and desperation that pervades you at an ungodly hour and you want to laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh or hit something or die? THAT WAS LAST NIGHT, for everyone that was there. the air was saturated with 2am facegrease and despair.

today was exhausting also. paul banged on my door at noon to wake me up, went horseriding (i cantered today! ok no one cares but THIS MEANS I AM NO LONGER A NOOB :D:D:D), got to talk to emma whom i haven't seen in so long and who is one of the few angmohs i actually like and can talk to, went swimming with ruby, cooked dinner in her house, ate with her and carlo, went to watch ANOTHER acappella concert, then came back to room to do work and am now doing this.

oh and mother just called. was nice talking to her, cos nothing changes at home when you are gone and they carry on the same routines you were a part of when you were there. it is sad in a way to know that your absence doesn't affect anything, but it's also infinitely comforting to know that there is a niche to which you can return, in which you can slip in like you never left.

and finally, excerpts from my life taken from an email to nat nao and sk. juz to give you a taste la hor, of my life.
'today i was walking down fire escape with my friends (it was raining) i fucking slipped on a pencil (why the fuck would a pencil be on a fire escape) and i fell on my ass down a fucking flight of stairs. HARHARHAR SO LOSER OK OMG THANK GOD FOR NIGHT.'

'heh two days ago i was in the toilet and then i heard a couple showering together and the funny thing was they weren't having sex and shit but were speaking very civilly to each other, i think about COURSES NEXT SEM HAHAHA. so i went and showered and made a lot of noise then they kept VERY SILENT. hahaha damn stupid right think when keep quiet ppl DON'T KNOW ALR IZZIT. and they stayed silent and the shower ran for the next fifteen minutes and they stayed until after i left. haha loser. want to shower don't shy hor.'

ok brain want to die alr. now must think about fairy tales. HARHARHAR. bye.