Saturday, May 10, 2008

school and shit

jerrine, i now blog only for you. i miss you a lot, btw.

work is taking over my life. ok actually not really la. just my night life. i have been working on fucking econ stats paper for the past 3 days until 4am and i have gotten nofuckingwhere. and in the daytime i... waste life.

here is my life, in EXPLICIT DETAIL until i get too tired, for this past week.

sun night - taiko performance, which is the funnest shit EVER. except they made us wear headbands which, with my fringe and glasses, made me look like a sad lil fucker. but whatever. taiko is da shiznit. can shout like siaonang during performance and ppl will say you are cool nyeehehehe. and the high proportion of hot men in class! 0.o i want to run away from school and join dojo alr la. tell mother, see what happen. mountains will shake and oceans will roar, and all that jazz. omg i am incoherent.

let us skip monday, which was miserably spent studying for chinese test.

tues - night festival! after chinese hist test, luke brought me siyou and shirin to buy kaya ingredients and we spent the whole afternoon very happily and economically making kaya and tehping syrup (so don't need to make so many times). (along the way also made meepok and sausage omelette heheh). and zen, international pasar malam start and all the angmohlang say our kaya damn good and a lot of ppl take pikchas of our handmade singapore flag. and there was a lot of illegal behind-the-booth bartering between singapore society and japan, korean, malay, filipino and indian groups. very typical azn behaviour, ehz.

after that had drinking session with the usual ppl again, didn't get really drunk, didn't have a lot of fun, cleaned up after everyone, felt old and sober and responsible, went to sleep at 6am.

wed - spring fling! got mildly tipsy on hill with the entire school population, music wasn't really good but the sun was. sat around and chatted and relaxed and drank boxed wine and ate a lot of chips and sorbet. went for ksa (korean student association HAHAHA THIS IS GOING TOO FAR) dinner cos was invited, showered, then worked on fuck-cons until dawn.

thurs - woke up late, rushed cfa staff lunch for free food, went to work. after that went to collect extra kaya from luke and chatted for a good long while. laughed a LOT, cos of his Incident During Spring Fling. was nice. helped paul pack his room cos he leaving, was called 'mother' again (:( why ah. if not auntie, is mother leh. sian). went gym, dinner with shirin linda elena, went for two acappella concerts and then GUESS WHAT. BROUGHT ON THE FUCKONS. erwin isaac paul james ruby linda were suffering around me too though, so wasn't that bad. had a little bit of fun, at least.

you know the feeling of utter boredom and desperation that pervades you at an ungodly hour and you want to laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh or hit something or die? THAT WAS LAST NIGHT, for everyone that was there. the air was saturated with 2am facegrease and despair.

today was exhausting also. paul banged on my door at noon to wake me up, went horseriding (i cantered today! ok no one cares but THIS MEANS I AM NO LONGER A NOOB :D:D:D), got to talk to emma whom i haven't seen in so long and who is one of the few angmohs i actually like and can talk to, went swimming with ruby, cooked dinner in her house, ate with her and carlo, went to watch ANOTHER acappella concert, then came back to room to do work and am now doing this.

oh and mother just called. was nice talking to her, cos nothing changes at home when you are gone and they carry on the same routines you were a part of when you were there. it is sad in a way to know that your absence doesn't affect anything, but it's also infinitely comforting to know that there is a niche to which you can return, in which you can slip in like you never left.

and finally, excerpts from my life taken from an email to nat nao and sk. juz to give you a taste la hor, of my life.
'today i was walking down fire escape with my friends (it was raining) i fucking slipped on a pencil (why the fuck would a pencil be on a fire escape) and i fell on my ass down a fucking flight of stairs. HARHARHAR SO LOSER OK OMG THANK GOD FOR NIGHT.'

'heh two days ago i was in the toilet and then i heard a couple showering together and the funny thing was they weren't having sex and shit but were speaking very civilly to each other, i think about COURSES NEXT SEM HAHAHA. so i went and showered and made a lot of noise then they kept VERY SILENT. hahaha damn stupid right think when keep quiet ppl DON'T KNOW ALR IZZIT. and they stayed silent and the shower ran for the next fifteen minutes and they stayed until after i left. haha loser. want to shower don't shy hor.'

ok brain want to die alr. now must think about fairy tales. HARHARHAR. bye.

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