Monday, December 31, 2007

HK, HK. oh, and happy new yr

just back from jerrine's, where the traditional new yr bbq thing is held. nice lazy fun again <3.
don;t need to get drunk in singapore one lor, shiok. and tmr gonna see naomin for the first time in 4evazzzz~~~. hairpee.

ok so hk trip was fun. bought shitload of stuff, ate shitload of food. met jenny jess ben mandy at knutsford terrace on first night for shisha and drinks, and isaac the following night for damn nice dinner at jap restaurant (ok let me take a moment here to digress and list the shiok food i had: salmon sashimi, clam soup, crab meat fried rice and GRILLED EGGPLANT WRAPPED IN BEEF. kaoz! is perfect ok, the food. jesus make one lor.) and then damn nice hongkong dessert at stupidly named honeymoon cafe. but dessert very nice, so forgive them. mango pancakes and red bean/mangos in coconut milk with ice shavings. HONGKONG PPL GENIUS. PROPS.

anyway. i think it was damn exciting to meet wes ppl outside of school, in different country. damn FOB sia. haha but who cares. WAS COOL BEANS.

oh, after dinner had to digest food, so isaac showed me... sex shop, where he became severely traumatized by... The Expander. so subtle and imaginative right, the names. wanted to take a lot of pictures but shopkeeper lisped and was damn creepy. can put us in jail cell at back of shop, that kind. :(

k pictures.

THE KING GOOSE. kao. can taste the oil in my mouth la. hairpee.

mango/daohui dessert. :D

isaac and the MANGO PANCAKES. they look like BABY BACKSIDES. i love them pls. so yellow and soft and round... heeheehee. i rub rub them until make friend embarrassed. win.

the beef in eggplant. (i wanted to take pictures of all the dishes, but restaurant very attas and... friend embarrassed la. so cannot. sianz.)

oh after dinner, walking around times square... we saw this. (psst. is a giant corn hor, if cannot see. i love it la.)

and then, a few minutes later... this. it is... female steak leh. look closely, got very long eyelashes. it is chio beef. stupid isaac don't wanna take picture with her so... this is all you're gonna get. he told me damn sad story about a human steak.
k at road crossing right, a lot of ppl cross. a human steak was among them. then the light suddenly turn red, so everyone run across. but... the steak cannot run very fast, so it... shuffle along very sadly until a lot of cars horn it. VERY SAD RIGHT!!!!! I WILL CRY IF I WERE THE STEAK LEH!!!!!

walking along central with mother, saw... this. mother asked if i wanted them, and i said yes. (dunno why k, both siao alr.) so now i can... dress up as spartan or... pregnant woman whenever i want. shiok.

also, the ugly gene in me cried out for some attention, so we get this:

and this:
kawaii leh.

at shisha bar with wes ppl. (odd one out again. jerrine, I FEEL YA.)

pls click. the advertising skillz... win all la.

ok very late and i oily and sleepy so...

<3, Sam

Friday, December 28, 2007


so. recounts. a bit sian leh, cos the only reason i blog in the US is for singapore fiends to read, but i am now WITH singapore fiends for the vast majority of my time, so what for eh.

ok la, but i ask rachel to blog, and she did, so if i didn't, i'd be a hypocrite.

blahblahblah. ok. so since returning, i have:

had nice-ass bbq at aunt's house and spent time with cousins
screamed in christine's house on christmas eve
entertained many ppl who commented on my newfound corporeal prosperity (FAT LA K, FAT.) on christmas day
been called 'buff queen' by edwin :(
met nat for a day of tcc and toast
met fiends at corduroy again
met gb ppl for some good ol' life lamenting
had prata/yakult with neighbour (who said i now look like a little hobbit :(:(:()
watched inordinate amounts of a korean variety show on youtube
ran. once.

and i have eaten:
meepok da
economical rice (:D:D:D:D:D)
half-boiled eggs
kaya toast
nasi lemak

and am going to hk in 4 hours for some money spending.

life is goot.
oh and just chatted briefly with somin, eric and linda online. was nice!

k now must go run for second time
may die in the attempt, so wish me luck!

ps. yushi tagged me in a photo OF A FAT YELLOW M&M. WARRAOZ.

Monday, December 17, 2007

this is what i did today instead of studying econs

please. japanese ppl must rule the world one day, must.

also, please watch till the end. will not disappoint.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

reading week my ass.

whoever invented reading week wants every single student on campus to fail.
in this studying period which is supposed to facilitate 24/7 revision sessions, i have

had singapore dinner
eaten dinner with koreans
been to wesleyan spirits concert
been to an absurdist play
been to a mixolydians concert
watched arrested development
gotten... happy
water polo training
water polo team dinner
played rock band
and sledded
slept through american gangster
'studied' with koreans.

and in 4 hours, there is a play, and then another asian party. HOW TO PASS UNI LIDDAT. HOW.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


hallmates drunk outside room.
must write essay.
it's 3.26am.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


5am. cold.

cheecheongfun (sesame oil, light sauce)
beehoon with luncheon meat
roast duck rice
yongtaufoo laksa
heji porridge
maxwell fish soup
toast with milo powder
half-boiled eggs
minjiang kueh
prawn noodles
lotus bao
stir-fried vegetables
toa payoh ohluak
black caitaukway
kuayteow soup
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da

i think i'm going insane.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

again, i think i blog too much.

got a combined grade of A- for my french tests, so there is a possibility that i can get A for french. I AM NOT A COMPLETE FAILURE AFTER ALL. and that makes me happy.

that, and the fact that classes ended today and i do not have to wake up at 7am for the next month or so.

and the fact that reading week is here, which means a week of not reading! and doing fun things, like go for dinner with koreans/singaporeans!

and the fact that i will be home in less than 2 weeks!!

i have been told countless times how much more singaporean/asian i have become since coming here. while that is a nice thing to hear, (for me anyway. others might look upon it as a bad thing. fuck them. harhar.) the worrying thing about it is how my rebellion against my surroundings indicates an innate defensive mechanism that manifests itself wherever i go. with my disability to assimilate with the majority of the angmohs here, i use singlish as a means of releasing my pent-up frustration and saying 'fuck you' to the people surrounding me.

and that is not very nice.

but i know i am not going to change anything, cos i am a stubborn bitch, so life will continue as usual, fret not. the dulcet tones soaked in singlish and dialect will continue to flow from my cracked lips.

Monday, December 10, 2007

an excellent night

last night was great. and since great nights are really few and far between, i shall recount. (actually lousy night also i recount leh. ok whatever.)

after a disastrous day, went for european party in the evening. it was a really nice party, with warm wine and sweet wine and music and groups of ppl standing around and talking. no sordid nonsense again. man europeans are cool. they are just... dignified. ok that was very stupid sentence pls do not judge k thx.

then left to go to triple a for korean party (:D:D:D:D) but ended up going upstairs to luke's room where twas drunken singaporean gathering again. and as is usual with singaporeans, a lot of shouting in dialect and happiness ensued. ended up in lo-rise apartment where... sights were seen, let's just leave it at that. my eyes, even in my drunken stupor, almost bled la.

stumbled into bed at 4.30, woke up at 9am to go for dance performance. HEEHEE. I PERFORM TODAY LEH. I, OF THE WOBBLY KNEES AND SWEATY PALMS, ACTUALLY STOOD UP IN FRONT OF PPL AND MOVED. AMAZING. warraoz damn embarrassing. but fun la. i shall buy the dvd and bring home let parents see, so they will be proud of me.

ok i dunno how that last sentence slipped out.

and now i must return to the drudgery. byebye.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

kaoz 3 posts in one day


omg the hill is GORGEOUS. blanket of white, and all that.

the snow is damn fun omg it is powdery and white and pretty and i love it. i sled until hands become lobster but whatever. me and siyou (yes, both of us at 3am) scream until other angmohs come sled also. heeheeheehee THE SNOW IT SNOWETH EVERYDAY PLS FANKS.

to make myself a bit happier

here are pictures from 'studying' last night.
will have no more friends, and if siyou and eric find this i am in deep shitpot, but WHATEVER LA HOR.

(btw it is snowing outside! want to play snowball also cannot! :()
(hahaha my sad smiley has a hamburger for a mouth.)

it all started with a grape stem/tree. then i turned on my photobooth and THIS came up:

so must continue, cos ugliness just makes me so so happy la.

is cartoon.

my jayz moment.
(that little flesh coloured appendage in the corner is my thumb hor. just FYI.)

this one... no words la.

ok now i am going to watch yet another play. ta.


i just got below average on my french test. WHY DO I SUCK SO MUCH, WHY. seriously, GPA will be 2.0, i really scared alr lor. stupid system where everything counts.

and now must study for tech test tmr. THE JOY. pon horseriding to... STUDY COMPUTERS.

B FOR FRENCH :(. and probably C for econs, B for Russ lit, C for astro, and if i am lucky, A for dance la. SO WILL HAVE AVERAGE OF B. OMG. FATHER WILL SPIT IN MY EYE.

ok life sucks today. shall go drown my sorrows in nutella now. baibai.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

life is quite nice la.

hello all. i am glad to see that my ramble last night elicited much response in the tagboard area. thass good, my friends. thass good.

today i went to thrift store with dance friend to buy costumes for dance. (mmph. may sunday, which is when i perform, never come. i may transfer after that.) thrift store is AMAZING. got like, vintage silk bloomers and lady lacy gloves and hula skirts and ugly porcelain cats. but at night will have things come alive one, so quite scary.

hmm. am quite happy tonight, dunno why. mebbe it's cos i watched nice movie (about luuuurve. got woman come up to busker to talk to him, then they fall in love and he buy her piano. WHY MY LIFE NOT LIDDAT. I THINK IF I BUSK... POLICE WILL CATCH OK.) after dinner with siyou and jega. or mebbe cos went to nice jazz performance with elena somin and paul. or mebbe cos i came back to my room early FOR ONCE and watched TWO EPISODES OF THE JOY THAT IS UGLY BETTY, YO. whilst eating grapes and blueberries summore. shiok sia. or mebbe it's cos i read jerrine's blog and she says we make her happy. or mebbe it's cos NAT CALLED ME TODAY AND I HEARD HER VOICE IN LIKE, A MILLION YRS!!!!!!! (HELLO NAT I HEART YOU MANY MANY THANKS FOR THE 14 SECONDS!) ok i am damn gay now but whatever la hor.

ok i feel like rambling again. oh i got an A for my french essay! applaud pls, i am not the worst student in wesleyan anymore!

amit has a plastic menorah outside his room which he plugs in and lights up everynight.
'my synagogue sent me this toy menorah and i had to share it with all of you'.

DUNNO WHY THAT IS FUNNY, BUT IT IS. why synagogue send 20 yr old man a... toy menorah. why.

i need to stop shouting on my blog. it may stress readers out.

ok must sleep now cos tmr must wake up early to dance (HAHAHAHA). I am in the role of The Boss. not the boss like in super mario who is giant tortoise and everyone must kill, but boss as in, the workplace. ok i think it is not right that when i think of boss, the first thing that comes to mind is computer games. why liddis. why. i am rambling again. so, byebye y'all.

(oh and if you are a sick bastard and would like to have nightmares forevermore, pls google 2 girls 1 cup. thank you.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

obsessed alr and random thoughts, cos slept too much today.

this sat got korean dance party. excited like siao. haha.

somin: koreans are all depressed.

ok this is getting out of hand. i must stop liking other races.

noumaan: sam you have a zit on your face and you are bursting out of your clothes.


suddenly i miss karen, dunno why. karen leh. KAREN. (hi, karen. your brain explode alr not.)
our miserable stint at dbs was actually quite fun though. everyday take 20 min toilet breaks every half and hour and bitch about BER-NOT-NICE AND XIAOLAOBAN AND NIAOER HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG DAMN FUNNY. ok no one understand. sorry.

two days ago, it rained and in the morning all the branches of the trees were trapped in a transparent layer of ice. the sun came out and the ice started melting. it looked like the trees were raining. it was so beautiful that even though my ass was frozen shut (ok i dunno what that means, except that it was cold until eskimo also shiver) i was in a v good mood the whole day.

and there is officially snow on the ground! a pathetic layer of grey mulch though, BUT STILL.

now can understand why robert frost write so many poems la.
actually, cannot.
wahpiang. so boring, this post.

nehmind. i tell french joke that teacher told us.

how many eggs do the french eat in the morning?
ans: one, cos it is un oeuf. (pronounce it outloud pls, if not joke will suck.)

why do people like easter so much?
ans: cos it is a bonne ideƩ.


If don't get it, call me and ask.

just had nice chat with jega in where else, the library. he is one of my favourite new friends. ok if he read this i damn loser. he watch anchorman, eurotrip, and death becomes her OK. and he like ALL. shiok. we will have bad movie marathon one day, probably during reading week harharharharhar. FAIL SCHOOL COS OF WILL FERRELL. WIN.

in other news, i am almost twenty, and i haven't done anything to merit being twenty. sucks. was kinda in a funk the whole day today. yeurgh.

nehmind at least can celebrate with fiends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Monday, December 3, 2007


shit la slept at 5am again my face is a giant pimple.

it is 12.47am and i have to write an essay on dance. so, i am online.

ok, recap of sat night blahblahblah. this is now solely for me to remember when i am 99 yrs old and i need to read my life archive and laugh rheumatically about my banal youth.

so. went to watch choir.orchestra performance with sue and nate, cos somin performing. slept. went to erwin's room to drink again, got drunk. was again amazed at the prevalent internationalness - indonesia jamaica japan singapore korea usa represent. went to studio 54 party, cos got awesome 70s music. left early cos somin and eric awkward, cos korean.

oh along the way, i kept beating yushi's puffy jacket cos.. very puffy. so must beat. then i asked him to roll down a hill. then he ran up a grass hill and... rolled down. i died la. look like sausage ok. sausage.

ended up drunk in paul im's room where he was watching korean clips on youtube, looking like ahma. and he fed me and eric with japanese gummies. shiok shit. then went out into cold cold night and eric, who knows all the lyrics to all the disney songs in the world, shouted colors of the wind. i also shout. then i slept.

then now i am going to sleep at 4am again cos i am not doing work. PANGSAI LA, PANGSAI.

ok this post sucks. i hate it. byebye!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


i slept at 6am. am zombie.

so friday night was a comfortable daze of lazy wandering around campus. went to shirin's room for friends and grease, nate's room for A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (movie hor. movie.), erwin's room where eric got us depressed with his loneliness and we turned on southpark to cheer us up, and then my room, where two koreans sat on my bed to prevent me from sleeping until the sky turned blue.

i amazed them with the amazing pellets that grow into animals by putting them in warm water. 'amazing capsule creatures', they are called. courtesy of felicia.

i did the above not to bore you, but to convey the... coolness of my life here in the US of A.

oh. i just found out my friend has rock band in his dorm. RACHEL, I WILL FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS SOON. IT LOOKS LIKE FUN SHIT.

ok must go do the bane of my life that is laundry now. baibai.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


i have plans to go to k-town in NY during reading week to sing karaoke and eat kimchi. with koreans.


ok i just came online to say this cos i don't wanna read dance criticisms -.-


in other news. THREE MORE WEEKS :D:D:D:D:D