Monday, December 31, 2007

HK, HK. oh, and happy new yr

just back from jerrine's, where the traditional new yr bbq thing is held. nice lazy fun again <3.
don;t need to get drunk in singapore one lor, shiok. and tmr gonna see naomin for the first time in 4evazzzz~~~. hairpee.

ok so hk trip was fun. bought shitload of stuff, ate shitload of food. met jenny jess ben mandy at knutsford terrace on first night for shisha and drinks, and isaac the following night for damn nice dinner at jap restaurant (ok let me take a moment here to digress and list the shiok food i had: salmon sashimi, clam soup, crab meat fried rice and GRILLED EGGPLANT WRAPPED IN BEEF. kaoz! is perfect ok, the food. jesus make one lor.) and then damn nice hongkong dessert at stupidly named honeymoon cafe. but dessert very nice, so forgive them. mango pancakes and red bean/mangos in coconut milk with ice shavings. HONGKONG PPL GENIUS. PROPS.

anyway. i think it was damn exciting to meet wes ppl outside of school, in different country. damn FOB sia. haha but who cares. WAS COOL BEANS.

oh, after dinner had to digest food, so isaac showed me... sex shop, where he became severely traumatized by... The Expander. so subtle and imaginative right, the names. wanted to take a lot of pictures but shopkeeper lisped and was damn creepy. can put us in jail cell at back of shop, that kind. :(

k pictures.

THE KING GOOSE. kao. can taste the oil in my mouth la. hairpee.

mango/daohui dessert. :D

isaac and the MANGO PANCAKES. they look like BABY BACKSIDES. i love them pls. so yellow and soft and round... heeheehee. i rub rub them until make friend embarrassed. win.

the beef in eggplant. (i wanted to take pictures of all the dishes, but restaurant very attas and... friend embarrassed la. so cannot. sianz.)

oh after dinner, walking around times square... we saw this. (psst. is a giant corn hor, if cannot see. i love it la.)

and then, a few minutes later... this. it is... female steak leh. look closely, got very long eyelashes. it is chio beef. stupid isaac don't wanna take picture with her so... this is all you're gonna get. he told me damn sad story about a human steak.
k at road crossing right, a lot of ppl cross. a human steak was among them. then the light suddenly turn red, so everyone run across. but... the steak cannot run very fast, so it... shuffle along very sadly until a lot of cars horn it. VERY SAD RIGHT!!!!! I WILL CRY IF I WERE THE STEAK LEH!!!!!

walking along central with mother, saw... this. mother asked if i wanted them, and i said yes. (dunno why k, both siao alr.) so now i can... dress up as spartan or... pregnant woman whenever i want. shiok.

also, the ugly gene in me cried out for some attention, so we get this:

and this:
kawaii leh.

at shisha bar with wes ppl. (odd one out again. jerrine, I FEEL YA.)

pls click. the advertising skillz... win all la.

ok very late and i oily and sleepy so...

<3, Sam

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