Wednesday, December 5, 2007

obsessed alr and random thoughts, cos slept too much today.

this sat got korean dance party. excited like siao. haha.

somin: koreans are all depressed.

ok this is getting out of hand. i must stop liking other races.

noumaan: sam you have a zit on your face and you are bursting out of your clothes.


suddenly i miss karen, dunno why. karen leh. KAREN. (hi, karen. your brain explode alr not.)
our miserable stint at dbs was actually quite fun though. everyday take 20 min toilet breaks every half and hour and bitch about BER-NOT-NICE AND XIAOLAOBAN AND NIAOER HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG DAMN FUNNY. ok no one understand. sorry.

two days ago, it rained and in the morning all the branches of the trees were trapped in a transparent layer of ice. the sun came out and the ice started melting. it looked like the trees were raining. it was so beautiful that even though my ass was frozen shut (ok i dunno what that means, except that it was cold until eskimo also shiver) i was in a v good mood the whole day.

and there is officially snow on the ground! a pathetic layer of grey mulch though, BUT STILL.

now can understand why robert frost write so many poems la.
actually, cannot.
wahpiang. so boring, this post.

nehmind. i tell french joke that teacher told us.

how many eggs do the french eat in the morning?
ans: one, cos it is un oeuf. (pronounce it outloud pls, if not joke will suck.)

why do people like easter so much?
ans: cos it is a bonne ideƩ.


If don't get it, call me and ask.

just had nice chat with jega in where else, the library. he is one of my favourite new friends. ok if he read this i damn loser. he watch anchorman, eurotrip, and death becomes her OK. and he like ALL. shiok. we will have bad movie marathon one day, probably during reading week harharharharhar. FAIL SCHOOL COS OF WILL FERRELL. WIN.

in other news, i am almost twenty, and i haven't done anything to merit being twenty. sucks. was kinda in a funk the whole day today. yeurgh.

nehmind at least can celebrate with fiends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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