Monday, December 31, 2007

HK, HK. oh, and happy new yr

just back from jerrine's, where the traditional new yr bbq thing is held. nice lazy fun again <3.
don;t need to get drunk in singapore one lor, shiok. and tmr gonna see naomin for the first time in 4evazzzz~~~. hairpee.

ok so hk trip was fun. bought shitload of stuff, ate shitload of food. met jenny jess ben mandy at knutsford terrace on first night for shisha and drinks, and isaac the following night for damn nice dinner at jap restaurant (ok let me take a moment here to digress and list the shiok food i had: salmon sashimi, clam soup, crab meat fried rice and GRILLED EGGPLANT WRAPPED IN BEEF. kaoz! is perfect ok, the food. jesus make one lor.) and then damn nice hongkong dessert at stupidly named honeymoon cafe. but dessert very nice, so forgive them. mango pancakes and red bean/mangos in coconut milk with ice shavings. HONGKONG PPL GENIUS. PROPS.

anyway. i think it was damn exciting to meet wes ppl outside of school, in different country. damn FOB sia. haha but who cares. WAS COOL BEANS.

oh, after dinner had to digest food, so isaac showed me... sex shop, where he became severely traumatized by... The Expander. so subtle and imaginative right, the names. wanted to take a lot of pictures but shopkeeper lisped and was damn creepy. can put us in jail cell at back of shop, that kind. :(

k pictures.

THE KING GOOSE. kao. can taste the oil in my mouth la. hairpee.

mango/daohui dessert. :D

isaac and the MANGO PANCAKES. they look like BABY BACKSIDES. i love them pls. so yellow and soft and round... heeheehee. i rub rub them until make friend embarrassed. win.

the beef in eggplant. (i wanted to take pictures of all the dishes, but restaurant very attas and... friend embarrassed la. so cannot. sianz.)

oh after dinner, walking around times square... we saw this. (psst. is a giant corn hor, if cannot see. i love it la.)

and then, a few minutes later... this. it is... female steak leh. look closely, got very long eyelashes. it is chio beef. stupid isaac don't wanna take picture with her so... this is all you're gonna get. he told me damn sad story about a human steak.
k at road crossing right, a lot of ppl cross. a human steak was among them. then the light suddenly turn red, so everyone run across. but... the steak cannot run very fast, so it... shuffle along very sadly until a lot of cars horn it. VERY SAD RIGHT!!!!! I WILL CRY IF I WERE THE STEAK LEH!!!!!

walking along central with mother, saw... this. mother asked if i wanted them, and i said yes. (dunno why k, both siao alr.) so now i can... dress up as spartan or... pregnant woman whenever i want. shiok.

also, the ugly gene in me cried out for some attention, so we get this:

and this:
kawaii leh.

at shisha bar with wes ppl. (odd one out again. jerrine, I FEEL YA.)

pls click. the advertising skillz... win all la.

ok very late and i oily and sleepy so...

<3, Sam

Friday, December 28, 2007


so. recounts. a bit sian leh, cos the only reason i blog in the US is for singapore fiends to read, but i am now WITH singapore fiends for the vast majority of my time, so what for eh.

ok la, but i ask rachel to blog, and she did, so if i didn't, i'd be a hypocrite.

blahblahblah. ok. so since returning, i have:

had nice-ass bbq at aunt's house and spent time with cousins
screamed in christine's house on christmas eve
entertained many ppl who commented on my newfound corporeal prosperity (FAT LA K, FAT.) on christmas day
been called 'buff queen' by edwin :(
met nat for a day of tcc and toast
met fiends at corduroy again
met gb ppl for some good ol' life lamenting
had prata/yakult with neighbour (who said i now look like a little hobbit :(:(:()
watched inordinate amounts of a korean variety show on youtube
ran. once.

and i have eaten:
meepok da
economical rice (:D:D:D:D:D)
half-boiled eggs
kaya toast
nasi lemak

and am going to hk in 4 hours for some money spending.

life is goot.
oh and just chatted briefly with somin, eric and linda online. was nice!

k now must go run for second time
may die in the attempt, so wish me luck!

ps. yushi tagged me in a photo OF A FAT YELLOW M&M. WARRAOZ.

Monday, December 17, 2007

this is what i did today instead of studying econs

please. japanese ppl must rule the world one day, must.

also, please watch till the end. will not disappoint.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

reading week my ass.

whoever invented reading week wants every single student on campus to fail.
in this studying period which is supposed to facilitate 24/7 revision sessions, i have

had singapore dinner
eaten dinner with koreans
been to wesleyan spirits concert
been to an absurdist play
been to a mixolydians concert
watched arrested development
gotten... happy
water polo training
water polo team dinner
played rock band
and sledded
slept through american gangster
'studied' with koreans.

and in 4 hours, there is a play, and then another asian party. HOW TO PASS UNI LIDDAT. HOW.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


hallmates drunk outside room.
must write essay.
it's 3.26am.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


5am. cold.

cheecheongfun (sesame oil, light sauce)
beehoon with luncheon meat
roast duck rice
yongtaufoo laksa
heji porridge
maxwell fish soup
toast with milo powder
half-boiled eggs
minjiang kueh
prawn noodles
lotus bao
stir-fried vegetables
toa payoh ohluak
black caitaukway
kuayteow soup
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da
meepok da

i think i'm going insane.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

again, i think i blog too much.

got a combined grade of A- for my french tests, so there is a possibility that i can get A for french. I AM NOT A COMPLETE FAILURE AFTER ALL. and that makes me happy.

that, and the fact that classes ended today and i do not have to wake up at 7am for the next month or so.

and the fact that reading week is here, which means a week of not reading! and doing fun things, like go for dinner with koreans/singaporeans!

and the fact that i will be home in less than 2 weeks!!

i have been told countless times how much more singaporean/asian i have become since coming here. while that is a nice thing to hear, (for me anyway. others might look upon it as a bad thing. fuck them. harhar.) the worrying thing about it is how my rebellion against my surroundings indicates an innate defensive mechanism that manifests itself wherever i go. with my disability to assimilate with the majority of the angmohs here, i use singlish as a means of releasing my pent-up frustration and saying 'fuck you' to the people surrounding me.

and that is not very nice.

but i know i am not going to change anything, cos i am a stubborn bitch, so life will continue as usual, fret not. the dulcet tones soaked in singlish and dialect will continue to flow from my cracked lips.

Monday, December 10, 2007

an excellent night

last night was great. and since great nights are really few and far between, i shall recount. (actually lousy night also i recount leh. ok whatever.)

after a disastrous day, went for european party in the evening. it was a really nice party, with warm wine and sweet wine and music and groups of ppl standing around and talking. no sordid nonsense again. man europeans are cool. they are just... dignified. ok that was very stupid sentence pls do not judge k thx.

then left to go to triple a for korean party (:D:D:D:D) but ended up going upstairs to luke's room where twas drunken singaporean gathering again. and as is usual with singaporeans, a lot of shouting in dialect and happiness ensued. ended up in lo-rise apartment where... sights were seen, let's just leave it at that. my eyes, even in my drunken stupor, almost bled la.

stumbled into bed at 4.30, woke up at 9am to go for dance performance. HEEHEE. I PERFORM TODAY LEH. I, OF THE WOBBLY KNEES AND SWEATY PALMS, ACTUALLY STOOD UP IN FRONT OF PPL AND MOVED. AMAZING. warraoz damn embarrassing. but fun la. i shall buy the dvd and bring home let parents see, so they will be proud of me.

ok i dunno how that last sentence slipped out.

and now i must return to the drudgery. byebye.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

kaoz 3 posts in one day


omg the hill is GORGEOUS. blanket of white, and all that.

the snow is damn fun omg it is powdery and white and pretty and i love it. i sled until hands become lobster but whatever. me and siyou (yes, both of us at 3am) scream until other angmohs come sled also. heeheeheehee THE SNOW IT SNOWETH EVERYDAY PLS FANKS.

to make myself a bit happier

here are pictures from 'studying' last night.
will have no more friends, and if siyou and eric find this i am in deep shitpot, but WHATEVER LA HOR.

(btw it is snowing outside! want to play snowball also cannot! :()
(hahaha my sad smiley has a hamburger for a mouth.)

it all started with a grape stem/tree. then i turned on my photobooth and THIS came up:

so must continue, cos ugliness just makes me so so happy la.

is cartoon.

my jayz moment.
(that little flesh coloured appendage in the corner is my thumb hor. just FYI.)

this one... no words la.

ok now i am going to watch yet another play. ta.


i just got below average on my french test. WHY DO I SUCK SO MUCH, WHY. seriously, GPA will be 2.0, i really scared alr lor. stupid system where everything counts.

and now must study for tech test tmr. THE JOY. pon horseriding to... STUDY COMPUTERS.

B FOR FRENCH :(. and probably C for econs, B for Russ lit, C for astro, and if i am lucky, A for dance la. SO WILL HAVE AVERAGE OF B. OMG. FATHER WILL SPIT IN MY EYE.

ok life sucks today. shall go drown my sorrows in nutella now. baibai.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

life is quite nice la.

hello all. i am glad to see that my ramble last night elicited much response in the tagboard area. thass good, my friends. thass good.

today i went to thrift store with dance friend to buy costumes for dance. (mmph. may sunday, which is when i perform, never come. i may transfer after that.) thrift store is AMAZING. got like, vintage silk bloomers and lady lacy gloves and hula skirts and ugly porcelain cats. but at night will have things come alive one, so quite scary.

hmm. am quite happy tonight, dunno why. mebbe it's cos i watched nice movie (about luuuurve. got woman come up to busker to talk to him, then they fall in love and he buy her piano. WHY MY LIFE NOT LIDDAT. I THINK IF I BUSK... POLICE WILL CATCH OK.) after dinner with siyou and jega. or mebbe cos went to nice jazz performance with elena somin and paul. or mebbe cos i came back to my room early FOR ONCE and watched TWO EPISODES OF THE JOY THAT IS UGLY BETTY, YO. whilst eating grapes and blueberries summore. shiok sia. or mebbe it's cos i read jerrine's blog and she says we make her happy. or mebbe it's cos NAT CALLED ME TODAY AND I HEARD HER VOICE IN LIKE, A MILLION YRS!!!!!!! (HELLO NAT I HEART YOU MANY MANY THANKS FOR THE 14 SECONDS!) ok i am damn gay now but whatever la hor.

ok i feel like rambling again. oh i got an A for my french essay! applaud pls, i am not the worst student in wesleyan anymore!

amit has a plastic menorah outside his room which he plugs in and lights up everynight.
'my synagogue sent me this toy menorah and i had to share it with all of you'.

DUNNO WHY THAT IS FUNNY, BUT IT IS. why synagogue send 20 yr old man a... toy menorah. why.

i need to stop shouting on my blog. it may stress readers out.

ok must sleep now cos tmr must wake up early to dance (HAHAHAHA). I am in the role of The Boss. not the boss like in super mario who is giant tortoise and everyone must kill, but boss as in, the workplace. ok i think it is not right that when i think of boss, the first thing that comes to mind is computer games. why liddis. why. i am rambling again. so, byebye y'all.

(oh and if you are a sick bastard and would like to have nightmares forevermore, pls google 2 girls 1 cup. thank you.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

obsessed alr and random thoughts, cos slept too much today.

this sat got korean dance party. excited like siao. haha.

somin: koreans are all depressed.

ok this is getting out of hand. i must stop liking other races.

noumaan: sam you have a zit on your face and you are bursting out of your clothes.


suddenly i miss karen, dunno why. karen leh. KAREN. (hi, karen. your brain explode alr not.)
our miserable stint at dbs was actually quite fun though. everyday take 20 min toilet breaks every half and hour and bitch about BER-NOT-NICE AND XIAOLAOBAN AND NIAOER HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG DAMN FUNNY. ok no one understand. sorry.

two days ago, it rained and in the morning all the branches of the trees were trapped in a transparent layer of ice. the sun came out and the ice started melting. it looked like the trees were raining. it was so beautiful that even though my ass was frozen shut (ok i dunno what that means, except that it was cold until eskimo also shiver) i was in a v good mood the whole day.

and there is officially snow on the ground! a pathetic layer of grey mulch though, BUT STILL.

now can understand why robert frost write so many poems la.
actually, cannot.
wahpiang. so boring, this post.

nehmind. i tell french joke that teacher told us.

how many eggs do the french eat in the morning?
ans: one, cos it is un oeuf. (pronounce it outloud pls, if not joke will suck.)

why do people like easter so much?
ans: cos it is a bonne ideƩ.


If don't get it, call me and ask.

just had nice chat with jega in where else, the library. he is one of my favourite new friends. ok if he read this i damn loser. he watch anchorman, eurotrip, and death becomes her OK. and he like ALL. shiok. we will have bad movie marathon one day, probably during reading week harharharharhar. FAIL SCHOOL COS OF WILL FERRELL. WIN.

in other news, i am almost twenty, and i haven't done anything to merit being twenty. sucks. was kinda in a funk the whole day today. yeurgh.

nehmind at least can celebrate with fiends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Monday, December 3, 2007


shit la slept at 5am again my face is a giant pimple.

it is 12.47am and i have to write an essay on dance. so, i am online.

ok, recap of sat night blahblahblah. this is now solely for me to remember when i am 99 yrs old and i need to read my life archive and laugh rheumatically about my banal youth.

so. went to watch choir.orchestra performance with sue and nate, cos somin performing. slept. went to erwin's room to drink again, got drunk. was again amazed at the prevalent internationalness - indonesia jamaica japan singapore korea usa represent. went to studio 54 party, cos got awesome 70s music. left early cos somin and eric awkward, cos korean.

oh along the way, i kept beating yushi's puffy jacket cos.. very puffy. so must beat. then i asked him to roll down a hill. then he ran up a grass hill and... rolled down. i died la. look like sausage ok. sausage.

ended up drunk in paul im's room where he was watching korean clips on youtube, looking like ahma. and he fed me and eric with japanese gummies. shiok shit. then went out into cold cold night and eric, who knows all the lyrics to all the disney songs in the world, shouted colors of the wind. i also shout. then i slept.

then now i am going to sleep at 4am again cos i am not doing work. PANGSAI LA, PANGSAI.

ok this post sucks. i hate it. byebye!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


i slept at 6am. am zombie.

so friday night was a comfortable daze of lazy wandering around campus. went to shirin's room for friends and grease, nate's room for A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (movie hor. movie.), erwin's room where eric got us depressed with his loneliness and we turned on southpark to cheer us up, and then my room, where two koreans sat on my bed to prevent me from sleeping until the sky turned blue.

i amazed them with the amazing pellets that grow into animals by putting them in warm water. 'amazing capsule creatures', they are called. courtesy of felicia.

i did the above not to bore you, but to convey the... coolness of my life here in the US of A.

oh. i just found out my friend has rock band in his dorm. RACHEL, I WILL FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS SOON. IT LOOKS LIKE FUN SHIT.

ok must go do the bane of my life that is laundry now. baibai.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


i have plans to go to k-town in NY during reading week to sing karaoke and eat kimchi. with koreans.


ok i just came online to say this cos i don't wanna read dance criticisms -.-


in other news. THREE MORE WEEKS :D:D:D:D:D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

why i am liddis. why.


omg. really leh. come college the life become like... dog.

but neh mind. jelly friend jerrine also sleep from 3-7pm yesterday so all is right with the world. can commiserate about everything, cos everything is same.

just now had shiok phone call with her again. here is how a portion of it went, if don't understand, neh mind. i also don't understand.

jerrine: eh sam i don't tell you things alr ah...
me: EH don't liddat la, jerrine, eh jerrine, tell la, jerrine... eh mai anikuan la... jerrine, eh jerrine... eh pls la, jerrine... tell me la, jerrine...
j: EEEEEEE my ear itchy alr!!!!... samantha, don't do this la... samantha... eh samantha.. why you like that... i don't tell you things ah, samantha, eh... samantha...
me: HAHAHA SHUTUPSHUTUP i also itchy.

ok we went on for... too long. BUT SO FUN RIGHT. DO IT PLS. will put... ugly gummy smile on face one.

oh actually today got reason for taking siao nap. last night... slept at freaking 4 am. cos why? cos looking at korean girls with korean boy. i am... best student in the world la.


ok panic attack over. it is 1.49am and i am damn awake and full cos just got birthday party so i think i shall go disturb ppl who are working. turrah.

Monday, November 26, 2007


have been in the library since 3pm, and all i have done is to.. plan essay. oh but got nice interlude of siyou's impromptu birthday dinner (with koreans! orz) (orz is a picture of a man bowing. so korean right. i love it. somin teach one.) at vietnamese restaurant in, where else, main street. (gah. back to the doldrums.)

so, siyou spent her birthday with me somin nate sue eric and jongmin. bought an icecream pie and we consumed it in... SCIENCE LIBRARY. win. azns... win.

and also got interlude of romanian curses. one curse in romania, i kid you not, literally translates to: slide on ice to your midwife! i love the specificity la. midwife all evil one leh.

ok now must go finish essay on duplicity in nabokov's novel.
as eric says: wo de nao hen huai. (my brain very bad.)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

the wonder that is new york.

just got back from NY and i am missing it alr. omg. the past few days in the city have been freaking glorious.

main. street. sucks.

v tired and sian cos tmr must wake up and complete shitload of homework, so this will be short. or not. i tend to ramble on these things, like i am doing now. ok stop.

so. wed me and shirin arrived in NY and missed the columbia stop on our very first stint on the subway. (digression. at grand central i was so excited at seeing shiny things and people from the real world that i jumped around, in public. just a little.) in the end, we arrived at columbia unscathed and met rachel!!!!! WAS GREAT.

(there is a freaking asian supermarket 4 min away from her dorm. WE HAVE TO TRAVEL 40 MIN. bitchassshitwankcrappoo.)

went for dinner at awesome chinese restaurant at chinatown and met up with siyou, and a whole bunch of other ny ppl, including dione and nicole!


DAMMIT. MUST HAVE IT AGAIN LA. the soup inside... just as i remembered. zomg.
after that walked to nyu and had damn good shisha at Horus, some small nyu pub thingum. (again, i must stress that main. street. sucks.) first time i got a tad high on hookah. shiok sia. then after a while i started hacking after each hit so... damn loser la. the place very nice though!

after that, adjourned to desmond's FREAKING NICE FRAT APARTMENT to play mario/asshole daidi. omg. his apartment got bloody doorman and gilt doors and parquet floor and shit. amazing. i live in a hovel lor.

thurs, woke up at freaking 2pm so we had two hours of daylight. had great panini at cafe, evening went to sanur for THESE BAD BABIES:

after photo:

just so you didn't get it frm the pictures, we had satay, tissue prata, chicken rice, laksa (LAKSA LEH), and charkwayteow. (no haam, BUT WHATEVS MAN. WHATEVS.) wheehee. ate until mouth oily and stomach big.

saw this in chinatown, couldn't resist:

(only fiends will unnerstand hor, sorry to the remainder of my pathetic readership of bout 2 ppl.)

after that, walked around times square for a bit. THE LIGHTS. MAKE ME DAMN HAPPY. christmas displays in macy's were damn chio.

next day woke up at blood 5.30am for the black friday sales at macy's. was freaking CRAZY la, but i got like 7 tops for under 100 bucks! and ugg-like boots from aldo for 50 bucks! shiok, the saving of money while spending it like a bitch is a v shiok feeling.
met up with thomas, who spent the rest of the day with us. evening us and rachel's friend wen went to this gorgeous little family-run italian restaurant in soho (boho part of soho (heehee. rhyme leh.) is very very pretty. omg. so many little vintage-y shops ok can spend whole day there yourself just walking. love.) with the best food ever!

i must emphasize. THE BEST FOOD EVER. i had black squid ink noodles with shrimp, crabmeat, scallops in garlic white wine sauce. HOW TO NOT VOMIT WITH THE BEAUTY HUH, HOW. then after that got gorgeous tiramisu also. this is how happy we were, siyou represent:

(can't see my amazing plate of black goodness, but it is there. it existed. i miss it leh, dammit. omg dunno what the hell i am saying now.)

thomas looking very hongkong.

after that, must burn calories right, cos the carbs were insane, SO WE WENT ICE SKATING AT BRYANT PARK ZOMGZOMG SO FUN. seriously, one of my dreams since young is to iceskate in ny in winter (with lover. but no lover, so 4 friends will have to do la hor. harharhar. life.). anyway. fell down 3 times and ice coat butt like siao but falling down was damn fun!

'ice-skate palZZZZ' -siyou

went back to dorm, thomas crashed, much hooha was made over a pair of tights and unnecessary sights, fell asleep damn soundly cos two hours of iceskating is no joke hor thanks.

today, woke up too late to go to the Met, so just wandered around campus taking pictures, wandered into a gorgeous cathedral and then sorta drifted to the infamous hungarian pastry shop on amsterdam avenue and had great chocolatey things. forgot names alr, suffice to say there was much chocolate in cold weather. shiokness.

i love wandering around. i want to be a wanderer when i grow up.

so pritty right, columbia! wah lau. transfer la, transfer.

ok now it is 3am and i am sleepy so goodnight.
ps. new york freaking rocks. cannot take it. i change my life goal alr. now, it is to become carrie bradshaw.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

spreading the joy.

i have dulan paper due tomorrow, so i can't really learn any new singlish tonight =( have a shiok thanksgiving! <- eli's (very white boy's) facebook email to me.

mmph. one of my duties as singsoc president. success.

for shirin

so today in french TA session we were supposed to run as president and prime minster in pairs.

I was president. Shirin was prime minister.

Our election win la.

We start of with dance in fraulein costume to... loosen up the masses.

Then... propose to change colour of Wesleyan from red to blue, COS BLUE IS LIBERAL AND BRINGS OUT THE COLOUR OF OUR EYES.

then... slogan is SACRE BLEU.

and parting sentence is... PLS VOTE FOR THE ASIANS.


ps. i won the elections, btw.



ok update. so sian. don't wanna read then nvm.

fri went for horseriding again. near death experience, when the horse i was leading out of paddock bolted and dragged me with it and i went flying v unglamly into mud. HORSE PWN ME LEH. anyway we shall forget bout that.

came back, watched Jaws the musical, which was funny shit. it is brainspoil kind of funny. got... emo shark and rapping fisherman and man with fetish for salmon. i love the wesleyan brains la. went for equestrian meeting, watched national velvet which is, guess what, horse movie. went to triple A for late night, ate again. went to fauver party aka asian party. damn fun, cos can dance to spice girls and nsync. after everybody left, korean eric was left singing 'a whole new world' into a vodka bottle. the coolness win.

slept at 3am, woke up two hours later to go to horse show. from 5am to 5pm, i stood in sub zero degree weather and... held horses and cleaned their shit. had mexican dinner with horse ppl, came back and took nap at 8pm cos brain shortwired and couldn't function. missed post horseshow party. woke up at 11 and watched scent of a woman with somin sue and nate. missed church on sun morning, watched oedipus rex in the evening.

the greek chorus wore masks and were pregnant. effective, but gross. something about pregnancy just revolts me. this is not a healthy sentiment, but whatever.

ok that was my weekend.


after thanksgiving, there's only three more weeks of school. DAMN EXCITED TO GO HOME ZOMG. but school pass damn fast, quite sad also eh.

oh, if all goes according to plan and i get all my courses, here is my awesome schedule for next sem. will die and will not talk to ppl for 5 months with job and water polo season and equestrian season but for the time being, V EXCITE!

- Francophone Uses of America in Literature and Film OR European Intellectual History to the Renaissance
- Quantitative Methods in Economics (ok this is the only blemish in my academic life la. stupid econs. stupid.)
- Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, Worlds
- French Composition and Conversation
- History of Rock and R&B
- West African Dance I/Steel Band

ok i look like i have no goal in life hahaha. i still haven't learnt anything about the great philosophers in the western canon or literature in the romantic period or international government policies. so much to learn omg i never wanna leave school.

all i have learnt this sem is... how to use a telescope, how to run around a room without hitting anyone, how to study motifs, the difference between the french beauty and the beast and the disney one, and a bit of econs.

if a robber comes up to me and points gun at my face and... asks me to point out a retrograde planet in the night sky, I WILL SURVIVE. take that.

ok i think i have to... do homework now. got essay due after thanksgiving. meh.

Friday, November 16, 2007


me: i hate econs
jaime: then don't take it! look, i'll call your father for you and say 'look, mr lee. econs is a crock of shit. you don't want your daughter selling her soul for some half-assed multinational co-op'.
me: er, my father works for citibank.
jaime: oh.

amit took a yr off school to live in Israel, volunteering at an orphanage.
'it was SICK'

paul is taking soph yr off to volunteer in bolivian orphanage, just to learn spanish and immerse himself in culture. then going to work for a concert management company.
'i told my parents, i'm doing this with or without your consent'

luke is taking junior yr off to work/travel in india.

i am... taking econs. my mother is trying to make me accelerate my studies. a yr off to travel would give my father a hernia.

paul: sam, if you say 'fuck this shit. i'm not taking econs and i'm quitting school' i'll remember you for the rest of my life.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

smeagol is freeeee!

nyeheheh. i suddenly miss lord of the rings.
(oh and, the title actually means something. I am smeagol, and i am free.)(er, not free from the evil clutches of the ring, but from the evil clutches of homework. UNTIL THANKSGIVING. WOO.)

pls watch the above. pls. lotr in... hokkien win all other lotrs.

oh. and romanian showed me this... priceless site.
it features singing horses. pls go thanks.

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Vladimir Nabokov

Then, after dinner, he would go back to his rooms, or perhaps make his way with some silent companion to the little cinema on the market place where a Wild West film would be shown, or Charlie Chaplin stiffly trotting away from the big wicked man and skidding on the street corner.

Then, after three or four terms of this sort of thing a curious change came over Sebastian. He stopped enjoying what he thought he ought to enjoy and serenely turned to what really concerned him. Outwardly, this change resulted in his dropping out of the rhythm of college life.
"I must confess," said [Sebastian's friend] as he stroked a soft blue cat, "I must confess that Sebastian rather pained me at that particular period of our friendship. Missing him in the lecture hall, I would go to his rooms and find him still in bed, curled up like a sleeping child... He would only grunt in reply to my energetic greeting, not deigning even to change his position."

but not as literarily well-endowed, dammit.

in other news, i love nabokov. he writes like an angel, really. no other word to describe, cos i am not him. i would love studying his books forever and pull out every single allusion to every single thing he makes in them.

literature is essentially the psychological unraveling of the author's entire brain. which is damn freaking fun. be psychologist for what, normal ppl's problems all damn boring. crazy dead authors more exciting.

ok this will be damn long and self-indulgent post cos this is the freest i have been since school has started and i have settled into school life and started to 'turn serenely to what really concerns me'... LIKE UGLY BETTY.

yesterday after hellish astro exam i went back to room and just watched 3 straight hours of ugly betty. SHIOK OK. i love MARK ZOMG. pretty little fey man. whee.

didn't see anyone the entire day so i went to wesshop and saw jega and we walked aimlessly around school, cos both don't wanna do work. went to his hall lounge watched the biggest loser for a while and laughed at the fat ppl in sports bras. (ok karma is coming to bite me in my ass v v soon.)

today we very excitingly ordered in northern indian food from main street - lamb curry, shrimp curry, chicken marsala and pannat paneer, garlic naan and basmati rice. EAT UNTIL DAMN HAPPY ZOMG. wah lau. winter i am SO gonna do this everyday and die from carb overload BUT WHATEVS. too shiok to live alr. me shirin siyou jega linda and later thomas and dan eat until never talk and mouths oily. woo.

that, and talking to jerrine on the phone just now, made my day man.

anyway. i am seriously considering not majoring in econs, but i only say this to make myself happy cos i know i will in the end. father's stamp of doom: you better learn to like econs ah. if not be prepared to lower your sights in the job market.

sianz :( i would love to just study nabokov and cultural perspectives and italian art history and youth culture and chinese anthropological history and androgyny in literature and not have to touch statistics and supply curves and constant returns to scale. but, such is life as asian. must accept.

on to other things. i have just joined ballroom dancing class. so fun! with equestrian and water polo and argus, i am booked for life. no friends also nehmind alr. hah.

one guy in my hall is leaving school cos of 'chronic fatigue'.
i think i have chronic fatigue too. that, or napping 5 hours a day is just my attempt at hibernation.

omg my hallmate stole a couch from the library. hahahahahaha it is sitting in his room, looking like Joey's Rosita. i love it.

ooh. hallmates are lying on top of each other in the hall. better go see what happen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


HEEHEE. got astro midterm to study for but i must say this:


Sunday, November 11, 2007


nothing to say, except life is ok.

ee. that must be the worst rhyme ever.

my wesid and room key were lost last night and found this morning. THANK THE GODS. felt like cripple ok omg damn irritating. roommate locked me out of room AFTER I CAME OUT FROM SHOWER so life was quite funny this morning.

but i found 20 bucks on the ground so life sorta picked up.

but now i am studying (in the loosest, loosest sense of the word) for econs tmr so life is sorta going down again.

fri night was a waste of time. went around campus doing various stupid things then fell asleep while watching 3oo in erwin's room cos someone came up with grand idea of drinking a shot everytime the word 'sparta' or any of its derivatives came up during the movie.

seriously, college brings the word 'banal' to a whole new level.

oh but had a nice chill time in j's room where we smoked tobacco-less, nicotine-less, organic shisha. essentially, wasn't shisha alr. haha.

last night went for expresiones concert, which was a bunch of performances put up by the latino community in wesleyan. me and shirin were awed by the amount of hip-movement that goes into each dance - somehow it seems physically impossible for asians in general. oh well, i was generally thankful that i'm being exposed to so many cultures alien to singapore - no where else can i come into contact with so many vibrant, passionate communities.

ok mushy time over, back to diminishing returns to labour, which essentially summarizes my relationship with econs very, very well.

Monday, November 5, 2007

i just cannot do work anymore

wah lau really damn fat alr. the reason i keep procrastinating skyping my parents is if they see me my father will say 'eh sam you think you hamster izzit' and my mother will say 'oh. sam.' and i don't want to hear it.

do you know they sell fried pork skin here in packets. will clog heart and brain and intestines and anus but whatever. omg i really think i will return to singapore as a sack of ghee.

let me tell you about my very cool sat night.

was singapore dinner. me siyou shirin (affectionately (harhar) referred to by our seniors as SSS) cooked EXCELLENT meepok da!!!!! omg. i am damn proud of myself ok. we boiled the shrimp-egg noodles in chicken broth then strained them. then boiled fishballs and chinese mushrooms. and opened can of taogay. then we mixed the dry noodles with dark sauce, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili and a whole SHITLOAD of the wonder that is sesame oil. OMG. really taste like real thing ok!!!!!! ok i am damn excited and happy with myself so pls indulge the excess of exclamation marks k thx.

mark who is a super senior and thus the head of the wesleyan singaporean community hierarchy said the meepok was 'just like home'. nyehehehehehe. can quit school set up stall in newton alr.

(in other random news, last night i smelt skunk everywhere i went. skunk spray smells like rotten sesame oil, fyi. cool right. one thing i must do before i die is to smell real skunk spray. it is essential life experience.)

luke cooked EXCELLENT roast pork ZOMG i think about it can cry with the delight. the skin damn crispy and the fat infuse through the meat and the meat is soft and lovely and.... whoo. but the pig really damn fat leh. even the animals here are obese.

then after everybody left i stayed behind for a while to... cook rice. and the rice cooker is some cock shit so i had to stay there for DAMN long until cannot tahan.

then went to japan hall for a while where i didn't know anyone so me and nate ended up playing... mariokart on gamecube. (i suck, btw. always dunno how to use the mushrooms to turbocharge one. ok no one cares.)

then went back to chinese house to.... carve pumpkin until 2am with ruby and nate. hahahahaa. SIAO ok. delayed reaction to halloween. omg. we carved a snail and a one-eyed lame giraffe on the pumpkin. i really should start taking pictures man.

nate: i really want a flying squirrel right now.

then... i went back to my dorm and sat in hallmate's room until 4am until i fainted.

amit: you know what would be great. a dog as big as a bear. i would sit on it.
me: invent one.
amit: ok. let's cross breed a sun bear and a st bernard.

i dunno why wesleyan guys like animals so much.


i wrote that on sun when i was procrastinating as usual and i was too lazy to click 'publish post' so... here it is. wahlau what a boring sentence, soz.

anyway. i'm kinda getting used to the transient, fleeting friendships and connections that define university. am happy in my little bubble of singaporeans, flanked by various international people, with peripheral angmohs floating in the background. HAHAHA. i must draw a picture. will be damn funny.

peripheral angmohs floating. mmph.

just wasted 2 hours in library again learning about j's sexploits on and off campus. very interesting, the life. what i would give to be a gay boy :(

we were talking about... racism.

me: wahlau i hate the fuckers who egg ppl. we should throw something back. azn pride man!
siyou: throw... banana!
me: throw wanton la!

j: people call me potato queen cos i like white men.
me: like chinese call what.
j: rice queen. like indian, call curry queen.
shirin: then like malay?
me: tempeh queen.
s: rojak queen.
j: pulot queen.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

an excellent day,

to quote siyou.

didn't have to stress about econs, cos copied all the night before, with thomas' excellent help.
had excellent lunch at weswings with dirty talk with linda rudi elena.
horseriding was damn good. the horse listened to me and didn't step on my foot. i trotted, excellently.
had excellent dinner of cereal while watcing grey's.
watched excellent (well, ish) dance concert with sarah.
went to fauver to play excellent game, apple to apple. apparently, communists = shiny and pond scum = hardworking. james won with the communist card. i dunno what i am typing.
went to 200church (not real church hor, will be smote) to watch excellent (well, only cos we made fun of all the serious parts) spanish gay thug movie with shirin siyou dan jega thomas.
(in the movie, one of the thugs don't wanna have sex cos he believe his semen is holy and he must save it for god. teeheehee.)
was on the way to find nate and co, when was tipped off about illicit, but excellent singaporean gathering in triple A.
went to find A and L and TX... in excellently happy states.
it was thus a night of... new experiences but jerrine, same thing happen to me ie nothing and i had to mother ppl a bit. so sian. now brain cells die for nothing. WHY OUR BODIES SO LIDDAT AH. ok that part not so excellent la.

ok then finish.
must wake up in 5 hours to play tennis with nate. and must cook meepok tmr night. wheeheehee. i love singapore!

i sleepy until finger shiver. not good. bye.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

why did i watch the exorcist, why.

i find it amazing what the average human can find to entertain himself with within the confines of a rural college campus.

college seems to be one long stream of ceaseless movie watching. today, i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which was good in a trippy weird way. then at midnight, watched the freaking exorcist, cos halloween. so must.

i... hate monsters. this is why i am refusing to sleep at 2.59am. wah lau. i was hungry and weak after the movie ok, cos had to expend a lot of energy to close ears and squint at the screen. so loser.

in other news, i have decided on my major! (other than the ubiquitous, mandatory bitch, Econs.) Romance studies, with an emphasis on French. This means i have to start on Spanish next yr, which is also exciting shit. Hee.

AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW YORK. rachel's blog makes me drool on my mac keyboard condom, which is messy and gross. BUT OMG TO BE IN A 5 MILE RADIUS AMONG BUILDINGS MORE THAN 2 STOREYS TALL IS... ASDL;FKASFHJSAFASDFJHADLSKF. must... have... buildings...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

on a lighter note...

ok time to stop whining and recount, recount, recount.

very boring one.

fri night watched three movies in three different locations, two of which had homosexual themes. such is wesleyan.
la vie en rose - french film about 7 yr old boy who wants to become woman. watched in film hall.
thank you for smoking - damn good film. pls watch, fanks. in hallmate's room.
mysterious skin - omg. freaking good movie la. got jason gordon levitt, who is prettytofu. he is gay, and very well so. haha ok i dunno what the hell that meant. in fauver with somin and siyou, and 3 full cups of excellent hot milk tea on rainy night.

sat spent the whole freaking day cooking chicken rice for 50 ppl with shirin vernie and ivan and IT TURNED OUT DAMN GOOD ZOMG. IS WIN MY MOTHER'S CHICKEN RICE OK, WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING. omg. damn accomplished la. erwin say taste like hilton hotel chicken rice summore. hee. (is complete lie, but whatever la hor). so me and shirin caught the cooking bug and after the international food fair was over we went back to tx's house to cook for concussed siyou. sauteed onions and fried garlic and marinated the chicken thighs with sesame oil and oyster sauce and panfried it and it was guhhhhd.

btw, rubbing raw cold chicken with oil is damn therapeutic. i love it. got squishysquishysquelchysquelchy sound one, DAMN SHIOK. me and siyou giggle and rub, like freaking perverts. but damn fun. ok i shall stop now before i am arrested.

after that tried to get into halloween party (as sixties girl. nicolas went as a beatnik and james as a communist (that was awesome) and they commiserated about the benefits of communism. exciting.)(also, there was a guy who wore a pumpkin on his head cos HE WANTED TO DISGUISE HIMSELF TO SNEAK INTO PARTY. put pumpkin on head is... not discreet, i think. i theeenk. then after he got chased away, he lay on the floor. hahahahaha. siao.) but no tickets so we stood around in the cold and i decided i was freaking tired and covered in chicken grease so i went back to dorm, where i was offered pot twice in the space of 5 min by paul and amit. but i hum. so i never. don't wanna enter some random guy's den of sin alone la hor. is... not good idea.

ok thass all. i dunno why i bother. night!

ps. oh dan just came by cos it is his birthday and he gave me dark chocolate lindt. (so cute, it is romanian tradition. like freaking primary school ok.) and the chocolate is now smeared attractively on my teeth. jerrine, this is for you. <3

Monday, October 29, 2007


It is sad, but every momentous event that happens to me seems to affect me minimally, go WHOOSH over my head, and i am completely unchanged after it.

when in my life did i lose the capacity to just let go of my self-imposed cynicism and live life properly, with the childlike amazement it deserves?

when did i lose the ability to go after what i want, without thinking of the consequences and the potential failures and rejections?

when did i start undermining everything i really REALLY want so that when/if i don't get it, the loss is easier to bear?

and when did i just stop appreciating everything that happens to me.

i think it all started when i was ejected into the world, approximately 19.7 years ago. unfortunate, that.

well. guess 4 yrs among go-getter angmohs will sorta change that eh. hope to hell so.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

weird but true

my toenail (left foot, second toe from right) just dropped off.

feels disturbing, yet strangely satisfying.

try it.


today, a fucking 1.7m tall horse named petey stepped on my foot.

anyway. last night was... weird. went to chinese house (for the 3894712389473894th time) to watch nate get his hair cut (yes, this is how boring life gets on campus) and then freaking sat there until 3am with siyou shirin and later andrew and did... nothing.

but, i did get this priceless story out of siyou.

it involves her sister's army friend. he very cleverly wore... paper panties (ok not paper panties la. paper BRIEFS. but i like the word panties. it is funny. ok shut up.) to some army expedition. Then he crawl through mud, walk in rain, roll on floor and all that shit and at the end must take shower right. so he take off his pants and... all that was left of the paper panties was the.... rubberband around waist.


in other news, in the car with tx luke siyou vernie yesterday to the asian supermarket was a blast.

tx: (on the phone) eh what you wearing tonight to senior cocktail.
person on phone: *blahblahblah*
tx: what the hell don't tell me you rented the costume for me you asshole!

after phone call...
me: hahaha what happened.
tx: my friend wants to go to senior cocktail as doraemon. he wants to rent costume for both of us.


omg. i bought freaking fishballs and beefballs and meepok noodles and luke bought pork belly to make charsiew and i am so excited and i have so much freaking asian food in my fridge i think my roommate is a tad scared.

ok now must go for dinner, smelling of horse. appetizing. bye.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


oh. oh my feet. they are in a happy place right now... ie, in homer's mouth(s).

i am never taking them out zomg.

anyway. slept every chance i got this week, cos it is my hobby la. cannot win one. on tues, i slept through the ENTIRE astronomy class ok. and, and. as paul did, I FELL ASLEEP EVEN BEFORE SHE STARTED. we... can win world record alr. then at the end of the class i think she... referenced me. and i wanted to open my eyes but i couldn't cos they were so happily shut, so i... nodded with my eyes closed and returned to unconsciousness. siao.

mon night had two hour dinner with various ppl. had enlightening conversation about sea monkeys and sea leopards with thomas, and two black girls taught me a new word - biffles. it is the phonetic pronunciation of BFFLs. i love it. i shall use it everyday. and they also like the word squeegies! must spread the joy.

tues night watched the awesomeness that is The Bubble - it is movie bout arab gay and jew gay and their love across israeli/palestinian border. IS SOME GOOD SHIT. after the movie though everyone was crying and being emotional and stuff, but i was all squee about the sweet gayness. so... i think the deeper political/racial/religious issues were lost on me. i suck.

(qualifier. i was not the only one. dan's only comment was 'god this movie is so depressing. i am going to watch ratatouille tmr.')

tonight i had no work! so after gym, i bummed ard sci li for a while, tried to get some o' dat econs going, but failed, then went to triple A cos luke cooked porridge!

it is CONGEE, and not the disgusting shitty grits (who the HELL would wanna eat something called freaking GRITS) that ppl eat here for breakfast. then he crack EGG INSIDE. and put SESAME OIL on top. quote DAMN SHIOK unquote. (hello luke. i know you read this now. nyeheheh.) then studied there for a while after shirin left to meet mufasa.

wah lau freaking triple A got projection screen and ps2 and DDR mat and rooftop and washing machine and kitchen OK. HOW TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, HOW.

anyway. let me provide you with an inventory of what i ate from 8pm to 1am tonight, it is scary.
- whole banana chip muffin
- hot chocolate
- rudi's 'special' chocolates
- linda's cup noodles
- wafers
- shirin's chips
- porridge
- chicken
- snackpeas
- popsicle
- green tea
- an onion ring (i must control self la. must.)


tonight, lemony snicket came to speak, but i didn't go cos i am a stupid ass. lemony snicket is a wes alum. michael bay also.

i think if my father know... he won't be very happy for me la hor.

anyway. talked to jerrine for a while and laughed until gums come out and eyes close and tears fall and mucus flow again. so uglynoalibi but I LOVES IT. (omg that last sentence is bimz until die. hahahaha.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the world is insane

and i think a skunk is outside my room. fuck.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

sianz part III

everyone is changing, and it kinda fucking sucks. ok not everyone la. but still. fucking sucks.

i still have to read phillip roth, but physically impossible!

so, time to update on my very boring and mundane existence.

(i really need a car. the cabin fever is getting to me sia. HOW TO SPEND 3.5 MORE YRS WITH WEEKENDS SPENT ON CAMPUS HOW.)

fri night was Rain Like A Bitch night, so pretty much nothing to do around the little rural haven that is wesleyan. so, i had four dinners.

First dinner - after horseriding, all-day breakfast meal at dunkin donuts with er, horseriders.
Second dinner - after sleeping off first dinner, went to usdan for meal with usual bunch of ppl.
Third dinner - after hanging out at scili for a while like a freaking LOSER, went back to usdan for late night dining with shirin siyou charlotte somin feifei kenta. ate oil and batter. whoopdedoo.
Fourth dinner - went to chinese house cos somin HAD TO WATCH her korean movie, sat in kitchen with siyou and chanyoung cos korean movie kinda sucked ass, then andrew gave us curry.

so i had my last meal of the day at... 2am. i think buddha cannot hold candle to me alr.

after sitting in kitchen for DAMN LONG, went to shuwei's apartment for half a cup of tepid beer amongst various koreans, and erwin. dunno what the HELL he was doing in there la, but he was drunk and happy, which explains many things.

then dropped into bed at 5, woke up at 2 today, went for IMS training which was mesmerizing, then had many free sausages at german house for some oktoberfest celebration. in evening went to main street for DAMN SHIOK northern food for charlotte's birthday with bunch of ppl again. the NAANS. why are the NAANS so good. but the curry hot until die, so the entire table (with the exception of pro shirin) was sniffling away towards the end of the dinner. damn cool.

came back to campus, went to dorm, was pulled into hallmates room where amit had some good coconut rum barcadi which i sort of polished off, went to sojoo party, went to international house party, and basically spent the entire night amongst many drunk koreans, while pissing off random ppl cos i have bigger mouth than usual when drunk. stumbled back to my room where i had half-conscious conversation with amit and allison until 5 freaking am again, then woke up still half-drunk and hungover like a bitch to go to church with tx and andrew.

had lunch at weswings, then went shopping where i bought FUCKING AMAZING PAIR OF HOMER SIMPSON SLIPPERS. THEY OWN THE WORLD. pictures up soon.

ok that's all, i haven't done my work, and am exhausted like sai. so, life ain't good. bye.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

sianz part II

the rain it raineth everyday.

let me tell you story about life again.

this morning, was in campus centre rushing out econ assign cos must pass up by noon. me and siyou damn stressed alr. so. after finally finishing, we wanted to rush to pass up but... was raining like a beast. so we very cleverly went to the campus store and she bought a hoodie while i bought an umbrella. spent DAMN long in the shop, cos must look for perfect hoodie and i was wearing my newly acquired rainboots and trying to stuff stupid jeans into boots and grunting with the effort. (yes, in the store. i am that much of a peasant/fob. it is true.)

then FINALLY when we were both done, happy happy open umbrella and put hood up and stomp in rain boots and step out into the open..... THE RAIN STOP.


ok life sucks, must go be moody now. bye again.

Friday, October 19, 2007


you know the feeling where you are so stressed that you are relaxed. well, hello.

'singapore has only one train station.' <- this is an 'amazing fact' put up on my hall wall.

so proud, so proud.

last night i got flashback of sitting in parents' car on sunday nights driving home from zhicha dinner and listening to 90.5fm. :(

Thursday, October 18, 2007


i am the token chinese mute in my russian lit class.

today, the professor returned our papers and she said 'good work, samantha'.

HAH. today, i triumph over the talkcock angmohs.

today only la, BUT WHATEVS.

in other news, i just found out today i have french test on friday, along with 300-500 word french essay on a french knight and corrections on a previous essay. also, an econ problem set. also, 150 pages of reading. NYEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. and i spent the last five days... staring into space.

i shall deal with my impending doom by taking a nap. bye.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

must read phillip roth. dowan.

the human stain beckons. am fastidiously ignoring it.

yesterday was supposed to go to gym and study, but then, fate intervened and i went to eat chinese food at the aptly named 'Chinese Restaurant' (i kid you not), apparently the best chinese place in CT, with singaporeans again.

HAD STEAMED FISH. STEAMED FISH LEH. it is as rare as a hairy-assed baboon lor. and i ate one cheek!!! siyou ate the other. nyeheheh. the sliver of white firm meat sliding down throat is... a good feeling. it is.

then me shuwei siyou and father tx went to cold rock to have mountains of icecream, despite my feeble attempts at refusing. it was good stuff also. fish and ice cream make me happy. interesting.

today i managed to make voice call to jasmine in oxford! i shouted a lot in my room! it felt great! i am still shouting!

ok i must go now! bye!

Monday, October 15, 2007

obligatory fall break recount

ok so weekend was damn fun, even though there was an excessive amount of silence. let us now laboriously recount, cos i am in my room (ALONE! :D:D) and i have the entire afternoon stretching ahead of me and i am full of thai food and i can blast my music in my room and weather very nice. hee. freshman yr damn shiok sia.

so. went on road trip around new hampshire with singaporeans - me vernie ting luke andrew shuwei tx corinne meg.

trip was DAMN singaporean - main attractions were food, and go see mountain must take most expensive train ride to top, and HAD to have outlet shopping. haha. but shiok la. is like family trip.

fri - drove to hampton beach, had freaking nice seafood dinner at restaurant whose name i have forgotten cos i am oblivious to everything non-edible - me and vernie shared stuffed mushrooms and clam chowder and this lovely little critter:

i want to marry it leh. sam and crustaceans make damn good pair. but i will be widow after one day so not v good idea la hor. omg dunno what i am saying alr. soz.

luke was damn happy with his lobster. (happy until use straw to suck out lobster juice hor. WIN ME K) it was good to see someone more enthusiastic about his food than me, and in a bib, no less.

(yes, the one in the bib.)

was happy bitch after that. then went back to motel room to watch tv then sleep, cos singaporean.

next morning went for grease-infested breakfast at friendly's, which was guhd stuff. waffles and sausage and blahblahblah. oh god i hate recounting. then went back to hampton beach which was bloody bloody nice. no cloud in sky and no peoples on beach and all was well:

until right after this picture these two gentlemen threw me into the sea. so i resigned as singsoc chairman.

but i sit on beach until DAMN HAPPY ZOMG. it is amazing what good weather can do to mood. ting brought out her beach chairs and ipod player and blasted kings of convenience and nouvelle vague songs and i run around beach and play until very very shiok.

cannot resist la. must desecrate pretty beach with this demon.

i made my perfect sandball! (#1. grab fistful of wet sand - but not too wet - and roll into tight ball. must be tight if not will crumble when thrown. #2. sprinkle with dry sand, make sure covers everything. acts as sawdust, so ball will stay intact also.)

shit la. look like cock in all the pictures. please forgive.

faux artistic shot/ obligatory group photo. like jc og. hahahahaha. sorry.

after that, drove to small quaint town in portsmouth where after shopping for a bit, we felt hungry again so... ate again. went to some brewery cos the men need their ale, i had apple cider and we shared calamari and steak sandwich. then drove again, and stopped for... dinner. SIAO K. THE EATING. IS DAMN SHIOK.

went to merlino's steak house where i had damn nice sirloin steak (by exhibiting humongous self-control again, i didn't order french onion soup and shared the steak with tx.) and tx, taking on the role of paternal banker, ordered bottle of wine to share. shiokelaosai la. hoooo. think bout it the stomach will giggle with joy one. it is giggling now. heehee.

sun - drove halfway up mount washington after breakfast in geriatric motel (seriously. only i will spend holiday among old fogey central, and like it la k.). THE DRIVE WAS V NICE. omg. new england is super chio.

andrew drove and under the excellent influence of tx, he drove bloody fast on mountain road, until can hear wind scream around car one. wah lau. 110mph is chao exciting. i love it. (ok lah damn cheap thrill, but my life v boring k. must be excited at things like these.)

upon reaching the halfway mark, the mountain ppl (nyeheheh. my english win) told us cannot drive up cos got like freaking blizzard and it was -4degrees fahrenheit at the top. so we took steamtrain!
steamtrain coming.
steamtrain lai liao. can ignore the two people in front.

BUT THEN WHEN GOT TO THE TOP WAS COLD UNTIL TONGUE CAN DRY UP OK. omg. step off train cannot breathe one. then must climb rocks to get to summit but i was wearing 3 lousy layers and freaking canvas shoes so i died halfway and went indoors and bought hot chocolate. hahahah damn lousy zomg. luke andrew and tx were the only ones who got to the summit and tried to take picture with shaking hands and picture turned out damn lousy.

we couldn't even see anything, cos everything was white. but nvm la, is good experience. now winter in wesleyan will be peesai.

damn angry, i made snowballs but neh take peekcha. sat play with sandball, sun play with snowball. COOLBEANS SIA.
view from train on ride back.

after train, went shopping at outlet mall and bought too many things again. but all long sleeve so they are justified.

had four hr drive back, almost got killed by trailer truck, and got scolded by americans.

*at toll booth*
*andrew pass money to toll guy but cannot reach cos car too far*
tollboothguy: (shouting grumpily) come closer, i won't bite you know.
a: (happily) ok!
a: (after driving off) cheeeeee bai.

came back to empty room, showered, went over to chinese house cos andrew cooked dinner, had tea with shuwei and tx, siyou came back from boston, started spewing singlish in kitchen cos i didn't speak for the last 3 days,trashed things out with andrew and luke and now there is no more misunderstanding and we are BFFL (best friends for life) hahaha, then adjourned to nate's room to watch borat until 3am and stumbled back to room to faint on bed.

so that was my fall break. just had late thai lunch with siyou vernie kinyan. and now must go gym, cos i am starting to look like buddha.

so... byebye and sorry for damn long and boring post.

Friday, October 12, 2007

fall break!

today was quite nice chill day, cos pre-fall break!

lunch with rhee-soo, spent the afternoon doing laundry and paying school bills (-.- cos father don't want to transfer for me, says it is part of GROWING UP. is standing at the only school atm drawing 3x800 bucks from citibank acc then nervously depositing 3x800 bucks to bank of america acc, to the ire of the ten million americans standing behind me, GROWING UP?), TOOK A NAP, ONLY ONE, went for killer water polo training, then rushed to chinese house on shivery legs with wet hair in the cold for the weirdest dinner in the world.

nate cooked the most fatty two-week old beef in the saltiest soy sauce in the world. salty until must put in sugar. then cannot taste sugar summore, cos the salt absorb all. then after eat the lips pucker up from the osmosis. hahaha. also, cucumber egg and lettuce. oh, and dilute milk. INSANE. is like, refugee meal. but nice la. beef fat always good. fanks, nate.

went to library to try to study minimally, then back to nate's room to watch pan's labyrinth again with sue somin shirin and freaked myself out with the STUPID MONSTER WITH EYES IN HANDS. why got ppl in the world imagine this kind of shit, why.

I am sorry, but i am damn bitchy and i must spread the horror.
so, pls do not look at this next picture if you want to live.

then went back to somin's room where she showed me her korean equivalent of natnaosk's scrapbook for me. :D then i came back and looked at my scrapbook and was very sad/happy. i love friends.

and in this happy vein, i bought rainboots (yellow with comic strips! shiok!) and isaac mizrahi white booties from target! i am white trash, but whatevs. shiok ok. shiok. damn waste money but whatever, don't buy soap from wesshop lor.

ok. damn self-indulgent at 3am in morning, so shall put up photos.

and tmr... i eat lobster for the first time in forever, in new hampshire. :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007


today i talked to rachel for 10sec online and jerrine for 26 min on the phone. THOSE TWO EVENTS MADE MY DAY OK.

i miss friends like siao zomg.

jerrine and i apparently sleep 5 times a day. SO GROSS RIGHT. hahaha everytime my roommate comes into the room in the afternoon, i confirm sleeping one. then yesterday when i was sleeping off the fast in the afternoon, she brought her pre-frosh and her parents into the room for tour. then there i was, sleeping like a freaking coolie. wahlau paisei like sai ok.

listening to mambo music now. homesick like a beast. :( I AM SO GOING MAMBO THE FIRST WED I GET BACK. EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME, PLS GO TOO K FANKS.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


today i tried to fast. (wes had campus wide fast-a-thon event.)
i failed.

at 4.30pm, i caved and stuffed a handful of cereal in my mouth.

i disgust myself on a daily basis, you know.

but i have excuse(s) - i slept at 4am last night studying for stupid asstro, woke up at 8 to dance, and took astro test. and it was cold today.

but whatever. still fail :(
there is still next yr.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i am feeling a general sense of shittiness right now.

nothing to feel shitty about, but it prevails.

why is this.

time to read some camus, if i didn't have ass tronomy to finish.

ee some woman just sang in my ear (ipod la, not crazy woman): there's beauty in breakdown.

i hope this is not prophetic in any way.

(aiyoh so emo again. irritating. i cannot be emo. cannot. sky will fall down, chicken little will die.)

The Incident of The Bitchy Universe

last night
me: aiyah. if dunno answer to problem sets it's ok. tmr confirm won't come out, cos come out alr.

*looking at econs test*
*exact same questions come out*
*maniacal laughter in head*

Monday, October 8, 2007

If there were a Procrastination God,

Facebook would be his Bible.

Because i don't wanna start on econs and cos i am bored, let me tell you a story.

My stupid dorm toilet floods EVERYTIME someone takes a shower, so when there is more than one person bathing at the same time, it becomes a swimming pool.

so to get out of clothes, must take off slippers right. i took them off. THEN THEY STARTED FLOATING AWAY. one clever slipper floated INTO THE NEXT CUBICLE SUMMORE. then i must put foot into next cubicle where some guy was showering and search for my slipper. omg the loserness. if i were showering and suddenly got foreign foot invade my personal space, i will not be v happy lor.

anyway. so that is the story. omg i dunno why i wrote it down. it is so boring it is funny la hor.

like that time rachel told me about her dream: eh sam!
me: what.
rachel: last night i dreamt about an eraser!

then... finish.
i love it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

alone. alllllooooonnneeee.

in room on sat night/sun morn alone watching western movie on laptop is... not really cool hor.

shit. i am my father.

anyway. today was so boring i cannot take it. the boringness is insane. so, i shall forget about it.

highlight was when i went to james' room and he showed me his character in WoW. he is kaladriel, a female healer. aka nurse. WHY SO ASIAN AND LOSER WHY. haha. but quite funny la.

omg i am so bored with my life. i have not made new friends. and i love being alone. does that make me a hermit. yes, i think it does.

ok sorry siao alr.

gootnites. john wayne beckons.

(no title)

hooray for azns who don't get no hangovers.
yesterday, in an uncharacteristic display of self-control, i didn't watch transformers! instead, i stayed in my room from after horseriding to freeman party, doing work. (but i took two naps la. dammit.)

so last night was freeman party at triple A, then i went to japanese hall in drunken stupor to do dunno what. oh, play stupid drinking game and er, eat frosted flakes. then sleep. shiok. sleep when high is damn fun ok. i smile when i lie down on bed. loser.

oh last night got shooting on campus :( :( scary.

Friday, October 5, 2007


tmr night, wesleyan is screening transformers.
michael bay is coming to talk about transformers.
michael bay is a wes alumni.

tmr night, i will be in the library reading econ 101.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


eeeeeee. i have to finish mdm bovary (still), invisible man, write an essay on pushkin and flaubert, study for econs test, finish econ assignment, study for astro test and write article for school paper, but this is what i have been doing:

- spending 1hr on facebook/looking at models with thomas
- spreading the joy of (thanks rachel)
- discussing hamster/wolf/flying squirrels stories with nate and somin
- ranking my seven sins and comparing them with siyou
(mine are
1. gluttony (obviously)
2. sloth
3. envy
4. greed
5. pride
6. lust
7. wrath, just fyi.)
- watching this asdl;fkhsdufhasdjf video. i shall not comment on it. pls see for yourself.
- visiting this AWESOMELY gay website, (thanks nate.)
- playing this AWESOMELY BRAIN-NUMBING game, at
(it is addictive. i sit in room and play for 1 hr at 2am, while drunk hallmates outside socialising) (thanks luke.) (also, can play with two ppls!!!)

in other news, yesterday i woke at noon and missed all my classes for the day. :( i am a bad, bad student.

today, on the way back from dance class
adam: i wrote this paper stoned, and i got an A.
either he very clever, or the standards at this school are... very fluid.

Email from singaporean. it... made me spit coffee in library.
ok you maggots.

here is easy chop chop can finish recipe.

nasi lemak OR chicken rice. your pick.

chicken rice i can give you recipe. nasi lemak you can ask adik to ask her
mak for the real recipe. or you can anyhow hantum also can. angmoh bo hou
jiak. asian jiak say bo hou jiak, tell them to cook lah. ok lah jking ah.

the troublesome thing for nasi lemak is the sambal belachan and the frying
of the ikan bilis (the small small jiliap jiliap fish. don't tell me you
tak tahu.) the rest, like the frying of the egg, cutting of the cucumber
sure no prob for you guys who have done home econs.

the troublesome thing for chicken rice is the rice. got to mince garlic
and onion, cut ginger, remove the skin from the breast, fry the skin with
the garlic and onion, etc.

THE MAIN THING IS, we are playing mahjong with the lui, so that we can
properly nourish our (sporean only) minds and bodies. 150 dollar is many
many one.

a 10kg pack of rice - 15
pork belly X2 - 12
sauces (oyster sauce, light sauce, sesame oil, rice wine and other extra
stuff for future dinners) - 40
chicken breast, stop and shop - 16

you see what i mean?

then, i also got idea, i think is bright one. we buy meat from adong, then
come back after 10 mins and say we want to change the meat. so the meat is
reflected in the receipt but we change the meat for durian. ho bou? i
wonder if we can do the same for beer at stop and shop...


Monday, October 1, 2007







Saturday, September 29, 2007


ok let us list again.
clubs i am in:
water polo women's team
singsoc (mmmph. everytime i type, i laugh.)
wesleyan without borders
wes entrepreneurs
and tennis club, if it ever starts up, the bitch.

ok. sufficient things to do to make me not wanna kill myself in the little rural spot of suburbia that is middletown.

oh, and 'one world' concert at the end of the yr! harhar. hengkelaosai no one from home can see me la. will swear all the singaporeans here to secrecy, cos i am president.

next sem i intend to participate in at least one dance concert/play/musical. 50k, must SQUEEEZE out every ounce of er, personal betterment from the school la. am i corright.

fri had french test on tintin and asterix (siao ok. test me on the plot of comic. never read summore, cos i clever clever go and say 'aiyah the teacher won't test plot one la!' but then... Funny Life likes to poke fun at stupid gehkiang mortals comme moi.)

rushed out econ problem set again, then horseriding. today i trotted: sitting trot, double position trot and standing trot. sho exciting. my instructor, a sophomore, say i good :D. i am good with them beasts man. woo.

today my horse farted when i was bending down behind him to pick his hooves. is the long slow fart lor. LIFE HOR, LIFE.

ok then went back to sch for job interview to be lab technician which i will not get cos i suck and am a noob, then had singaporean dinner at sichuan tokyo with freaking nice chinese food la. GOT MY EGGPLANT. heeheehee. the whole dinner i kept looking at the food and smiling cos er, i was happy at all the food. heng no one notice k hahaha.

so among others, had curry fried beef, strangely flavoured chicken (that was its name in the menu), EGGPLANTEGGPLANTEGGPLANT, tofu, kungpow chicken and aiyah i lazy type la. i ate EVERYTHING in front of me again so by the end of the dinner i was gorged and half-dead. siyou also. damn disgusting. the self-control faculty in us is... lousy. ok so is my descriptive faculty, sorry.

as is typical in singaporean dinner conversation topics were - laosai, saying unnecessary but funny until shit things bout other singaporeans, food, and other races. harhar. so... intellektual. i love it.

SO. this means that the first SINGSOC MEETING WAS NOT A FAILURE. lemme list again so i can make myself happy: siyou shirin ivan vernie me luke andrew ting shuwei tx keith. not that bad la hor.

then after dinner went bowling with siyou tx luke ruby roberta anand shuwei and yinhow. nyeheh. i didn't get one digit score manz. so happy. (got two strikes LEH. ok no one cares.)

sat I WENT WOODBURY TO SHOP. go with luke andrew siyou tx again. wah lau. it is the duaest liap mall in the world, i swear. i walk until alr still cannot walk finish. but i bought 3 tops and ck cap and damn nice knee-high aldo boots which cost... too much so i shall not think bout it. it is so asspensi that i have to wear everyday alr. i shall wear with... fbt shorts and rj shirt la. WILL BE OSTRACIZED AND SENT TO PRISON, I THINK.

on the way, stopped for breakfast where for some reason we talked about blood donation.
luke: i hugged the bag of blood to my chest. damn warm, damn nice.


came back in time for chusok, but i missed the food cos i stupidly went to my room first, then went to erwin's room to watch movie, but i slept on bed cos i had like, 8 hrs of sleep in the past 56 hours. so loser.

oh and i got the job! as lab technician! HAHAHAHA. the world will assplode. i am PRC alr. damn funny. ok now must write poem about feelings in dance class.

(tx took same class in his frosh yr.
teacher: so, after this exercise, how do you feel?
tx: i feel... like i'm in a class.


tx: wesleyan is the equivalent of vs and chungcheng high school in singapore. ppl never really hear before, but know it is not bad la.
me: harh?! :(:( my father pay 50k so i can go chungcheng! aren't we at least dunman standard?
tx: dunman sec la. dunman high too good alr.

:(:(:( pangsai.

today went to korean church. asian church damn different from black church. also damn different from white church. so interesting. when ppl supposed to greet each other, the ppl in the black church go all around and hug each other. in the korean church, everyone stay in their seats and... wave. HAHAHA. i love it. azn pride sia.

after that got free korean food! (ok it says a lot about me that i am talking about the food instead of the contents of the sermon but... whatever la. society sucks.) andrew and tx both PAISEI so i must go and queue up first and ask for food KAY. wahlau.

ppl thought i was korean, cos surname lee. then korean man speak to me in korean then i just nod and 'hurhurhur'. wahlau. the social skills curl up and die alr la.

ok must go dance meeting now. byebye.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

no title

ok. quick one before i wash my stanky self and meet somin for lunch. (just had dance class where learnt HEBREW FOLK DANCE. meep. so fun. and then gym with charlotte. i think i have fumes.)

tues met rheesoo for lunch for lunch after v v long. twas nice. then studied until i attended breaking fast event at turath house (muslim house) (nat aren't you proud of me i am culturing myself.) (like bacteria.) where got damn nice yellow rice and cheeken. and mango juice. shiok, the mango. (everytime i type mango i type manho. man ho. freudian slip.) then after that had the weakest turkish coffee in the world, and my first shisha, under the mal influence of andrew. don't see what the fuss is about leh. smoke only, you want smoke just go to NUS law conference. (harharhar i crack myself up manz.)(ok la it's just cos i'm bitter cos i never get in.)

wed i studied like a bitch. but that was after talking to jerrine on msn (:D) and napping the afternoon away.

jerrine and i found out that we both drink chocolate milk 3 times every day, not cos it is fortifying shit, but cos here it is damn thick and shiok. singapore milk is WEAK, man. ok so the throbbing is still intact. loff.

and she taught me correct usage of new word! i am excited to use it! 'pengsan', meaning rolling on the floor and dying. something like that la. will be injecting it into daily conversation soon, just you wait.

then at night... in science library, suddenly got 5 half naked water polo guys in briefs run in and start singing wesleyan fight song. funny shit. is nice diversion from er, Purchasing Probability Curve, or some econ shit like that. dulan sai.

oh and i went for investment banking talk! father will be proud. but must sell soul for 2 yrs so see how first. (aiyah actually i think i alr sold my soul to the meepok uncle at heartland mall just before i came here. but that's another story.)

ok damn late come back later byebye.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


dinner was vietnamese rolls with real prawns. and rosemary chicken. and chyesim. and b&j icecream.


i think i just gave birth to a new chin. pls congratulate me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

roti prata

is what i had for lunch today with siyou, at anand's place. tmr night got singapore dinner again. life est bien.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


ok very long and indulgent post ahead. don't need to read one.

thurs night was very stressfully spent in the library trying to finish stupid econs problem set #1. was thwarted by the impromptu birthday thing for thomas in the library (the coolness just cannot be beat la) and so i didn't finish it. sucks.

fri was busy-until-vomit day. it all started with french class, after which had to finish the bastard problem set then rush out a puny resume and apply for IMS job which i will not get cos i am a freaking computer noob and eat lunch, all in 1hr. then had to rush back to room to change then rush all the way to the opposite end of the school to meet equestrian ppl who drove us to the stables FOR MY FIRST HORSERIDING LESSON. FUN SHIT OK. i feel like mallory towers girl. am gonna get the jodphurs and crop and helmet and become attas british shit who says things like 'you cad' and 'the queen is coming to tea'. omg the wit. sorry.

the horse i rode was called yeller. damn dua bui (fat), sit on top is like sitting on couch ok. i tried trotting, and must use thighs to squeeze horse one. damn pain sia. by end of the semester will have thighs of steel. WIN IGALLOP. take that, jacelyn tay. anyway. they say by end of first semester if you're good enough can participate in horse show. EXCITING UNTIL LAOSAI OK ZOMG.

then after lesson came back to school, shirin called to tell me bout kickboxing so i went, smelling like horseshit. wah lau. the kicking after the thigh squeezing... wasn't very good for me la hor. but anyway, after that rushed to anand's quaint little dwelling for dinner with him, vernie and siyou. HE COOKED. MUSHROOM OMELETTE. THAI RICE. CHICKEN CURRY. AND SAMBAL KANGKONG. warraoz was transported to my happy place again. ate like a bitch.

let me digress here in an attempt to describe my happy place: the rice steaming steaming one, then put curry on top so the rice become soggysoggy and mushy then eat damn big mouthful then put piece of egg in mouth so everything becomes a delightful mix. (evidently, grammar doesn't exist in my happy place.)

talked for quite a while and discovered anand's havoc past, then i had to rush back to room to shower then rush to the last half an hour of Wes Christian Fellowship which was well, quiet. then after that went to thomas' dwelling to surprise him again on his birthday and steal one (or two) cookies. then went to lyn-nee's house for dessert party WITH DAMN A LOT OF FREAKING DESSERTS. happy place #2 - chocolate mush, strawberry fondue, banana cake, carrot cake, fruit punch, scones, oreo mudpie, and cookies. is like.. candy mountain. (pls google. nyeheheheh.) after that went to tianxiang's house for his housemate's birthday party and got bloody bloody drunk then police come again so had to leave from the back and went to some other korean senior's birthday party (which was full of asians again. shiok. azn pride eh, sk.) where i was still bloody drunk and stupid and i shall not attempt to remember anything cos my powers of denial are very... powerful. if captain planet needed a new power, i can donate mine. can get rid of the useless 'Heart' guy. harhar.

then stumbled back to dorm with siyou's help (fanks chew beri march horx) and entertained half my hall for an hour with my drunken ramblings. i think i let slip that in order to get gum in singapore, one must perform sexual favours. and insulted a frat boy by stereotyping him. and for some reason, i am now known as 'nigel'. siao. then had nice long chat with roomie before kinda passing away at 5am.

today woke up late again and went to library to attempt to study but the gods are against me, in the form of a depressed rudi who just sprained his ankle. placated him for a while, then decided to go to dinner with siyou cos our meals haven't been used up this week, cb. then we went to triple A's sweet tea buffet thing for a while, where elusive hansel deigned to make his first appearance in like, 2 yrs. had a weird conversation with monoboy about er,, dodged phototaking girls, then went to shuwei's house for dinner with siyou luke tianxiang. she cook beef sukiyaki. got tofu and mushrooms and jap rice. my... saliva run out to play la. seniors nice until can die lor. cannot take it. then went to chinese house to grab a couple of mooncakes (:D:D:D). everyone was there... dancing to 'wannabe' when i arrived. aiyoh. if like, berkeley ppl see us ah, will laugh until backside pain.

then i went to tianxiang's house for a while to play some xbox 360 (and drink soya milk.) with him and shuwei. shiok la. cannot drive in real life cos i v cleverly fail ftt so i drove vicariously through... carbon car 3000. or some action name liddat. dunch care.

then went back to triple a house for someone's surprise birthday (which i almost gave away cos my mouth is a naughty bitch) and got a tad high and then luke put his ipod on AND WE (MEANING ME SIYOU LUKE ANDREW AND RUBY, WHO IS FROM HK) SING ALONG VERY TUNELESSLY TO AIPIAJIAEHYA. IS HOKKIEN SONG. MUST WEAR WHITE BOOTS AND WHITE EYELINER AND SEQUIN DRESS ONE. then er, sing until face red and vein come out. i think we chased away some ppl but whatever la. CULTURE IMMERSION, yo! aiyoh happy until can cry ok. hokkien... is beautiful. is like poetry.

after that erwin invited us back to his place again for INDOMEE so of course follow la. me shirin dan erwin max jay elena nicholas went over and after satiated with msg noodles erwin max and jay started their jamaicapella again - to bob marley. so. an american, a jamaican and an indonesian singing along to 'no woman no cry' with a romanian doing a plie in the background and two singaporean and one ecuadorean groupies at 3 in the morning is... quite surreal experience la. shiok. summore all got onion breath cos of the fried shallots... damn tak glam manz.

and now i have to go sleep cos it is 4am and must wake up for church in the morning (to absolve weekend sins sia.) and must study like siao tmr cos i am so so fucking behind in my work zomg. nitezzzzz.