Monday, November 5, 2007

i just cannot do work anymore

wah lau really damn fat alr. the reason i keep procrastinating skyping my parents is if they see me my father will say 'eh sam you think you hamster izzit' and my mother will say 'oh. sam.' and i don't want to hear it.

do you know they sell fried pork skin here in packets. will clog heart and brain and intestines and anus but whatever. omg i really think i will return to singapore as a sack of ghee.

let me tell you about my very cool sat night.

was singapore dinner. me siyou shirin (affectionately (harhar) referred to by our seniors as SSS) cooked EXCELLENT meepok da!!!!! omg. i am damn proud of myself ok. we boiled the shrimp-egg noodles in chicken broth then strained them. then boiled fishballs and chinese mushrooms. and opened can of taogay. then we mixed the dry noodles with dark sauce, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili and a whole SHITLOAD of the wonder that is sesame oil. OMG. really taste like real thing ok!!!!!! ok i am damn excited and happy with myself so pls indulge the excess of exclamation marks k thx.

mark who is a super senior and thus the head of the wesleyan singaporean community hierarchy said the meepok was 'just like home'. nyehehehehehe. can quit school set up stall in newton alr.

(in other random news, last night i smelt skunk everywhere i went. skunk spray smells like rotten sesame oil, fyi. cool right. one thing i must do before i die is to smell real skunk spray. it is essential life experience.)

luke cooked EXCELLENT roast pork ZOMG i think about it can cry with the delight. the skin damn crispy and the fat infuse through the meat and the meat is soft and lovely and.... whoo. but the pig really damn fat leh. even the animals here are obese.

then after everybody left i stayed behind for a while to... cook rice. and the rice cooker is some cock shit so i had to stay there for DAMN long until cannot tahan.

then went to japan hall for a while where i didn't know anyone so me and nate ended up playing... mariokart on gamecube. (i suck, btw. always dunno how to use the mushrooms to turbocharge one. ok no one cares.)

then went back to chinese house to.... carve pumpkin until 2am with ruby and nate. hahahahaa. SIAO ok. delayed reaction to halloween. omg. we carved a snail and a one-eyed lame giraffe on the pumpkin. i really should start taking pictures man.

nate: i really want a flying squirrel right now.

then... i went back to my dorm and sat in hallmate's room until 4am until i fainted.

amit: you know what would be great. a dog as big as a bear. i would sit on it.
me: invent one.
amit: ok. let's cross breed a sun bear and a st bernard.

i dunno why wesleyan guys like animals so much.


i wrote that on sun when i was procrastinating as usual and i was too lazy to click 'publish post' so... here it is. wahlau what a boring sentence, soz.

anyway. i'm kinda getting used to the transient, fleeting friendships and connections that define university. am happy in my little bubble of singaporeans, flanked by various international people, with peripheral angmohs floating in the background. HAHAHA. i must draw a picture. will be damn funny.

peripheral angmohs floating. mmph.

just wasted 2 hours in library again learning about j's sexploits on and off campus. very interesting, the life. what i would give to be a gay boy :(

we were talking about... racism.

me: wahlau i hate the fuckers who egg ppl. we should throw something back. azn pride man!
siyou: throw... banana!
me: throw wanton la!

j: people call me potato queen cos i like white men.
me: like chinese call what.
j: rice queen. like indian, call curry queen.
shirin: then like malay?
me: tempeh queen.
s: rojak queen.
j: pulot queen.


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