Saturday, September 29, 2007


ok let us list again.
clubs i am in:
water polo women's team
singsoc (mmmph. everytime i type, i laugh.)
wesleyan without borders
wes entrepreneurs
and tennis club, if it ever starts up, the bitch.

ok. sufficient things to do to make me not wanna kill myself in the little rural spot of suburbia that is middletown.

oh, and 'one world' concert at the end of the yr! harhar. hengkelaosai no one from home can see me la. will swear all the singaporeans here to secrecy, cos i am president.

next sem i intend to participate in at least one dance concert/play/musical. 50k, must SQUEEEZE out every ounce of er, personal betterment from the school la. am i corright.

fri had french test on tintin and asterix (siao ok. test me on the plot of comic. never read summore, cos i clever clever go and say 'aiyah the teacher won't test plot one la!' but then... Funny Life likes to poke fun at stupid gehkiang mortals comme moi.)

rushed out econ problem set again, then horseriding. today i trotted: sitting trot, double position trot and standing trot. sho exciting. my instructor, a sophomore, say i good :D. i am good with them beasts man. woo.

today my horse farted when i was bending down behind him to pick his hooves. is the long slow fart lor. LIFE HOR, LIFE.

ok then went back to sch for job interview to be lab technician which i will not get cos i suck and am a noob, then had singaporean dinner at sichuan tokyo with freaking nice chinese food la. GOT MY EGGPLANT. heeheehee. the whole dinner i kept looking at the food and smiling cos er, i was happy at all the food. heng no one notice k hahaha.

so among others, had curry fried beef, strangely flavoured chicken (that was its name in the menu), EGGPLANTEGGPLANTEGGPLANT, tofu, kungpow chicken and aiyah i lazy type la. i ate EVERYTHING in front of me again so by the end of the dinner i was gorged and half-dead. siyou also. damn disgusting. the self-control faculty in us is... lousy. ok so is my descriptive faculty, sorry.

as is typical in singaporean dinner conversation topics were - laosai, saying unnecessary but funny until shit things bout other singaporeans, food, and other races. harhar. so... intellektual. i love it.

SO. this means that the first SINGSOC MEETING WAS NOT A FAILURE. lemme list again so i can make myself happy: siyou shirin ivan vernie me luke andrew ting shuwei tx keith. not that bad la hor.

then after dinner went bowling with siyou tx luke ruby roberta anand shuwei and yinhow. nyeheh. i didn't get one digit score manz. so happy. (got two strikes LEH. ok no one cares.)

sat I WENT WOODBURY TO SHOP. go with luke andrew siyou tx again. wah lau. it is the duaest liap mall in the world, i swear. i walk until alr still cannot walk finish. but i bought 3 tops and ck cap and damn nice knee-high aldo boots which cost... too much so i shall not think bout it. it is so asspensi that i have to wear everyday alr. i shall wear with... fbt shorts and rj shirt la. WILL BE OSTRACIZED AND SENT TO PRISON, I THINK.

on the way, stopped for breakfast where for some reason we talked about blood donation.
luke: i hugged the bag of blood to my chest. damn warm, damn nice.


came back in time for chusok, but i missed the food cos i stupidly went to my room first, then went to erwin's room to watch movie, but i slept on bed cos i had like, 8 hrs of sleep in the past 56 hours. so loser.

oh and i got the job! as lab technician! HAHAHAHA. the world will assplode. i am PRC alr. damn funny. ok now must write poem about feelings in dance class.

(tx took same class in his frosh yr.
teacher: so, after this exercise, how do you feel?
tx: i feel... like i'm in a class.


tx: wesleyan is the equivalent of vs and chungcheng high school in singapore. ppl never really hear before, but know it is not bad la.
me: harh?! :(:( my father pay 50k so i can go chungcheng! aren't we at least dunman standard?
tx: dunman sec la. dunman high too good alr.

:(:(:( pangsai.

today went to korean church. asian church damn different from black church. also damn different from white church. so interesting. when ppl supposed to greet each other, the ppl in the black church go all around and hug each other. in the korean church, everyone stay in their seats and... wave. HAHAHA. i love it. azn pride sia.

after that got free korean food! (ok it says a lot about me that i am talking about the food instead of the contents of the sermon but... whatever la. society sucks.) andrew and tx both PAISEI so i must go and queue up first and ask for food KAY. wahlau.

ppl thought i was korean, cos surname lee. then korean man speak to me in korean then i just nod and 'hurhurhur'. wahlau. the social skills curl up and die alr la.

ok must go dance meeting now. byebye.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

no title

ok. quick one before i wash my stanky self and meet somin for lunch. (just had dance class where learnt HEBREW FOLK DANCE. meep. so fun. and then gym with charlotte. i think i have fumes.)

tues met rheesoo for lunch for lunch after v v long. twas nice. then studied until i attended breaking fast event at turath house (muslim house) (nat aren't you proud of me i am culturing myself.) (like bacteria.) where got damn nice yellow rice and cheeken. and mango juice. shiok, the mango. (everytime i type mango i type manho. man ho. freudian slip.) then after that had the weakest turkish coffee in the world, and my first shisha, under the mal influence of andrew. don't see what the fuss is about leh. smoke only, you want smoke just go to NUS law conference. (harharhar i crack myself up manz.)(ok la it's just cos i'm bitter cos i never get in.)

wed i studied like a bitch. but that was after talking to jerrine on msn (:D) and napping the afternoon away.

jerrine and i found out that we both drink chocolate milk 3 times every day, not cos it is fortifying shit, but cos here it is damn thick and shiok. singapore milk is WEAK, man. ok so the throbbing is still intact. loff.

and she taught me correct usage of new word! i am excited to use it! 'pengsan', meaning rolling on the floor and dying. something like that la. will be injecting it into daily conversation soon, just you wait.

then at night... in science library, suddenly got 5 half naked water polo guys in briefs run in and start singing wesleyan fight song. funny shit. is nice diversion from er, Purchasing Probability Curve, or some econ shit like that. dulan sai.

oh and i went for investment banking talk! father will be proud. but must sell soul for 2 yrs so see how first. (aiyah actually i think i alr sold my soul to the meepok uncle at heartland mall just before i came here. but that's another story.)

ok damn late come back later byebye.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


dinner was vietnamese rolls with real prawns. and rosemary chicken. and chyesim. and b&j icecream.


i think i just gave birth to a new chin. pls congratulate me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

roti prata

is what i had for lunch today with siyou, at anand's place. tmr night got singapore dinner again. life est bien.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


ok very long and indulgent post ahead. don't need to read one.

thurs night was very stressfully spent in the library trying to finish stupid econs problem set #1. was thwarted by the impromptu birthday thing for thomas in the library (the coolness just cannot be beat la) and so i didn't finish it. sucks.

fri was busy-until-vomit day. it all started with french class, after which had to finish the bastard problem set then rush out a puny resume and apply for IMS job which i will not get cos i am a freaking computer noob and eat lunch, all in 1hr. then had to rush back to room to change then rush all the way to the opposite end of the school to meet equestrian ppl who drove us to the stables FOR MY FIRST HORSERIDING LESSON. FUN SHIT OK. i feel like mallory towers girl. am gonna get the jodphurs and crop and helmet and become attas british shit who says things like 'you cad' and 'the queen is coming to tea'. omg the wit. sorry.

the horse i rode was called yeller. damn dua bui (fat), sit on top is like sitting on couch ok. i tried trotting, and must use thighs to squeeze horse one. damn pain sia. by end of the semester will have thighs of steel. WIN IGALLOP. take that, jacelyn tay. anyway. they say by end of first semester if you're good enough can participate in horse show. EXCITING UNTIL LAOSAI OK ZOMG.

then after lesson came back to school, shirin called to tell me bout kickboxing so i went, smelling like horseshit. wah lau. the kicking after the thigh squeezing... wasn't very good for me la hor. but anyway, after that rushed to anand's quaint little dwelling for dinner with him, vernie and siyou. HE COOKED. MUSHROOM OMELETTE. THAI RICE. CHICKEN CURRY. AND SAMBAL KANGKONG. warraoz was transported to my happy place again. ate like a bitch.

let me digress here in an attempt to describe my happy place: the rice steaming steaming one, then put curry on top so the rice become soggysoggy and mushy then eat damn big mouthful then put piece of egg in mouth so everything becomes a delightful mix. (evidently, grammar doesn't exist in my happy place.)

talked for quite a while and discovered anand's havoc past, then i had to rush back to room to shower then rush to the last half an hour of Wes Christian Fellowship which was well, quiet. then after that went to thomas' dwelling to surprise him again on his birthday and steal one (or two) cookies. then went to lyn-nee's house for dessert party WITH DAMN A LOT OF FREAKING DESSERTS. happy place #2 - chocolate mush, strawberry fondue, banana cake, carrot cake, fruit punch, scones, oreo mudpie, and cookies. is like.. candy mountain. (pls google. nyeheheheh.) after that went to tianxiang's house for his housemate's birthday party and got bloody bloody drunk then police come again so had to leave from the back and went to some other korean senior's birthday party (which was full of asians again. shiok. azn pride eh, sk.) where i was still bloody drunk and stupid and i shall not attempt to remember anything cos my powers of denial are very... powerful. if captain planet needed a new power, i can donate mine. can get rid of the useless 'Heart' guy. harhar.

then stumbled back to dorm with siyou's help (fanks chew beri march horx) and entertained half my hall for an hour with my drunken ramblings. i think i let slip that in order to get gum in singapore, one must perform sexual favours. and insulted a frat boy by stereotyping him. and for some reason, i am now known as 'nigel'. siao. then had nice long chat with roomie before kinda passing away at 5am.

today woke up late again and went to library to attempt to study but the gods are against me, in the form of a depressed rudi who just sprained his ankle. placated him for a while, then decided to go to dinner with siyou cos our meals haven't been used up this week, cb. then we went to triple A's sweet tea buffet thing for a while, where elusive hansel deigned to make his first appearance in like, 2 yrs. had a weird conversation with monoboy about er,, dodged phototaking girls, then went to shuwei's house for dinner with siyou luke tianxiang. she cook beef sukiyaki. got tofu and mushrooms and jap rice. my... saliva run out to play la. seniors nice until can die lor. cannot take it. then went to chinese house to grab a couple of mooncakes (:D:D:D). everyone was there... dancing to 'wannabe' when i arrived. aiyoh. if like, berkeley ppl see us ah, will laugh until backside pain.

then i went to tianxiang's house for a while to play some xbox 360 (and drink soya milk.) with him and shuwei. shiok la. cannot drive in real life cos i v cleverly fail ftt so i drove vicariously through... carbon car 3000. or some action name liddat. dunch care.

then went back to triple a house for someone's surprise birthday (which i almost gave away cos my mouth is a naughty bitch) and got a tad high and then luke put his ipod on AND WE (MEANING ME SIYOU LUKE ANDREW AND RUBY, WHO IS FROM HK) SING ALONG VERY TUNELESSLY TO AIPIAJIAEHYA. IS HOKKIEN SONG. MUST WEAR WHITE BOOTS AND WHITE EYELINER AND SEQUIN DRESS ONE. then er, sing until face red and vein come out. i think we chased away some ppl but whatever la. CULTURE IMMERSION, yo! aiyoh happy until can cry ok. hokkien... is beautiful. is like poetry.

after that erwin invited us back to his place again for INDOMEE so of course follow la. me shirin dan erwin max jay elena nicholas went over and after satiated with msg noodles erwin max and jay started their jamaicapella again - to bob marley. so. an american, a jamaican and an indonesian singing along to 'no woman no cry' with a romanian doing a plie in the background and two singaporean and one ecuadorean groupies at 3 in the morning is... quite surreal experience la. shiok. summore all got onion breath cos of the fried shallots... damn tak glam manz.

and now i have to go sleep cos it is 4am and must wake up for church in the morning (to absolve weekend sins sia.) and must study like siao tmr cos i am so so fucking behind in my work zomg. nitezzzzz.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


my new blog readers claim it (my blog) is unintelligible what with all the singlish and the nonsense syntaxes, and that it sounds exactly like me, and that they can hear my 'voice' in their heads. thanks chew beri march, anand, luke and kinyan. it is compliment lor.

anyway. wanna know what i do in the library?


and this,

and now i have 50 pages of mdm bovary to read. harharhar.

in other news, i have a hot french TA, kinyan can make cheesecake (!?!?!?!?), i have to perform a dance in two weeks, dan is learning singlsh scarily fast, anand is siao when he is bored, my legs are freaking aching from rugby practice, and this saturday international ppl are going to eat thai food (:D:D) there is milk tea session at triple A house, followed by midautumn festival at chinese house (WITH EFFING MOONCAKES LEH. LEH.) and i am going to be psychoanalyed tmr by psych majot shuwei with the promise of free thai food again.

ok. crazy french woman who dies in the end anyway awaits. ta.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


omgomgomgomgomg i have to read half of madame bovary, do damn bloody hard econ problem set which goes WOOSH over my inferior head, write dance essay, and read asterix. and this is with french lesson in one hour, taekwondo tonight, rugby tmr and tennis on wed. furg. i die. and i am still doing this in the library. why. i think i hate myself.

had a most unfulfilling day of classes. slept through half of econs, french was grammar day, and russian lit was filled with some of the most irrationally emotional comments from my fellow students. and. slept at 2 last night, woke up at 7, ate bloody mooncake for lunch cos was fainting from hunger, and just ate rotten sushi. my life win la.

ok now to recount weekend cos i need to indulge myself. i wasted the whole of sat night. sucks. hung out at usdan for a while with random international ppl, went to science library to fetch rudi who just got off work, went to stupid sex party which is just an excuse for angmohs (forthwith referred to as AMs for safety purposes) to hump each other with as little clothing as possible. left after 5 mins to sit in the Butts cos was too disgusted with the dance/sex and the porn on the walls. ugh. that night was a lesson in american culture, man. i witnessed class A slut behaviour (girl make out with guy, then guy leave, then girl stand in same place in panties and bra and wait for another guy to talk to her, then make out again. siao) went back to my dorm and hung with hallmates for a while. it is sad when the best part of my night was playing hearts with random ppl. win.

sun was good day though. woke up early to go to church, which was awesome. went with jason aka glaister andrew gimseng and 2 other freshmen. i never enjoy church until yesterday lor. black ppl sing very nice. and got tribal drums. and got ppl shout things like 'amen' and 'mm-hmm' from their seats one. damn fun. hahaha. ok i am ignorant eejit but whatever la hor. my blog.

anyway. went back to weswings for brunch with shirin siyou vicky andrew. on the way to library to study bumped into luke who bought me and siyou things from wesshop again. so nahce. then we went to visit his workplace. on the way we spotted a black squirrel and the politically incorrect jokes ensued. hahaha. i cannot repeat here, cos wesleyan will expel me for hate speech. scaredscared.

studied all the way till i had to go for dance meeting, where we spent 2 hours coming up with this sentence: dance is the use of the body as an instrument of intentional communication derived from, and contributing to, cultural experience and knowledge.SHO CREVER HORX.

then rushed over to singaporean dinner at shuwei's apartment! by the time i got there luke's chicken and dunno who's chicken coup finish alr :( but then got fried rice :) (which was DAMN SOFT cos AM rice suxxors but got garlic and was fried so was shiok) and tofu :) and chicken curry :) :) and ham and mushrooms :) :) and brownie and icecream :) :) :). so i was in my happy place for a while. and all the singapore talk la. damn shiok. hearing the words 'lianne ngoi' in wesleyan is kinda surreal eh. and luke er, amoosed us all with his... accurate impersonations of er, a lot of ppl la.


anyway. after v nice and comfortable dinner went back to stupid library to study again, but with luke dan rudi somin sue james linda elena in the vincinity, cannot really concentrate la hor. so i dieded again and slept at 3am. fug.

and then sucky today ensued. woo. ok. study!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


nothing to say again leh. had a damn boring week. try to study and try to study but... cannot. i spend all my time in the library er, talking to other ppl. which is damn loser and disgusting. ppl go frat house to meet ppl but i go... science library. i am PRC alr lor. dammit. shouldn't have laughed at all of them in singapore, it is karma.

i got SO MUCH bloody homework but... the inertia is killing me zomg. yesterday was the students activities fair during which i signed up for like a million useless things, including the knitting club and er, western indian dance troupe and er, kung fu club. SIAO. after that was supposed to go to some french fondue thing but i took a freaking nap instead then woke up to watch a dance concert which i am supposed to freaking critique. DUNNO HOW. ppl running around on stage represent the decades of suffering of the african-american ppl IZZIT. i think.. will fail my dance course :(

also, i am a philistine. throughout the captivating world premiere of this extraordinary dance concert, my eyes were again, rolling to the back of my head. i hate my eyes.

anyway, after that went to check out the wes christian fellowship thing for a while, but ended up just eating the snacks. melina then said there was a trance party at the Buddhist House so me shirin siyou jay thomas melina elena trekked over there in the miserable rain, only to find that fucking psafe broke up the party again.

btw, i hope that the ironical aptness of having a TRANCE party at BUDDHIST house doesn't escape you, oh esteemed reader.

so. went back to campus centre where i bought a pear on impulse (ok this is becoming micro-blog alr soz.) then to thomas' house, then decided to go to chinese house cos well, it is natural progression la hor.

andrew was attempting to bake his first carrot cake so we helped, with vernie and nouman looking on placidly. the cake kinda wasn't a success, but it er, smelt good once all the carbon was scraped off. that's all i can say bout it cos i am boring even myself. my fingers going on strike soon.

after a while everyone left in search of more haps parties so me and siyou stayed back until... 5 BLOODY AM. again, doing absolutely NOTHING. oh but we taught andrew how to play icy tower, the most awesome game in the universe. i remember how i would sweat with joy whenever i reached the wooden platforms (level 200). ok i am so disgusting. yuks.

at around 4.50am, wallowing in our friendlessness and the general suckiness of the world -
andrew: you know what would really be depressing. when it starts to get light out.

aiyoh. is really depressing until can cry. so i went back to room.

haha today was supposed to go quarry, picnic, laser tag, senior's housewarming party, blades of glory movie, but I NEVER DO ANYTHING. I WOKE UP AT 1PM THEN WENT SHOPPING WITH SHIRIN AND SIYOU. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS LIDDIS HOW.

ok later we will go out in search of party cos that's expected behaviour. whoo. ok must go read pushkin now. ta.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


i apologize for the ensuing emo post.

12.33am and i feel lonely. it is interesting (and a little stupid) that the more lonely i feel, the more i detach myself from everyone else. i don't feel like talking to anyone so i just... wallow.


tmr got fucking many classes and i never do my readings so am kinda screwed.

omg so lonely. i am feeling the one-ness very strongly now.

i am surrounded by people i cannot say anything to. :(

god shouldn't have invented the night.

was speaking to charlotte in french just now and it felt nice cos she will make damn good french teacher but then she went to sleep so was alone again.

oh. but senior suddenly sent me bill nye the science guy video and that cheered me up a smidgen. i freaking LOVE bill nye la. watched it religiously in pri sch, followed by mandatory session of teletubbies. 5.30-6.30pm on mons to fris was my happy place.

god i am so cool. ok goodnight.

i particularly miss christine, nat, sk and naomin now. :(


oh dear. i just fell asleep and drooled a bit in library. laokui like sai.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


god help me, but i am not, nor have ever been, homesick. missing the food and friends and ppl, yes, but never truly, desperately homesick.

today was so sian. i hate mondays. everyone was in a bad mood when i met them throughout the course of the day... nouman, andrew, luke, siyou, ting and consequently me. classes kinda sucked also. eyes rolling in head for all 3 of them. went for the shittiest dinner ever at butterfields, the school's small dining hall. then went to study at triple A house for a while, which is where i aspire to live next yr. then went to library to study again. it is like international house, everyone was there. quite nice la. let me categorize the ppl i now know from all over the world, just cos i don't feel like writing sentences anymore.

elena maria - ecuador
elena - bali
rudi - botswana
erwin - indonesia
jayvan - jamaica
so-min, soo, rhee-soo - korea
dan - romania
jonas - germany
charlotte - france
linda - nepal
siriwan - thailand
thomas - hk
mikako - japan
jegadish - malaysia
nicholas - chile

i just found out that dan and somin HAVE NOT TASTED PEANUT BUTTER BEFORE IN THEIR LIVES. dan tried peanut butter cookie and hated it. siao siao siao. if one must be a bigot, peanut butter is a good thing to be a bigot about.


ok i fell asleep last night again. sheiss. am in library now by myself sitting next to window with hot mug of tea and john mayer in my ear (no, not the man himself. that would be... interesting.) and russian book in my hand. shiok.

later have dance auditions which i will not get into cos i cannot shake my ass for shit then have econ class at 7pm -.-

my life not so exciting anymore eh, wei.

ok ok beaucoup de freaking homework. dieded.

Monday, September 10, 2007

good tahms

woo. this weekend was kickin. let us recount again. i am supposed to read econs with calculus textbook but... why, right.

saturday woke up damn late, went for lunch and had stupid cafeteria sushi for the third time in as many days (turd time, more like it. god i crack myself up.) where met shirin siyou and nicholas, who is very nice and benign and talks very slowly. then 3 of us girls went to watch school soccer game against williams, which we lost.

here i shall digress again to talk bout the insane and completely unnecessary but widely perpetrated tradition of trash talking, usually spouted by the hairier, more uncouth denizens of the male school population. well... IT IS DAMN IRRITATING. must shout something 50 times then will stop know. 'williams, don't choke on your silver spoon!' '22, you need a haircut!' siao. so irritating. stupid dua liap ang moh standing behind me and spitting beer-flavoured saliva unto my scalp is not veh nahce la hor.

anyway. after that went to library to study until dinner. didn't really study, my brain hates me la. after dinner went to change then went to chinese house for the pre-party party. that was where my pineapple tarts were served! they ran out damn fast! shiok. i become mamasan alr. anyway. it was fun and comfortable, cos most of the international kids were there.

oh and i learnt a new thing. in america got thing called kissing disease leh. spread through saliva one. then if you get it you'll feel tired for one yr and your throat will have lumps and cannot drink alcohol if not liver will swell up and you die. SUCKS. here cannot share drink alr lor. haha this is courtesy of a boy who shall remain unnamed. he damn poor thing. cannot go any party anymore. for a YEAR.

anyway, after that was the international student party at triple A house. WAS DAMN GOOD. got real dj inside house and music damn loud and got enough ppl to dance and enough ppl i know so its not awkward. but... lucky sai i got shirin and siyou and other safe international kids to save me cos got a LOT of disgusting angmoh guys who like to rubrub one. bitch lor.

damn fun to dance with safe ppl la. got indonesian guy who was drunk and did indonesian dance moves to USHER LA. so i follow, cos very funny.

then stupid police come again and bust party and arrested drunk jap guy who pushed one policewoman so we left to go to malcolm x house, which is black party, which was damn weird cos er, my yellow skin was quite out of place la hor.

along the way i apparently spouted a lot of nonsense in my drunken stupor to rudi, who was v amoozed and has not let me forget it. but he help me walk la, so he is nice. haha.

then party was boring so went to rudi's room which was too small to hold everyone (me shirin siyou jayvan thomas rudi elena linda) so we went to erwin's room where he COOKED INDO MEE FOR US AND SPRINKLED FRIED ONION ON TOP ZOMG OH AND HIS ROOM ALSO GOT SEAWEED SO I EAT UNTIL SIAO. wah lau. tired and drunk and sleepy then eat hot oily msg food is... win la.

rudi from africa, so never eat seaweed before cos not near sea. he hated it. hahaha.

went back to room about 4, then woke up at freaking 9 this morning to go church with andrew kinyan and some other asians. wah lau. the double life ah. anyway, went to quaint new england town with like white pop of 99.9%. then church was orthodox, complete with pipe organ and robed clergymen and very very slow hymns. wanted to die. i felt damn exotic though. the church even had like, garden exchange corner where ppl are supposed to donate their er, homegrown produce. no weed though. harhar.

wah lau post damn long and i am tired. but i... cannot... stop.

next week... black church! fo' real. :D:D:D

after church went for lunch with andrew who was being grumpy and met shirin and siyou again, as usual. evening anand drove 3 of us to mall (which closed when we arrived, cos is sunday. 4 crever asians looking bewildered in empty mall is v cool lor.) where i bought new underwear cos i don't wanna do laundry this week but i have no more clean underwear. hahaha. ok then comes the highlight of the day. wait for it...


AND THEN. he brought us to this small chinese restaurant near yale where I ATE MEEPOK WITH FISHBALL AND WANTON AND GREEN CHILI. WARRAOZ. happy until eyeballs crack ok. in singapore, the meepok will fail but here it is King. i damn happy now. stomach is full of chinese food. hoo.

tonight was v fun. sit in backseat of car with shirin and siyou and talk NONSENSE until pant is good stuff. we talked about... breathing heavily, lungs, favourite mrt station name (mine is dover. common consensus is that KHATIB is the worst name ever), favourite mrt in terms of design and architecture, babysitter's club, among other things. anand and another senior, christabelle just sat in front and laughed at us. always one. i am ... sam the entertainer la. can be friends with cedric the entertainer alr.

ok and now i am alone in room trying to do work but obviously failing. shit. cannot er, get onto dean's list alr la hor. at least i know my life is very throughly documented. ok byebye.

Friday, September 7, 2007

i must stop updating everyday

so. today went for first dance class which was fun until laosai. had to do a lot of tumble-totty things and sprawl on the floor and jump around. and now i must perform in some 'world of dance' concert at the end of the yr. wonders never cease eh. i will come back to singapore all elegant and graceful. snort.

i drew straws to get into the class, AND I GOT IN. finally the luck gods are on my side.

tonight after dinner bummed around and sat in the school centre to study until open mic night started. i love that little performances sprout up around campus all the time. during dinner, an impromptu acappella group just started singing in the dining hall. cool beans.

shirin left early with her new Friend and when me and siyou were walking back we bumped into elusive luke who asked us go eat. (btw. luke is FUNNY SHIT. surname is pang, and email address is... pangsaipang@hotmail. HIYOH. and he... got it when he was 18. LOVE IT LA.) i spit out coffee when i saw. anyway. no bloody food so went to WesShop and he bought... hummus. siao. and buy us chocolate, cos is senior. see. why ppl so nice. i would never think of buying gifts for FOB juniors leh.

then came back to hall and hung out at neighbour's room again. was flipping through robert's chem book and i realised i really miss chem! NMR was damn fun la. oh and he read phantom tollbooth so i was damn happy. IT IS BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD READ PLS THX. and i finally grit my teeth and bonded with hallmates. who are actually quite nice la. we are going to spread a rumour that the pope is coming to wes at the end of the yr. and a surprisingly nice frat boy is gonna print posters and put around school. and save the name 'pope' in his hp. damn exciting la. Project Work.

ok tmr have one hour of classes. what the hell shall i do with myself.

- - - - - -

that was written yesterday cos i geniusly forgot to click publish post. anyway. let us laboriously recount my day again.

i just spent... 6 hours at freaking chinese house. like addict la haha. while everyone was out looking for haps (new word. courtesy of luke.) parties arond campus, me shirin and siyou were sweating over pineapple tarts in hot kitchen with luke andrew and shuwei. so cool right. cannot take it la. cannot. (and luke provided much hokkien relief. jerrine he know same song as you. the ai pia one. shiok.)

but damn fun. the tarts not bad lor. but my hands smell of butter now. i want to eat them.

so-min came by, shirin left with Friend, and we went to andrew's room and did absolutely nothing until 3am. i am not kidding when i say that the time-wasting skills i learnt in jc pale in comparison to what i am doing now. but quite nice la, in a talk with eyes half closed sort of way.

oh. btw, andrew is going to show me a black church sometime in the near future. EXCITE. nat i must tell you all about it after i go ok ok ok omg. so exciting.

before that i had a very unproductive day. class ended at 10.50am, so after lunch i came back to room to indulge my antisocial tendencies for a while, went to meet rhee soo and so-min in their room and had some... GIRL TALK. so-min may be coming to singapore in winter to visit and she may stay with me! so excite. can show korean girls singaporean bi bim bap. funny shit.

then went to foss hill where was joined by thomas and erwin again for some absolutely unproductive time-wasting. i now know that nyen tot is a very bad word in indonesia. pls don't say. consperm lynched one. went for dinner, then after that was surprise party for cara in her dorm lounge which has a freaking foosball table and at which i was at for most of the time i was there.

tmr night got chinese house tea party then some international party after that, themed ANGELS AND DEMONS. so irritating zomg. supposed to wear red and/or white. i will look like flag.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

cos i don't wanna read astronomy.

school is such a relief. i love the way everyone now has a purpose and walks around campus so much less aimlessly, and how there is no more pressure to have THE MOST FUN TIME OF YOUR LIFE like during orientation, and how i can walk around campus at night and see solitary ppl reading in their rooms, and how MY BRAIN IS BEING UTILIZED AGAIN. shiokelaosai. i never wanna leave school.

it is so fun walking around school alone and speaking to random ppl for only 2 min before it gets kinda awkward again but now that i DO have somewhere to go, i can excuse myself! it feels... so good.

my astro class is kinda boring, but we get to have night time observations, which are chao cool.
i have my first dance class tmr. hum like siao but this kind of thing must do here la hor.
russian lit class full of angmohs but damn interesting cos professor is insane and speaks without punctuation and has flyaway hair and rides ard school on a bike.
econ is blah.
oh and french damn fun! must watch french film at least once a week LEH.

ok this post damn boring again.

today was damn boring after classes again. went to study on foss hill with dan from romania and shirin from singapore and didn't get much done cos of hippie men singing next to us. then to dinner and then to chinese house again! we are now the sluts from singapore who hang out at singaporean senior's house all the time.

yesterday was a lesson in How To Treat People. an upperclassman that siyou randomly met during the square dance (don't ask) suddenly called her and invited her to dinner at her apartment and asked her to bring along friends.

so we went to her house and she and her 2 roommates, whom we have never seen before, just cooked dinner for us and talked to us small frosh very nicely! one of them is jewish, so got damn nice sweet bread. no drugs or money or sexual favours involved leh! the world where got this kind of thing one? i am... flabbergasted. i don't even smile at hallmates lor, invite strangers to my house for WHAT.

but damn nice la. my heart was warm.

one of them told us story that (apparently) epitomizes the school.
when she was pre-frosh and visiting the school, she say two guys decked out in rock-climbing gear, helmets and harnesses and all climbing a tree in the middle of nowhere. then she asked them why they climbing the tree and they said... 'cos we couldn't find a rock.'

damn funny la. is a damn good answer lor.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


i must read the iliad and write a paper on it by thursday. it is now tues evening.

goodbye world.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

must sleep early tonight

my hallmates are talking outside and making conversation and i am sitting here being antisocial. sian leh.

recap of day again cos i dunno what else to say.
woke up late, met shirin jayvan thomas rudi elena at main street, came back with shirin and hung out at hansel's room for a while.

let me sidetrack here for a while. hansel is INSANE. he is... god la. he takes 7 credits per semester, has a student leader position, produces plays and theatre productions, is in 2 acappella groups, completed a POST GRAD PAPER IN FRESHMAN YR, and has published 4 papers. WTF. i... scared la. my inferior, low-grade brain is quaking.

anyway. was tired out from all his energy so went back to room to take a nap, and nice hallmate robert made smoothie for me. how he get blender, i do not know. met siyou for all-campus picnic at foss hill, and was joined by nicholas and nouman.

siyou: eh, down here a lot of jews ah.


after pleasant dinner, went to watch acappella groups perform. they are DAMN GOOD. got goosebumps one. i wanna join lor but i hum like siao and my voice er, is dried duck voice la so. cannort.

then went to watch some fire-spinning performance, then went to erwin's room (which is bloody air-conditioned) with shirin siyou rudi jayvan thomas where we had the most confusing and lousy games of bridge ever known to man.

apparently in botswana, bridge is played with pre-determined partners who are seated diagonally across from each other. and the winner of the bid shows everyone his cards and becomes a dummy. i.. dunch unnerstand.

me: ok let's play singapore way.rudi won bid so pls choose your partner.
rudi: *points at siyou* I CHOOSE YOU.


and thomas was grooving to trance music in the background. siao la. he is from hk so he knows how to play chor dai dee but no one else knows so... cannot play :(

i need to teach ppl how to play chee goo pak.

then came back and sat in andrew/robert's room for a while watching friends. <3 friends like siao. is blast from home, can hear rachel's voice imitating chandler and jerrine's monica laugh.

ok i need to sleep now cos tmr got 8 hours of school. madness.

Monday, September 3, 2007

cannot sleep again

this morning i called christine in singapore. SHIOK. talk for a while only cos phone bill is monster, but very very happy.

i loff you christine!

today was... neh again.
woke up at 10,
called home,
was bombarded with questions,
went for brunch with roommate,
ate until laosai,
went for useless BILEGATA workshop where many politically correct things were discussed in an open and secure environment that was non-threatening and encouraging,
went to buy many many books for school (v v exciting, that one),
went for dinner where me shirin and siyou regaled some other international students with loser stories uttered completely in singlish (if wanna know story, ask me.),
went back to my room to waste our lives,
sat in sam's room with another sam listening to old school records for a while,
watched star wars for 5 min in robert's room before i got bored of the disgusting ancient special effects,
drove to new haven and back with luke and andrew to fetch anand,
went back to luke's abode to eat SIEW YOKE AND CHAR SIEW AND ROAST DUCK ANAND BROUGHT BACK FROM NY, (this is highlight of day, btw.)
went to andrew's abode to wash down the animal oil with processed sugar in the form of B&Js Chunky Monkey and chinese tea,
came back to find hallmates standing listlessly in the hall then trooped down to alex's room (i can't even remember his face now) to watch almost famous and where i smelt pot for the first time in life cos two boys were DOIN HITS. damn smelly la omg smell like rotten cigarettes.

so that was my blah day. tmr, another blah day of no new friends.

school starts on tues! excite!

i must now describe the happiness that fills me when i bite into the oil-oozing morsel of roast duck meat. actually, cannot describe la. is indescribable. suffice to say, i shiok until fainted.

ok 4.13 am alr i tired until eyeballs roll back to back of head until can see brain. dunno what i just typed. ok night and sorry for boring post again. i am bored and thus boring.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


here's something interesting.

my roomie heard that in singapore, when we litter, our tongues are cut off.


i am writing this alone in my room while the majority of the frosh class are gettin it on in various house parties around campus. i... just watched south park and am now listening to bob marley music. HOW COOL AM I, MAN.

i really cannot wait for school to start so there will be no such obligatory friend making and small talk. it is so inane i cannot take it. am exhausted. but. my hall has some interesting ppl so not so bad la. there is boy of same name as me who has brought a full blown stereo with old school records. he told me an interesting thing: if you put a needle in your mouth and scrape it on a record, you can hear the music reverberating in your head. so that's something cool.

ok dunno what i am saying alr. am exhausted but cannot sleep.

so far my days have consisted of waking up late, socializing with random faceless ppl around campus, and going to parties at night, which aren't really fun.

let me tell you how COOL i am la hor. on wed went to hang out at triple A house (asian/asian american house) after dinner and had wine on roof with other seniors which was nice and comfy. after getting a tad buzzed i felt up for some embarrassment so we went to join the rest of the school for SQUARE DANCE. jumping around field at night with sweaty ppl is quite fun, try pls thx. then after that went to psi u, some frat house for BLACKLIGHT PARTY which was sweaty and lame and broken up by Public Safety after 5 minutes. so we ran out and went back to triple A where i got all happy on norwegian vodka and i showed them the wonders of and drunk andrew kept asking us to dance so in the end 5 PPL DANCE IN SMALL ROOM TO IPOD MUSIC LA. then after that try to do pushups on floor to sober up but cannot so slept on floor. then woke up at 6am to andrew groaning 'this is fucking uncomfortable' so me and siyou ran back to our dorms cos it was so cold and stupid dew made the grass even colder. if you can beat this cool story, pls tell k thx.

ok that was damn long and boring sorry. i am trying to put off going to bathe as long as possible cos SO FREAKING COLD ZOMG. i put laptop on lap so will be warmer. lucky i not boy if not sperm all kee si liao.

today i did laundry for the first time! exciting. i am adult now.

today was kinda shitty. woke up feeling all gross and homesick. went to hang out at Nicholas' (chile) room with jayvan (jamaica), rudi (botswana) and thomas (hk) and shirin of course. then walked around until dinner. then after dinner bummed around on Foss Hill with random ppl and talked to rachel which FELT DAMN GOOD. then went to play DDR with Nouman for a while, cos i am so cool. and i am cooler cos me and siyou failed at the beginner stage. pwnage. THEN. we go chinese house again to disturb andrew and WE PLAYED SCRABBLE AND DRANK MILO LAH. then i found bottle of brands chicken essence on andrew's table so i drank it. then he said, let's blow bubbles so he went to porch and blew pineapple-scented bubbles for 5 minutes with me and shirin looking on. how to win the sexiness of my life ah. how.

last night was foss cross. i wore neighbours boxers (got whale design one. damn cute.) and lumberjack shirt. and i lent out three of my skirts. all stretch alr damn sad. pictures up soon, if i can be bothered. but a lot, and i mean A LORT of guys actually worked their dresses and leggings, man. fo sho. after that went for post party at triple A again which was kinda lame. BUT. a kind senior obtained a BOTTLE OF YEO'S SOYA MILK FOR ME WHICH I HOARDED LIKE SIAO AH MA. was damn happy for a while la.

btw, i love singaporeans like siao. last night at the post-party at triple A luke showed up and he started talking bout hokkien songs and chengyus (boh heer heh ar hoh) (no fish, prawn also can) and i was damn happy, cos whole day i slang until womit alr.

just found out hallmate has brought with him godfather 1 2 and 3, and friends season 8,9,10. is good stuff. shiokelaosai.

sorry for such a long and boring and disorganized post, but i'm kinda only doing this cos i have nothing better to do and i don't wanna stop cos i'll feel lonely :(. so, i shall focus on things that make me happy. like, school.

i got damn cool classes this sem! am gonna do descriptive astronomy, which is learning bout the planets and galaxies and stars without all that useless technical crap. then i got into 4th sem level french course, which involves a mandatory 3 hr movie screening a week :D. and i got into econ 110, which is practical and which i need for major la. AND i got the most exciting one of all: European Intellectual History to the Renaissance!!!!
Major Readings:
Marcus Aurelius, THE MEDITATIONS

SO EGGSCITING. BUT SCARY LIKE SAI. got clever seniors in the class one lor, cannot say stupid things. haha.

omg it is 2am.

ok must sleep now cos tmr must go for BILEGATA workshop (bisexual lesbian gay transsexual asexual) and then go buy books then some christian meeting then school talentime then last frat party before school starts. i am so.. tired. night.