Tuesday, February 26, 2008

no time, cannot breathe

But still have time for this:

harharhar. this is esp for you, rachel. is important you watch this. i must spread the fear.

ok ok cannot update now, econ midterm in 11 hours AND HAVEN'T STUDY YET. BYE Y'ALL.

Friday, February 22, 2008

creepiest shit EVER

elena told me bout this... cretin. please go watch, WHY ARE THERE SUCH PEOPLE EXISTING. IN THE UNIVERSE.

omg. rusty spoons leh. siao.

in other news, very very busy weekend ahead. Concert To End All Concerts tmr, then mebbe azn party again, then must wake up at 5am on sat to take care of horses for 12 hours again -.-.-.-.-.- then come back to watch Black Awareness Month performance, then sun got dance practice again, then next week got econ midterm. HAHA. econ midterm. HAHA.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

eyes burning.

omg i am so so so so so so so so tired. today was crazy again. work from 10-1, class until 4, wanted to take nap but siyou and paul didn't allow me so i stupidly had dinner before water polo practice (which is becoming crazy and insane. as in, swim until want to physically vomit, insane.), then 1 hour of taiko practice, then write essay (twice, cos some FUCKER in the library logged me off and didn't save my draft).

today i cooked a sausage in my room. it was unexpectedly exciting and rewarding.

also, tonight i witnessed a lunar eclipse. could see the corona and all, was v v cool. i love the cosmos.

walking alone back to my dorm from the library after the eclipse, the sky was completely clear and the moon unusually bright and full and the air was crisp and cold and the moonlight was lighting my way and casting shadows. it made me very inexplicably happy. i stood outside my room and looked at the moon for like, 5 minutes. i think roommate think i crazy alr but... I LOVE THE MOON LAAA. being able to see the craters fills me with very innocent childish joy.

also, the fact that eric just called and arranged to go eat pho tmr. with more koreans. YES. i love pho. (and koreans, but that has already been very well-established.)

proof that eric cannot understand english:
siyou: did you see the moon? how did it look like?
eric: uhhh... it is because the earth moves between the moon and the sun...

SIAO. no brain lor. hahahaha.

OH OH OH. must tell you bout my hansel and gretel class today. my teacher is INSANE.

so, she stomps into class in old woman costume, slams the door and throws entire bag of mixed grains on the ground and then yells at us imbeciles to get on the floor, NOW, and sort them out. so the entire class of 19yr olds (and one 20 yr old :(:(:() kneels down around the pile of grain and sorts them out for HALF AN HOUR, in silence, cos cannot talk. then suddenly she pull me up in front of everyone and shout at me to spit out my gum, NOW. so i spit and was embarrassed.

this is what i pay 50k a year for. win.

ok ok eyes si liao. must go, byebye!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


spice girls is in less than 2 days, leh.

it is so exciting my heart could burst.

talked to jerrine for 15 min. was nice taste of home. :)

ok that was highlight of my day. oh, apart from the fact that 5 ppl called me in a 20 minute interval while i was taking my precious afternoon nap. DAMN CHEEBZ OK. angry until can cry.

there is nothing i hate more than waking up 5 minutes before my alarm clock rings. HATE IT. feel damn cheated.

ok this insanely boring post is just cos i do not wanna study anymore.

k bye.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

rainy days and mondays always get me down

this eerily apt song came up on my itunes shuffle. is too cosmic an occurrence to ignore, so shall blog. besides, have essay to start on and my fingers refuse to type anything of any consequence so there shall be word vomit.

let me tell you about my mondays.

10am-1pm - work at lab
1-2pm - french lesson
2-2.40pm - rush homework for 2.40 class
2.30-4pm fairy tales class
4-30-5.30pm - french TA
6-6.30pm - econ TA
6.30-8pm - excel workshop (ksjdfhakdsjhfakljfh)
8pm-7am - agonize over essay and die

add a healthy dose of drizzly rain and leaky rainboots to the mix and there you have it. joy.

only redeeming thing was cooking dinner. eric called and went over to cook ramen, but NO FREAKING POT. AND NO FREAKING OIL. so we er, cooked it in a pan and improvised. he brought out some amazing korean chili paste/meat sauce thing and i FORCED him to add egg to the noods and IT WAS AWESOME. then after that still hungry, so cooked er, fried porridge in pan, with seaweed and sausage. looked like vomit, but was good until er, vomit.

damn proud of the rice. when have photo, will out up.

ok now am damn full and sleepy but... must... write... about... lu... xun.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

the devil's brew

at this moment in time, when my head is a ringing bell and my stomach a roiling cauldron of caterpillars and all things slimy, I SWEAR NEVER TO DRINK AGAIN.

ah, but i am a chronic reneger so... this will unfortunately happen again.

so. fri night was spent in paul's room with the usual ppl, doing goodness knows what. sat night went to filipino night, (WHERE THEY SERVED A WHOLE ROAST PIG LK;FJAL;SJDFLA;DJKALSK;DFJALKS;DFJ COOL SHIT SIA), watched vagina monologues, which induced in me a whole new appreciation for the word 'cunt', then got drunk beyond er, sanity at senior fauver with many asians again. was fun and all, but i ended up in someone's room and seitaro nate and suechung very very nicely sent me home amid my drunken ramblings on why we don't talk to each other enough when sober. shit. embarrassing.

thought: money is wasted on the rich.

me: *looking at isaac's tie* eh your tie damn nice
isaac: yeah, i got it pretty cheap, about 40 bucks at a sale.
me: *looking at label* wtf! it's a freaking marni tie!
isaac: huh what's marni? i thought it was Armani and they took away the 'A'.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

it. keeps. fucking. snowing.

i fell on my ass today, walking to dinner.

snow................ sux.

Monday, February 11, 2008


it is -10 degrees.

a great weekend. last night was CNY celebrations, and me and siyou did skit until face crawl to wormhole and hide, but quite fun la. after that was er, bridge enhanced with some alcohol at chinese house then juno in erwin's room.

juno is damn nice show! (it is damn irritating that whenever i say 'show' here, everyone shouts at me to say 'movie'. SHOW CAN ALSO LA K. and, whenever i pronounce the word 'egg', ppl look at me weird. apparently, in this country, it is pronounced eahhh-gg instead of, simply, ehgg. nonsense.) anyway, point was, pls watch k thx.

today was singapore steamboat dinner! very nice to have cengceng soup again! and then played mahjong at tx's house. SHIOK MAN. i sucked and lost a lot of money, BUT MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO GAMBLE DURING CNY.


i shall summarize my night as a very cool person. i lose money at mahjong, then cannot zip up boots cos zip spoil, so have to walk around in -10degree weather with boot flapping around ankle, then spent last 30mins trying to fix boot, so cannot do homework.

in short, am cold, tired, no shoes, poor, and stupid. WIN.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

hello christine

i bloggeth for you.

so last night was excellent night of drunken shouting in my room with somin siyou paul eric and later isaac. a lot of k-pop youtubing, some jumping on the bed, a little photoboothwhoring/acting like pregnant women/spartans ensued.

before that was horseriding. my horse today kept farting whenever it trotted. and i kept laughing. almost fell down, damn scary.

this reminds me of a story. once i went on tour and there was this guy who dropped a ball on the ground. then he bent down to pick it up, and he farted. but the ball rolled away, and he bent down again, so he farted again. HE DID THIS 5 TIMES. I died.

heeheehee. ok i laughing to myself in computer lab. not cool.

had lunch with jega also, who i haven't seen in too long. made a pact to go brazil together for carnivale, once in our lives. even if 95 yrs old and body is a... sag, still go.

ok now must go practice skit with siyou for CNY celebrations tonight. i am playing the role of a stupid, irritating, greedy child. actually, don't need to act la.

i think my face will run away to hide tonight.

Monday, February 4, 2008

exciting tahmes

1. i may go to obama rally in hartford tmr.
2. spice girls in 2 weeks!
3. puerto rico for spring break!
4. horse show soon!
5. k-town in... march la. but still exciting.
6. i got offered ushering job! this means more $$$$!
7. going to see african underground (senegalese rap group) this fri.
8. i just found out today that i can study abroad in 2 countries, 6 months each. france and korea, here i come :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

k sleepy. night!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


ok my titles are getting more and more uninspired.

i just got off the phone with jerrine! short conversation, but hearing her voice makes me damn happy omg. so nice. also, so gay. but whatever.

nicest thing that has been said to me since i came to school:

me: (just for the sake of saying) i'm thinking of transferring... mebbe to brown or something.
eric and somin: NO!
somin: i'll be so bored!
eric: i'll have no one funny to talk to! don't go!

so, life so far has been a tad better than last term.
mon-thurs: veritable whirlwind of studying in the library very ineffectually.

fri was miserable rainy day, so slept in room until paul called cos he was sick of watching youtube in his room. come over and... sang along to theresa teng on my computer. it is very disconcerting that a 19-yr-old boy from korea reminds me (and has the same favourite song) as my mother.

went to string jazz concert in evening, which totally went whizzing over my head cos i am a philistine, then to senior fauver for azn partay again. was quite fun, even though eric, isaac and erwin conspired to torture me by er, stealing my rainboots and bouncing on my lap and putting me in a headlock. :(

today went shopping with eric paul and jongmin. 3 korean boys wearing identical black leather jackets and one girl wearing black coat walking in a mall in the midst of suburbia is... quite a sight la. like gang, damn embarrassing.

the mall was a shithole though. they scolded me for bringing them there.

watched movie with siyou in the evening, then went to lorise for another... you guessed it. azn party. hung out with somin and eric until wee hours of morning and now my eyeballs have dieded. so bye!

ps. sorry for boring post, will improve.