Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i am 21 and going to france

i don't think anyone reads this anymore. not even me. whatever. i shall now blog bout the past few days cos they have been very good and full ones, and i need to remember.

let us start on yacht day (i have lost all sense of time). in the morning, i went to nat's aunt's party with naomin, as two VERY EXTRA CHINESE GIRLS out on a CULTURAL ACTIVITY. never see aunt before, very out of place. nevertheless, cried when bride walked in, cos very pretty. siao ok. the tear ducts have problems. after that, went home to change and then it was dwayne's 21st on the yacht that never left the dock. of course, a crassy crassy affair was rendered much less so cos... we are disgusting ppl la. talk very loudly with beehoon and chicken wings in mouth etcetc. the usual. got a tad tipsy, then went back to dwayne's (with a very drunk dwayne) to play some rock band and pingpong while he... lay in his room la. we are horrible friends. but dwayne, if you read this, THE PARTY WAS VERY FUN HOR, AND I LIKE IT A LOT. THANKS.

the next day was the day before my birthday. had champagne brunch with jerrine rachel adeline shirin luke dwayne christine at shangri la's the line. again, crassy affair made very much less so cos of the loud talking and annoying photo taking. got nice prezzies. was very happy. food very good, eat until peng. after lunch, went back to dwayne's (again) with one or two drunken (christine) mishaps along the way, for more rock band. then rushed off to nat's farewell allllllll the way in tampines and met her two boiz, who are my New Best Buddies. then, family dinner at chinese restaurant where.. i ate again la. i kinda hate food now.

my birthday, was my VERY LOVELY HIGH TEA SURPRISE WITH NAOMIN AND NAT. I LOVE THE SURPRISE. I SWEAR. had coffee at TCC first as 'decoy', then i guessed my surprise, then we went for it. ate like fiend again, then rushed home to set up for wesleyan bbq, which turned out pretty nice and chill and relaxed, which was nice. got to see anand aditi conan mark shuwei and met chengxi and joel. drank more champagne, bitched about more ppl.

day after my birthday, met ashlyn and yogi for thwarted ramen and green tea ice cream. lucky christine allow. [(tampopo man: tomorrow) (inside joke. VERY FUNNY, trust me)]
ashlyn: life as a human is hard.
after very nice and funny lunch, went to island creamery to meet edwin and olivia, and very quickly adjourned to ollie's house for rock band 2, where i discovered edwin's weakness: rhythm :D i think i am a convert, though. i blame christine. and zen... off to city hall to meet jerrine for secret meeting where we fantasized and were overall very disgusting. had soft boiled eggs. veh nais. then went to airport to see nat and luke off, which was noisy and happy affair, then was fetched back and am now home and very very sleepy. so... goodnight world, and tmr night i will be in pareeeeeee. :D

so far, being 21 is very very nice :)