Thursday, October 30, 2008


i just realised my 21st birthday will be spent in transit :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fall break et al

so tonight i ponned another party cos the taiko performance sapped me of all my youthful energy. this anti-social behaviour cannot continue, it is rather worrying.

anyway, fall break is almost over :(. over weekend went to NY for much asian food (korean bbq, dimsum (TWICE!), hippie cafe food, ramen, and southern comfort food), shopping, visiting MoMA and karaoke (!!!) with housemates and the etcs. and rachel! meeting rachel was very nice and fun and familiar and i was happy :) we had dinner at the insane hippie cafe and talked about er, interesting lives and not so interesting lives and walked about after dinner in the brisk fall air.

random things:
nick and norah's infinite playlist is the cutest movie ever! please watch, cos michael cera just made my heart pop like.... a weasel la. (i know it's pop goes the weasel BUT WHATEVER. ARTISTIC BLOGGING LICENCE).

tomorrow i (hopefully) start planning morocco and get things settled with friend. AM. SO. EXCITED.

also, sch starts on wed and i already have an insane amount of work it is not funny. THE PLAGUE, IT PLAGUES ME. k night. off to continue my very chill and zen night alone after 3 days of frenetic new york meandering with too many people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i have too much work to live but i am happy because:
- i had nice chat with jerrine yesterday, about very long necks and cubes/pubes and unwashed mushrooms
- i just skyped nat and naomin in simei starbucks singapore ZOMG. heart very warm
- will be seeing rachel vairy vairy soon
- vermont is more or less confirmed
- there is hope for my morocco trip yet!

aaaaand, that's all folks. now i must trawl through 40 pages of indecipherable french creole, at 1.13am. joy.


i think this says a lot about my sad little state of mind that today, the thing that made me most happy was not the nice weather, nor the ice cream i had after lunch with friends, nor the taiko session, but the fact that econ class was canceled.

in other news, ny in 3 days. cannot. bloody. wait.
school has been going on for far too long.

Monday, October 20, 2008


lousy weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i suddenly thought of the word 'stim' and realised how much i miss home.

ok that's all.

also, tonight i cooketh laksa for 'ickle freshies', to quote shirin.

Friday, October 17, 2008


nothing to blog about again, cos my school weeks are mainly a routine blur spent studying, hanging out in my house, and doing quiet gentle things like watching movies and cooking food and going to the gym. it is quite calm and nice, this existence. if a bit lacking in the excitement factor.

oh oh! got exciting thing! i participated in my first horse show last weekend! i got fourth place! out of five! hahahahaha but whatever, it is damn fun. i sit on the horse for like, 5 minutes but... i love horses la. so it is wonderful. i wish i could have a horse and take care of it and ride it and smell it everyday and call it bob and feed it apples. sorry creepy.

just came back from pho on main street with siyou and isaac, am now half-heartedly watching presidential debates. taiko in 20 minutes. watch horror movie with leslie and carlo after taiko. this is all not as exciting as... MY PLANS.

fall break: nooyawk, babeh! there, i shall: meet rachel (:D), watch a musical, eat MANY TYPES OF ASIAN FOOD, cut hair, shop, and have general excellent fun.

thanksgiving: dunno yet, but either vegas with jerrine or skiing in vermont!! though the latter looks more viable, cos i BOH LUI. :(

ok the above was written last night, before i was interrupted by a horror movie featuring many many gollums. cheebye scary. anyway. lemme continue with PLANS.

winter break: mebbe europe to visit sk ad to make a short detour to amsterdam...? before I GO TO FRANCE, BABEH. (OH YES, I GOT INTO THE PARIS PROGRAM. WOOHOOOO. omg i am going to travel so much that i might have to sell my kidney for cash)

so... more updates, i guess? today had lunch with heiren gal palzzz. it was very funny and gossipy and i love them and they always use words like 'shawty' and 'why you gotta burn me like that' and 'booty juice' (omg i almost typed botty juice HARHARHARHAR dunno why it is funny and cute leh) and i always get a kick out of it. dinner at usdan with shirin nicolas siyou rudi etc and many sausages. i love sausages. almost as much as i love horses. teehee. missed movie with dan cos of KOREAN TA (WHY MISS SUCH AN IMPORTANT LESSON RIGHT) and now i am in my house doing... pretty much nothing. which is pretty damn nice.

k that's all. i bore myself. baibai.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i need fall break to come. now.

'... it is almost impossible to distinguish between playacting and true feelings. To decide that I love my mother and will stay with her, or to stay with her by putting on a charade, amount to the same thing. In other words, feelings are developed through the actions we take, therefore I cannot use them as guidelines for action.'
- Sartre, 'L'Existentialism est un humanisme'.

If what Sartre says is true, then relationships and love and whatnot are merely situational, circumstantial, and arbitrarily substantial. Not the most cheerful thought to have at 1.30am, in a quiet house by myself eh. But then again, we are all happy in whatever capacity we have been exposed to. happiness is not an absolute quantity; it is merely relative. and i guess that's all that matters.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

freedom est bien.

in a bid to not do any work after this disastrous week, work wise, these two days have been dedicated to some... rest and relaxation.
friday i skipped korean class and slept till noon (shiokelao ok omg.). after taiko, went horseriding, rode a pony. very stress-free. came back, watched a new korean drama (^^ ^^ ^^) while eating kimchi noodle soup. shirin came to hang out for a bit, then the party started at my house. twas nice and stressfree and safe and . a koreanweenie came to my room to escape from the craziness outside heehee and i managed to keep all my black-widow instincts to myself. ok if he reads this, EVER, i die. during the party i escaped to sarah's house for naked exhibitionism again with siyou pyungah and random japanese men. came back, found drunk housemates eating very badly cooked drunkenly made food - charred rice and raw chicken. win. we then decided at 3.45am to go onto the rooftop, sit in the cold, drink wine, eat cereal, and gaze at the stars. it was très beautiful.

today i woke up, had brunch with erwin carlo siyou isaac and mikako, hung out with siyou for a bit, took a nap, woke up in a panic and cooked food for the house dinner, then watched Morocco with very hot soldiers and a very hot Marlene Dietrich. and now i am back in house. later, we goeth to isaac's birthday, where he has very cleverly spent 400 bucks on alcohol. should be good.

and that is my weekend. in other news, the week sucked. kinda failed econ midterm, almost missed deadline for applying to study abroad, slept a total of 20 hours in 4 days, folded fucking napkins and washed bloody dishes at work and yadayadayada.

i think this is part of the reason i have stopped feeling lonely. i have no time to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sorry everyone!

i will reply everyone to whom i owe an email very very soon. it is just that as this moment in time i have ceased to become human and have degenerated into a greasy, econ-textbook-reading, despairing, blobby reminder of my former self.

i apologize.