Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fall break et al

so tonight i ponned another party cos the taiko performance sapped me of all my youthful energy. this anti-social behaviour cannot continue, it is rather worrying.

anyway, fall break is almost over :(. over weekend went to NY for much asian food (korean bbq, dimsum (TWICE!), hippie cafe food, ramen, and southern comfort food), shopping, visiting MoMA and karaoke (!!!) with housemates and the etcs. and rachel! meeting rachel was very nice and fun and familiar and i was happy :) we had dinner at the insane hippie cafe and talked about er, interesting lives and not so interesting lives and walked about after dinner in the brisk fall air.

random things:
nick and norah's infinite playlist is the cutest movie ever! please watch, cos michael cera just made my heart pop like.... a weasel la. (i know it's pop goes the weasel BUT WHATEVER. ARTISTIC BLOGGING LICENCE).

tomorrow i (hopefully) start planning morocco and get things settled with friend. AM. SO. EXCITED.

also, sch starts on wed and i already have an insane amount of work it is not funny. THE PLAGUE, IT PLAGUES ME. k night. off to continue my very chill and zen night alone after 3 days of frenetic new york meandering with too many people.

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