Sunday, October 5, 2008

freedom est bien.

in a bid to not do any work after this disastrous week, work wise, these two days have been dedicated to some... rest and relaxation.
friday i skipped korean class and slept till noon (shiokelao ok omg.). after taiko, went horseriding, rode a pony. very stress-free. came back, watched a new korean drama (^^ ^^ ^^) while eating kimchi noodle soup. shirin came to hang out for a bit, then the party started at my house. twas nice and stressfree and safe and . a koreanweenie came to my room to escape from the craziness outside heehee and i managed to keep all my black-widow instincts to myself. ok if he reads this, EVER, i die. during the party i escaped to sarah's house for naked exhibitionism again with siyou pyungah and random japanese men. came back, found drunk housemates eating very badly cooked drunkenly made food - charred rice and raw chicken. win. we then decided at 3.45am to go onto the rooftop, sit in the cold, drink wine, eat cereal, and gaze at the stars. it was très beautiful.

today i woke up, had brunch with erwin carlo siyou isaac and mikako, hung out with siyou for a bit, took a nap, woke up in a panic and cooked food for the house dinner, then watched Morocco with very hot soldiers and a very hot Marlene Dietrich. and now i am back in house. later, we goeth to isaac's birthday, where he has very cleverly spent 400 bucks on alcohol. should be good.

and that is my weekend. in other news, the week sucked. kinda failed econ midterm, almost missed deadline for applying to study abroad, slept a total of 20 hours in 4 days, folded fucking napkins and washed bloody dishes at work and yadayadayada.

i think this is part of the reason i have stopped feeling lonely. i have no time to.

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