Friday, October 17, 2008


nothing to blog about again, cos my school weeks are mainly a routine blur spent studying, hanging out in my house, and doing quiet gentle things like watching movies and cooking food and going to the gym. it is quite calm and nice, this existence. if a bit lacking in the excitement factor.

oh oh! got exciting thing! i participated in my first horse show last weekend! i got fourth place! out of five! hahahahaha but whatever, it is damn fun. i sit on the horse for like, 5 minutes but... i love horses la. so it is wonderful. i wish i could have a horse and take care of it and ride it and smell it everyday and call it bob and feed it apples. sorry creepy.

just came back from pho on main street with siyou and isaac, am now half-heartedly watching presidential debates. taiko in 20 minutes. watch horror movie with leslie and carlo after taiko. this is all not as exciting as... MY PLANS.

fall break: nooyawk, babeh! there, i shall: meet rachel (:D), watch a musical, eat MANY TYPES OF ASIAN FOOD, cut hair, shop, and have general excellent fun.

thanksgiving: dunno yet, but either vegas with jerrine or skiing in vermont!! though the latter looks more viable, cos i BOH LUI. :(

ok the above was written last night, before i was interrupted by a horror movie featuring many many gollums. cheebye scary. anyway. lemme continue with PLANS.

winter break: mebbe europe to visit sk ad to make a short detour to amsterdam...? before I GO TO FRANCE, BABEH. (OH YES, I GOT INTO THE PARIS PROGRAM. WOOHOOOO. omg i am going to travel so much that i might have to sell my kidney for cash)

so... more updates, i guess? today had lunch with heiren gal palzzz. it was very funny and gossipy and i love them and they always use words like 'shawty' and 'why you gotta burn me like that' and 'booty juice' (omg i almost typed botty juice HARHARHARHAR dunno why it is funny and cute leh) and i always get a kick out of it. dinner at usdan with shirin nicolas siyou rudi etc and many sausages. i love sausages. almost as much as i love horses. teehee. missed movie with dan cos of KOREAN TA (WHY MISS SUCH AN IMPORTANT LESSON RIGHT) and now i am in my house doing... pretty much nothing. which is pretty damn nice.

k that's all. i bore myself. baibai.

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