Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh noes.

i cannot come up with a thesis for a five page essay on T.S Eliot. i have been sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours.

oh....... no.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the procrastination. wins.

so today, instead of starting on COL essay, studying for korean test, studying for econ midterm, starting on econ problem set, or settling my application to go to school in france, i:

- skipped horseriding *to study*
- watched an anime movie with carlo and ruby
- cooked my father's specialty (bread with FRIED LUNCHEON MEAT AND SUNNY SIDE UP WITH RUNNY YOLK :D:D:D) for me and isaac.
- was disturbed in my room by, let's see, in chronological order: isaac somin james jeremy carlo eric thomas domily leslie yinhow vickie erwin nicolas, from 8pm to 2am.

so i wasted my whole day, wasted my lesson fee, didn't get work done, ingested 200% of my recommended daily intake of sodium, got fat, didn't get drunk, and am... blogging.

i think i need a good cry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


last... paragraph... of... french... essay... very.. hard... to... squeeze... out... at... 2... bloody... am... D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

quote of the day

me: *upon seeing dorian gray (the book hor, not the... person) on eric's bookshelf* eh you've read dorian gray?
eric: nah. i hate virginia woolf.


Monday, September 22, 2008

kay la, kay la.

here is my blog entry for the week.
i have done many things this week, and here are the salient ones, in point form:
- monday to thurs were routine days of work, school, and study.
- tuesday i had linda elena and dan over for some fried rice. rice actually sucked, but hey. none of them had fried rice ever, so no judgement pls tanks.
- friday i had my first horseriding lesson of the season, and i duly fell off a horse and landed on my feet. i win.
- friday night was the uniform party at my house, which was good, clean, lancing lancing fun. i wore a sch girl getup, along with 99% of the other girls there. i was embarrassed for pandering so shamelessly to this blatant societal degradation of women, but then '4 minutes' came on and my vague feminist-ish ruminations vanished, just like that.
- saturday i studied rocks in the afternoon, then went for a Marie Chouinard (yes, the name does not mean anything to me either) dance performance which was replete with black strap-on dildos and gold nipple caps. the theme was Orpheus and Eurydice. i still do not see the.. connection.
- then, hyejin's birthday party at seitaro's place where the usual drunken revelry was had. not as fun as last week, but i DID manage to play with hulk gloves and steal some cheetos. came back and made indomie with erwin. that was highlight of night.
- today i woke up late and cooked pasta (very al dente-y done, if i do say so myself) and read mrs dalloway to the point where i now think in semicolons.

aaaaaand... that's it! now, another week of the same ol' same ol' looms ahead. as does the dried up, stick thin figure of mrs bloody dalloway. night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

college nights

ok updates. this is a tiring business.

so this week i:
- decided to buy a bike so i can cycle around this new england countryside with siyou
- watched purple rain, which is the best worst 80s movie ever
- practiced taiko till my arms fell off
- heard the most gleeful news i have heard in a long time
- didn't do much work
- pimped up my room with two beds, 5 lights and satin sheets :D it is now porn-movie worthy, as erwin says
- cooked dinner 5 times

fri night was nice and.. interesting. went for alcohol run in main street with siyou after class, met seitaro and toan and they gave us ride back. came back to house in pouring rain, was pleasantly surprised by housemates cooking japanese curry and stir fried chicken for dinner. opened bottle of wine, ate and talked for a bit with the rain still pouring outside. was very nice :). i learnt the korean onomatopoeia for shit it is puh-jeh-jeh. aiyoh. tried to do a little econs, gave up and started the inebriating. the night henceforth was a messy, happy blur. went to frat house for party with siyou shirin rudi dan linda and lance lance for a bit, then went to asian party which is where i.. truly belong la. there, i got beer poured on me, poured beer on people, was flashed by punk sushiman, had my leather jacket stolen by another sushiman, talked to various random people, sat on the wet grass, witnessed numerous taupoks, bonded with singaporean freshman, witnessed the birth of love, sang the school song, and was generally... very bawdy. after that went to isaac's room with mark and somin for some after party cloudiness.

saturday had to wake up early for another taiko performance (WOOO~~~) and i appeared on local television again, though i am too embarrassed to watch. came back for japanese calligraphy workshop (didn't learn anything except the right way to draw Hello Kitty), then cooked aglio olio for singapore dinner (damn nice sia), then singapore dinner where the fire alarm was set off by ivan's burning plantains. after dinner, hung out with jega and siyou for a bit in my NEW PIMPY ROOM, then went to keith's house for some burnin' with assorted upperclassmen.

today went to korean church, had free bibimbap (:D), met cute as button freshman, went to asian supermarket and went crazy on... sunsilk shampoo. i very vain, is disgusting. afternoon went to ikea and i pimped up my room summore! now i have a sheepskin throwrug! omg! how to not film porn movie! and now i... work. so that has been my weekend, and it has been quite a good one. and now i shall stop here. and oh this is so boring.

ok if you have been patient and laboured all the way to the end, here is your reward:

Sunday, September 7, 2008



it is time to complain about the work.

i have too much. it is also in indecipherable french. hence, i am at home on a saturday night, missing parties that i should be attending, as a... hips and haps sophomore. woohoo.

last night had housewarming party at my house. million ppl came, didn't know about 900,000 of them. they stole my milk and cereal, so this morning i had no breakfast. and to add insult to injury, they poured my cereal all over the bloody floor. WANT TO STEAL FOOD AT LEAST EAT RIGHT, CHEEBS. in other news, korean freshmen vehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehveh cute. i die.

today was boring, but pleasant. cooked fried rice for siyou and paul. it was not bad. i put garlic and egg and mushrooms in heehee. i think i am destined to be housewife la, sian, summore yesterday i cooked instant noodles for isaac. then sat in living room and people just came in and out and prevented me from reading a novel in the language of lurve. eric and leslie distracted me with korean horror movie. isaac tried to vacumn a fly in my room. he chased it around for 5 minutes, but the fly escaped. i talked excessively to siyou. somin came over. i cannot study.

oh god this blog has again reached new lows. ok shower. bye.

ps. now got indonesian ppl watching indonesian gigolo show outside my room. WHAI LIKE THIS.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

campus life

has been good so far, even though it's been just two days. good though, not great. however, good is already great for someone like me so... there you go.

my classes are bloody awesome again. here is a list, cos i feel indulgent.
- 20th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature and the Search for Identity (cos must keep up the francais)
- Elementary Korean (^.^)
- College of Letters Colloquium: War and Its Consequences in 20th Century Europe
- Advanced Taiko (double ^.^)
- Microecon (-.-)
- Forensic Geology (bullshit science class but is basically CSI with rocks. and that is always fun, no?)

i have settled in so well that i feel absolutely no need to step out of my comfort zone. This morning, i woke up early and ate cereal and watched Tyra before class. in the afternoon, i went to the gym with shirin. in between, had 2 hour chat with nicolas. somin just left my house. during work, kohei came over and philosophized at me about the difference between pleasure and happiness. i had my first korean class this morning. it was awesome. i gawked at the cutest korean freshman during lunch. i also chatted with jerrine briefly online, which was very very nais. yesterday, siyou came over at night and just sat. we talked very happily. had work at night, rudi and shirin came to disturb. before that i had dinner with siyou and paul and talked about 'let's get physics-cal'. before that, sat in school centre with isaac and talked about nipple tattoos and lesbian posters. two days ago i watched a scary movie in my house with houesmates. The Mist. it is quite fucky, and irritating cos the monsters were tentacles and that is just not scary. but it was fun. before that, i went to a tag sale briefly with linda and dan and got free hangers. a korean hugged me ^.^ i have also almost finished unpacking. now, to buy new furniture and DECORATE!

in conclusion, i will have no new friends this year. but whatever. harharhar.

Monday, September 1, 2008


despite my initial trepidation and downright misery about coming back to the land of the annoyingly free and, well, school, i must say it has been a comfortingly nice first day back. while hauling ass into my new house (:D) with my HUGE ROOM, carlo was there, taking a nap on the couch at 5pm like ahpek. hauled a bit more, and eric came out of his room rubbing his head. then mikako came down and gave me soap. then somin ran into the house and jumped on me. then shirin called. then went to dinner and shouted at a few more people. then hung out in shirin's room with rudi and nicolas for a bit. and now i am sitting in my living room with the tv on (WE HAVE 4. ZOMG. can have one for the boys and their porn -.-) waiting for people to come over later for wine even though i am kind of dying from jetlag.

SO. what i'm trying to say is... i'm comfortably happy right now, though i know this unfamiliar feeling of contentment will not last and i will start moaning in a few days time about having no privacy and too much homework and not having real friends but for the moment, i shall bask in this... rather pleasant feeling.

ok eric brew tea alr. shall go and drink.
and shit. no wine. ok shall sleep at 10pm on my first day back. win. bye!