Saturday, September 27, 2008

the procrastination. wins.

so today, instead of starting on COL essay, studying for korean test, studying for econ midterm, starting on econ problem set, or settling my application to go to school in france, i:

- skipped horseriding *to study*
- watched an anime movie with carlo and ruby
- cooked my father's specialty (bread with FRIED LUNCHEON MEAT AND SUNNY SIDE UP WITH RUNNY YOLK :D:D:D) for me and isaac.
- was disturbed in my room by, let's see, in chronological order: isaac somin james jeremy carlo eric thomas domily leslie yinhow vickie erwin nicolas, from 8pm to 2am.

so i wasted my whole day, wasted my lesson fee, didn't get work done, ingested 200% of my recommended daily intake of sodium, got fat, didn't get drunk, and am... blogging.

i think i need a good cry.

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