Sunday, September 7, 2008


it is time to complain about the work.

i have too much. it is also in indecipherable french. hence, i am at home on a saturday night, missing parties that i should be attending, as a... hips and haps sophomore. woohoo.

last night had housewarming party at my house. million ppl came, didn't know about 900,000 of them. they stole my milk and cereal, so this morning i had no breakfast. and to add insult to injury, they poured my cereal all over the bloody floor. WANT TO STEAL FOOD AT LEAST EAT RIGHT, CHEEBS. in other news, korean freshmen vehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehvehveh cute. i die.

today was boring, but pleasant. cooked fried rice for siyou and paul. it was not bad. i put garlic and egg and mushrooms in heehee. i think i am destined to be housewife la, sian, summore yesterday i cooked instant noodles for isaac. then sat in living room and people just came in and out and prevented me from reading a novel in the language of lurve. eric and leslie distracted me with korean horror movie. isaac tried to vacumn a fly in my room. he chased it around for 5 minutes, but the fly escaped. i talked excessively to siyou. somin came over. i cannot study.

oh god this blog has again reached new lows. ok shower. bye.

ps. now got indonesian ppl watching indonesian gigolo show outside my room. WHAI LIKE THIS.

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