Monday, September 22, 2008

kay la, kay la.

here is my blog entry for the week.
i have done many things this week, and here are the salient ones, in point form:
- monday to thurs were routine days of work, school, and study.
- tuesday i had linda elena and dan over for some fried rice. rice actually sucked, but hey. none of them had fried rice ever, so no judgement pls tanks.
- friday i had my first horseriding lesson of the season, and i duly fell off a horse and landed on my feet. i win.
- friday night was the uniform party at my house, which was good, clean, lancing lancing fun. i wore a sch girl getup, along with 99% of the other girls there. i was embarrassed for pandering so shamelessly to this blatant societal degradation of women, but then '4 minutes' came on and my vague feminist-ish ruminations vanished, just like that.
- saturday i studied rocks in the afternoon, then went for a Marie Chouinard (yes, the name does not mean anything to me either) dance performance which was replete with black strap-on dildos and gold nipple caps. the theme was Orpheus and Eurydice. i still do not see the.. connection.
- then, hyejin's birthday party at seitaro's place where the usual drunken revelry was had. not as fun as last week, but i DID manage to play with hulk gloves and steal some cheetos. came back and made indomie with erwin. that was highlight of night.
- today i woke up late and cooked pasta (very al dente-y done, if i do say so myself) and read mrs dalloway to the point where i now think in semicolons.

aaaaaand... that's it! now, another week of the same ol' same ol' looms ahead. as does the dried up, stick thin figure of mrs bloody dalloway. night!

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