Sunday, September 14, 2008

college nights

ok updates. this is a tiring business.

so this week i:
- decided to buy a bike so i can cycle around this new england countryside with siyou
- watched purple rain, which is the best worst 80s movie ever
- practiced taiko till my arms fell off
- heard the most gleeful news i have heard in a long time
- didn't do much work
- pimped up my room with two beds, 5 lights and satin sheets :D it is now porn-movie worthy, as erwin says
- cooked dinner 5 times

fri night was nice and.. interesting. went for alcohol run in main street with siyou after class, met seitaro and toan and they gave us ride back. came back to house in pouring rain, was pleasantly surprised by housemates cooking japanese curry and stir fried chicken for dinner. opened bottle of wine, ate and talked for a bit with the rain still pouring outside. was very nice :). i learnt the korean onomatopoeia for shit it is puh-jeh-jeh. aiyoh. tried to do a little econs, gave up and started the inebriating. the night henceforth was a messy, happy blur. went to frat house for party with siyou shirin rudi dan linda and lance lance for a bit, then went to asian party which is where i.. truly belong la. there, i got beer poured on me, poured beer on people, was flashed by punk sushiman, had my leather jacket stolen by another sushiman, talked to various random people, sat on the wet grass, witnessed numerous taupoks, bonded with singaporean freshman, witnessed the birth of love, sang the school song, and was generally... very bawdy. after that went to isaac's room with mark and somin for some after party cloudiness.

saturday had to wake up early for another taiko performance (WOOO~~~) and i appeared on local television again, though i am too embarrassed to watch. came back for japanese calligraphy workshop (didn't learn anything except the right way to draw Hello Kitty), then cooked aglio olio for singapore dinner (damn nice sia), then singapore dinner where the fire alarm was set off by ivan's burning plantains. after dinner, hung out with jega and siyou for a bit in my NEW PIMPY ROOM, then went to keith's house for some burnin' with assorted upperclassmen.

today went to korean church, had free bibimbap (:D), met cute as button freshman, went to asian supermarket and went crazy on... sunsilk shampoo. i very vain, is disgusting. afternoon went to ikea and i pimped up my room summore! now i have a sheepskin throwrug! omg! how to not film porn movie! and now i... work. so that has been my weekend, and it has been quite a good one. and now i shall stop here. and oh this is so boring.

ok if you have been patient and laboured all the way to the end, here is your reward:

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