Thursday, September 4, 2008

campus life

has been good so far, even though it's been just two days. good though, not great. however, good is already great for someone like me so... there you go.

my classes are bloody awesome again. here is a list, cos i feel indulgent.
- 20th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature and the Search for Identity (cos must keep up the francais)
- Elementary Korean (^.^)
- College of Letters Colloquium: War and Its Consequences in 20th Century Europe
- Advanced Taiko (double ^.^)
- Microecon (-.-)
- Forensic Geology (bullshit science class but is basically CSI with rocks. and that is always fun, no?)

i have settled in so well that i feel absolutely no need to step out of my comfort zone. This morning, i woke up early and ate cereal and watched Tyra before class. in the afternoon, i went to the gym with shirin. in between, had 2 hour chat with nicolas. somin just left my house. during work, kohei came over and philosophized at me about the difference between pleasure and happiness. i had my first korean class this morning. it was awesome. i gawked at the cutest korean freshman during lunch. i also chatted with jerrine briefly online, which was very very nais. yesterday, siyou came over at night and just sat. we talked very happily. had work at night, rudi and shirin came to disturb. before that i had dinner with siyou and paul and talked about 'let's get physics-cal'. before that, sat in school centre with isaac and talked about nipple tattoos and lesbian posters. two days ago i watched a scary movie in my house with houesmates. The Mist. it is quite fucky, and irritating cos the monsters were tentacles and that is just not scary. but it was fun. before that, i went to a tag sale briefly with linda and dan and got free hangers. a korean hugged me ^.^ i have also almost finished unpacking. now, to buy new furniture and DECORATE!

in conclusion, i will have no new friends this year. but whatever. harharhar.

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