Monday, September 1, 2008


despite my initial trepidation and downright misery about coming back to the land of the annoyingly free and, well, school, i must say it has been a comfortingly nice first day back. while hauling ass into my new house (:D) with my HUGE ROOM, carlo was there, taking a nap on the couch at 5pm like ahpek. hauled a bit more, and eric came out of his room rubbing his head. then mikako came down and gave me soap. then somin ran into the house and jumped on me. then shirin called. then went to dinner and shouted at a few more people. then hung out in shirin's room with rudi and nicolas for a bit. and now i am sitting in my living room with the tv on (WE HAVE 4. ZOMG. can have one for the boys and their porn -.-) waiting for people to come over later for wine even though i am kind of dying from jetlag.

SO. what i'm trying to say is... i'm comfortably happy right now, though i know this unfamiliar feeling of contentment will not last and i will start moaning in a few days time about having no privacy and too much homework and not having real friends but for the moment, i shall bask in this... rather pleasant feeling.

ok eric brew tea alr. shall go and drink.
and shit. no wine. ok shall sleep at 10pm on my first day back. win. bye!

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