Saturday, August 30, 2008

and so it ends

this summer has been so awesome without me trying to make it so. ergo, i will never get one so simple and happy and good, ever again.

oh dear.

today was a nice last day to have at home, with suitable amounts of comfortable companionship and an unexpected, but very pleasant jolt of new company. so the day started when i dragged my ass out of bed to meet felicia in orchard where we went to macs to beg for leftover breakfast mcgriddles. we succeeded. i then proceeded to break her camera, because i seem to be afflicted by bodily protrusions that prove to be so calamitous for me. aka, very flail-ly limbs. and then she went to meet her trio of japanese minions, and i tagged along shamelessly. so i met yuya and sekki, two very interesting japanese young male specimens. brought them for far east chicken rice (which they tried to eat with chopsticks! !!!) amidst very stilted but entertaining exchanges, amazed them with the colour and variety of agar-agar at the fruit store (sekki: they are the colour of... danger!) and then left them to meet christine, but not before the two boys quietly gave us little gifts of food.

me and christine then spent a nice 2 hours talking and eating and walking and eating and talking, in that order. it was very nice :) i love talking. and eating. not so much walking, though.

and then christine had to answer the call of academia and after shamelessly meeting felicia and the minions again, headed on down to simei for some grocery shopping for the japanese curry feast at naomin's house. me nat sk naomin fought about knives and mushrooms and potatoes, but the food got cooked and we had a very nice homely dinner. after which naomin the sexy drove us back to my place and we... ate again. talked about everything from 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' to death to tongues to introverts vs extroverts to ghosts to mothers. a... good night, i must say. a very good night.

and now i go to sleep cos i must waketh in 5 hours. oh the humanity.

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