Friday, August 22, 2008

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i think i have gotten used to being a nomad. shuttling between two places for the most part of the year, trying to create a new life there while attempting to maintain and varnish the one at home isn't as trying or difficult as i imagined it to be. or maybe i just have this dubious ability of being able to severe ties and forget people and things i love. whatever it is, the idea of the impending year without the safety net of the knowledge that i'll see my home, my family and my friends, again leaves me surprisingly accepting and inert. i am perhaps making too big a deal of what is mere routine for the majority of my foreignly-schooled peers, but to my over-hyped and annoyingly aware brain, once again i find myself wishing for that little extra depth of emotion and irrational yearning for my life here.

that is not to say however, that i will not miss you all (you know who you are) like a fat bitch after i'm gone. my heart just doesn't know it yet.

aaaaaaand... now on to the recounts!

on tues i ran 5k. woo. was too tired to do anything else in the afternoon so i just dragged my lardass out in the evening to meet jas and char at bugis. brought them to eat ayam penek. got lost, but was worth it. spent a nice long 2 hrs or so bemoaning, and laughing bitterly, at life. very healthy. after that met luke keith sarah and later siyou at haji lane for some shisha at a very dubious establishment. after that couldn't bear to leave siyou so we had bean curd in another dubious establishment in little india. a very exotic night la.

the beginning of wednesday was spent the way a sloth would. that is to say, i oozed around my house until naomin came in the evening, and went for run. 6k now. go me! after that nat came over and we had our long-awaited, annual popiah party. ate until shat. ok not that gross sorry. but ate A LOT. CHICKEN WINGS GALORE. SHIOK. talked about life and crap and everything in between and missed sk and was generally very happy and hazy.

thurs i trekked all the way to the rural rolling hills of NUS to meet the motley crew of karen nat naomin and felicia. julia even made a surprise appearance. i marveled at the relative... uniqueness of the school and its attendant specimens. singapore fashion rOxXxX, i must say.

and today, i leave the haven of my house for the delightful lights and noise of the fireworks festival with christine and joy, then the scary lights and noise of zouk to see my moh-dell friends strut their stuff, then perhaps some cooling jazz will deign to be part of the night.


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