Thursday, November 29, 2007

why i am liddis. why.


omg. really leh. come college the life become like... dog.

but neh mind. jelly friend jerrine also sleep from 3-7pm yesterday so all is right with the world. can commiserate about everything, cos everything is same.

just now had shiok phone call with her again. here is how a portion of it went, if don't understand, neh mind. i also don't understand.

jerrine: eh sam i don't tell you things alr ah...
me: EH don't liddat la, jerrine, eh jerrine, tell la, jerrine... eh mai anikuan la... jerrine, eh jerrine... eh pls la, jerrine... tell me la, jerrine...
j: EEEEEEE my ear itchy alr!!!!... samantha, don't do this la... samantha... eh samantha.. why you like that... i don't tell you things ah, samantha, eh... samantha...
me: HAHAHA SHUTUPSHUTUP i also itchy.

ok we went on for... too long. BUT SO FUN RIGHT. DO IT PLS. will put... ugly gummy smile on face one.

oh actually today got reason for taking siao nap. last night... slept at freaking 4 am. cos why? cos looking at korean girls with korean boy. i am... best student in the world la.


ok panic attack over. it is 1.49am and i am damn awake and full cos just got birthday party so i think i shall go disturb ppl who are working. turrah.

Monday, November 26, 2007


have been in the library since 3pm, and all i have done is to.. plan essay. oh but got nice interlude of siyou's impromptu birthday dinner (with koreans! orz) (orz is a picture of a man bowing. so korean right. i love it. somin teach one.) at vietnamese restaurant in, where else, main street. (gah. back to the doldrums.)

so, siyou spent her birthday with me somin nate sue eric and jongmin. bought an icecream pie and we consumed it in... SCIENCE LIBRARY. win. azns... win.

and also got interlude of romanian curses. one curse in romania, i kid you not, literally translates to: slide on ice to your midwife! i love the specificity la. midwife all evil one leh.

ok now must go finish essay on duplicity in nabokov's novel.
as eric says: wo de nao hen huai. (my brain very bad.)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

the wonder that is new york.

just got back from NY and i am missing it alr. omg. the past few days in the city have been freaking glorious.

main. street. sucks.

v tired and sian cos tmr must wake up and complete shitload of homework, so this will be short. or not. i tend to ramble on these things, like i am doing now. ok stop.

so. wed me and shirin arrived in NY and missed the columbia stop on our very first stint on the subway. (digression. at grand central i was so excited at seeing shiny things and people from the real world that i jumped around, in public. just a little.) in the end, we arrived at columbia unscathed and met rachel!!!!! WAS GREAT.

(there is a freaking asian supermarket 4 min away from her dorm. WE HAVE TO TRAVEL 40 MIN. bitchassshitwankcrappoo.)

went for dinner at awesome chinese restaurant at chinatown and met up with siyou, and a whole bunch of other ny ppl, including dione and nicole!


DAMMIT. MUST HAVE IT AGAIN LA. the soup inside... just as i remembered. zomg.
after that walked to nyu and had damn good shisha at Horus, some small nyu pub thingum. (again, i must stress that main. street. sucks.) first time i got a tad high on hookah. shiok sia. then after a while i started hacking after each hit so... damn loser la. the place very nice though!

after that, adjourned to desmond's FREAKING NICE FRAT APARTMENT to play mario/asshole daidi. omg. his apartment got bloody doorman and gilt doors and parquet floor and shit. amazing. i live in a hovel lor.

thurs, woke up at freaking 2pm so we had two hours of daylight. had great panini at cafe, evening went to sanur for THESE BAD BABIES:

after photo:

just so you didn't get it frm the pictures, we had satay, tissue prata, chicken rice, laksa (LAKSA LEH), and charkwayteow. (no haam, BUT WHATEVS MAN. WHATEVS.) wheehee. ate until mouth oily and stomach big.

saw this in chinatown, couldn't resist:

(only fiends will unnerstand hor, sorry to the remainder of my pathetic readership of bout 2 ppl.)

after that, walked around times square for a bit. THE LIGHTS. MAKE ME DAMN HAPPY. christmas displays in macy's were damn chio.

next day woke up at blood 5.30am for the black friday sales at macy's. was freaking CRAZY la, but i got like 7 tops for under 100 bucks! and ugg-like boots from aldo for 50 bucks! shiok, the saving of money while spending it like a bitch is a v shiok feeling.
met up with thomas, who spent the rest of the day with us. evening us and rachel's friend wen went to this gorgeous little family-run italian restaurant in soho (boho part of soho (heehee. rhyme leh.) is very very pretty. omg. so many little vintage-y shops ok can spend whole day there yourself just walking. love.) with the best food ever!

i must emphasize. THE BEST FOOD EVER. i had black squid ink noodles with shrimp, crabmeat, scallops in garlic white wine sauce. HOW TO NOT VOMIT WITH THE BEAUTY HUH, HOW. then after that got gorgeous tiramisu also. this is how happy we were, siyou represent:

(can't see my amazing plate of black goodness, but it is there. it existed. i miss it leh, dammit. omg dunno what the hell i am saying now.)

thomas looking very hongkong.

after that, must burn calories right, cos the carbs were insane, SO WE WENT ICE SKATING AT BRYANT PARK ZOMGZOMG SO FUN. seriously, one of my dreams since young is to iceskate in ny in winter (with lover. but no lover, so 4 friends will have to do la hor. harharhar. life.). anyway. fell down 3 times and ice coat butt like siao but falling down was damn fun!

'ice-skate palZZZZ' -siyou

went back to dorm, thomas crashed, much hooha was made over a pair of tights and unnecessary sights, fell asleep damn soundly cos two hours of iceskating is no joke hor thanks.

today, woke up too late to go to the Met, so just wandered around campus taking pictures, wandered into a gorgeous cathedral and then sorta drifted to the infamous hungarian pastry shop on amsterdam avenue and had great chocolatey things. forgot names alr, suffice to say there was much chocolate in cold weather. shiokness.

i love wandering around. i want to be a wanderer when i grow up.

so pritty right, columbia! wah lau. transfer la, transfer.

ok now it is 3am and i am sleepy so goodnight.
ps. new york freaking rocks. cannot take it. i change my life goal alr. now, it is to become carrie bradshaw.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

spreading the joy.

i have dulan paper due tomorrow, so i can't really learn any new singlish tonight =( have a shiok thanksgiving! <- eli's (very white boy's) facebook email to me.

mmph. one of my duties as singsoc president. success.

for shirin

so today in french TA session we were supposed to run as president and prime minster in pairs.

I was president. Shirin was prime minister.

Our election win la.

We start of with dance in fraulein costume to... loosen up the masses.

Then... propose to change colour of Wesleyan from red to blue, COS BLUE IS LIBERAL AND BRINGS OUT THE COLOUR OF OUR EYES.

then... slogan is SACRE BLEU.

and parting sentence is... PLS VOTE FOR THE ASIANS.


ps. i won the elections, btw.



ok update. so sian. don't wanna read then nvm.

fri went for horseriding again. near death experience, when the horse i was leading out of paddock bolted and dragged me with it and i went flying v unglamly into mud. HORSE PWN ME LEH. anyway we shall forget bout that.

came back, watched Jaws the musical, which was funny shit. it is brainspoil kind of funny. got... emo shark and rapping fisherman and man with fetish for salmon. i love the wesleyan brains la. went for equestrian meeting, watched national velvet which is, guess what, horse movie. went to triple A for late night, ate again. went to fauver party aka asian party. damn fun, cos can dance to spice girls and nsync. after everybody left, korean eric was left singing 'a whole new world' into a vodka bottle. the coolness win.

slept at 3am, woke up two hours later to go to horse show. from 5am to 5pm, i stood in sub zero degree weather and... held horses and cleaned their shit. had mexican dinner with horse ppl, came back and took nap at 8pm cos brain shortwired and couldn't function. missed post horseshow party. woke up at 11 and watched scent of a woman with somin sue and nate. missed church on sun morning, watched oedipus rex in the evening.

the greek chorus wore masks and were pregnant. effective, but gross. something about pregnancy just revolts me. this is not a healthy sentiment, but whatever.

ok that was my weekend.


after thanksgiving, there's only three more weeks of school. DAMN EXCITED TO GO HOME ZOMG. but school pass damn fast, quite sad also eh.

oh, if all goes according to plan and i get all my courses, here is my awesome schedule for next sem. will die and will not talk to ppl for 5 months with job and water polo season and equestrian season but for the time being, V EXCITE!

- Francophone Uses of America in Literature and Film OR European Intellectual History to the Renaissance
- Quantitative Methods in Economics (ok this is the only blemish in my academic life la. stupid econs. stupid.)
- Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, Worlds
- French Composition and Conversation
- History of Rock and R&B
- West African Dance I/Steel Band

ok i look like i have no goal in life hahaha. i still haven't learnt anything about the great philosophers in the western canon or literature in the romantic period or international government policies. so much to learn omg i never wanna leave school.

all i have learnt this sem is... how to use a telescope, how to run around a room without hitting anyone, how to study motifs, the difference between the french beauty and the beast and the disney one, and a bit of econs.

if a robber comes up to me and points gun at my face and... asks me to point out a retrograde planet in the night sky, I WILL SURVIVE. take that.

ok i think i have to... do homework now. got essay due after thanksgiving. meh.

Friday, November 16, 2007


me: i hate econs
jaime: then don't take it! look, i'll call your father for you and say 'look, mr lee. econs is a crock of shit. you don't want your daughter selling her soul for some half-assed multinational co-op'.
me: er, my father works for citibank.
jaime: oh.

amit took a yr off school to live in Israel, volunteering at an orphanage.
'it was SICK'

paul is taking soph yr off to volunteer in bolivian orphanage, just to learn spanish and immerse himself in culture. then going to work for a concert management company.
'i told my parents, i'm doing this with or without your consent'

luke is taking junior yr off to work/travel in india.

i am... taking econs. my mother is trying to make me accelerate my studies. a yr off to travel would give my father a hernia.

paul: sam, if you say 'fuck this shit. i'm not taking econs and i'm quitting school' i'll remember you for the rest of my life.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

smeagol is freeeee!

nyeheheh. i suddenly miss lord of the rings.
(oh and, the title actually means something. I am smeagol, and i am free.)(er, not free from the evil clutches of the ring, but from the evil clutches of homework. UNTIL THANKSGIVING. WOO.)

pls watch the above. pls. lotr in... hokkien win all other lotrs.

oh. and romanian showed me this... priceless site.
it features singing horses. pls go thanks.

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Vladimir Nabokov

Then, after dinner, he would go back to his rooms, or perhaps make his way with some silent companion to the little cinema on the market place where a Wild West film would be shown, or Charlie Chaplin stiffly trotting away from the big wicked man and skidding on the street corner.

Then, after three or four terms of this sort of thing a curious change came over Sebastian. He stopped enjoying what he thought he ought to enjoy and serenely turned to what really concerned him. Outwardly, this change resulted in his dropping out of the rhythm of college life.
"I must confess," said [Sebastian's friend] as he stroked a soft blue cat, "I must confess that Sebastian rather pained me at that particular period of our friendship. Missing him in the lecture hall, I would go to his rooms and find him still in bed, curled up like a sleeping child... He would only grunt in reply to my energetic greeting, not deigning even to change his position."

but not as literarily well-endowed, dammit.

in other news, i love nabokov. he writes like an angel, really. no other word to describe, cos i am not him. i would love studying his books forever and pull out every single allusion to every single thing he makes in them.

literature is essentially the psychological unraveling of the author's entire brain. which is damn freaking fun. be psychologist for what, normal ppl's problems all damn boring. crazy dead authors more exciting.

ok this will be damn long and self-indulgent post cos this is the freest i have been since school has started and i have settled into school life and started to 'turn serenely to what really concerns me'... LIKE UGLY BETTY.

yesterday after hellish astro exam i went back to room and just watched 3 straight hours of ugly betty. SHIOK OK. i love MARK ZOMG. pretty little fey man. whee.

didn't see anyone the entire day so i went to wesshop and saw jega and we walked aimlessly around school, cos both don't wanna do work. went to his hall lounge watched the biggest loser for a while and laughed at the fat ppl in sports bras. (ok karma is coming to bite me in my ass v v soon.)

today we very excitingly ordered in northern indian food from main street - lamb curry, shrimp curry, chicken marsala and pannat paneer, garlic naan and basmati rice. EAT UNTIL DAMN HAPPY ZOMG. wah lau. winter i am SO gonna do this everyday and die from carb overload BUT WHATEVS. too shiok to live alr. me shirin siyou jega linda and later thomas and dan eat until never talk and mouths oily. woo.

that, and talking to jerrine on the phone just now, made my day man.

anyway. i am seriously considering not majoring in econs, but i only say this to make myself happy cos i know i will in the end. father's stamp of doom: you better learn to like econs ah. if not be prepared to lower your sights in the job market.

sianz :( i would love to just study nabokov and cultural perspectives and italian art history and youth culture and chinese anthropological history and androgyny in literature and not have to touch statistics and supply curves and constant returns to scale. but, such is life as asian. must accept.

on to other things. i have just joined ballroom dancing class. so fun! with equestrian and water polo and argus, i am booked for life. no friends also nehmind alr. hah.

one guy in my hall is leaving school cos of 'chronic fatigue'.
i think i have chronic fatigue too. that, or napping 5 hours a day is just my attempt at hibernation.

omg my hallmate stole a couch from the library. hahahahahaha it is sitting in his room, looking like Joey's Rosita. i love it.

ooh. hallmates are lying on top of each other in the hall. better go see what happen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


HEEHEE. got astro midterm to study for but i must say this:


Sunday, November 11, 2007


nothing to say, except life is ok.

ee. that must be the worst rhyme ever.

my wesid and room key were lost last night and found this morning. THANK THE GODS. felt like cripple ok omg damn irritating. roommate locked me out of room AFTER I CAME OUT FROM SHOWER so life was quite funny this morning.

but i found 20 bucks on the ground so life sorta picked up.

but now i am studying (in the loosest, loosest sense of the word) for econs tmr so life is sorta going down again.

fri night was a waste of time. went around campus doing various stupid things then fell asleep while watching 3oo in erwin's room cos someone came up with grand idea of drinking a shot everytime the word 'sparta' or any of its derivatives came up during the movie.

seriously, college brings the word 'banal' to a whole new level.

oh but had a nice chill time in j's room where we smoked tobacco-less, nicotine-less, organic shisha. essentially, wasn't shisha alr. haha.

last night went for expresiones concert, which was a bunch of performances put up by the latino community in wesleyan. me and shirin were awed by the amount of hip-movement that goes into each dance - somehow it seems physically impossible for asians in general. oh well, i was generally thankful that i'm being exposed to so many cultures alien to singapore - no where else can i come into contact with so many vibrant, passionate communities.

ok mushy time over, back to diminishing returns to labour, which essentially summarizes my relationship with econs very, very well.

Monday, November 5, 2007

i just cannot do work anymore

wah lau really damn fat alr. the reason i keep procrastinating skyping my parents is if they see me my father will say 'eh sam you think you hamster izzit' and my mother will say 'oh. sam.' and i don't want to hear it.

do you know they sell fried pork skin here in packets. will clog heart and brain and intestines and anus but whatever. omg i really think i will return to singapore as a sack of ghee.

let me tell you about my very cool sat night.

was singapore dinner. me siyou shirin (affectionately (harhar) referred to by our seniors as SSS) cooked EXCELLENT meepok da!!!!! omg. i am damn proud of myself ok. we boiled the shrimp-egg noodles in chicken broth then strained them. then boiled fishballs and chinese mushrooms. and opened can of taogay. then we mixed the dry noodles with dark sauce, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili and a whole SHITLOAD of the wonder that is sesame oil. OMG. really taste like real thing ok!!!!!! ok i am damn excited and happy with myself so pls indulge the excess of exclamation marks k thx.

mark who is a super senior and thus the head of the wesleyan singaporean community hierarchy said the meepok was 'just like home'. nyehehehehehe. can quit school set up stall in newton alr.

(in other random news, last night i smelt skunk everywhere i went. skunk spray smells like rotten sesame oil, fyi. cool right. one thing i must do before i die is to smell real skunk spray. it is essential life experience.)

luke cooked EXCELLENT roast pork ZOMG i think about it can cry with the delight. the skin damn crispy and the fat infuse through the meat and the meat is soft and lovely and.... whoo. but the pig really damn fat leh. even the animals here are obese.

then after everybody left i stayed behind for a while to... cook rice. and the rice cooker is some cock shit so i had to stay there for DAMN long until cannot tahan.

then went to japan hall for a while where i didn't know anyone so me and nate ended up playing... mariokart on gamecube. (i suck, btw. always dunno how to use the mushrooms to turbocharge one. ok no one cares.)

then went back to chinese house to.... carve pumpkin until 2am with ruby and nate. hahahahaa. SIAO ok. delayed reaction to halloween. omg. we carved a snail and a one-eyed lame giraffe on the pumpkin. i really should start taking pictures man.

nate: i really want a flying squirrel right now.

then... i went back to my dorm and sat in hallmate's room until 4am until i fainted.

amit: you know what would be great. a dog as big as a bear. i would sit on it.
me: invent one.
amit: ok. let's cross breed a sun bear and a st bernard.

i dunno why wesleyan guys like animals so much.


i wrote that on sun when i was procrastinating as usual and i was too lazy to click 'publish post' so... here it is. wahlau what a boring sentence, soz.

anyway. i'm kinda getting used to the transient, fleeting friendships and connections that define university. am happy in my little bubble of singaporeans, flanked by various international people, with peripheral angmohs floating in the background. HAHAHA. i must draw a picture. will be damn funny.

peripheral angmohs floating. mmph.

just wasted 2 hours in library again learning about j's sexploits on and off campus. very interesting, the life. what i would give to be a gay boy :(

we were talking about... racism.

me: wahlau i hate the fuckers who egg ppl. we should throw something back. azn pride man!
siyou: throw... banana!
me: throw wanton la!

j: people call me potato queen cos i like white men.
me: like chinese call what.
j: rice queen. like indian, call curry queen.
shirin: then like malay?
me: tempeh queen.
s: rojak queen.
j: pulot queen.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

an excellent day,

to quote siyou.

didn't have to stress about econs, cos copied all the night before, with thomas' excellent help.
had excellent lunch at weswings with dirty talk with linda rudi elena.
horseriding was damn good. the horse listened to me and didn't step on my foot. i trotted, excellently.
had excellent dinner of cereal while watcing grey's.
watched excellent (well, ish) dance concert with sarah.
went to fauver to play excellent game, apple to apple. apparently, communists = shiny and pond scum = hardworking. james won with the communist card. i dunno what i am typing.
went to 200church (not real church hor, will be smote) to watch excellent (well, only cos we made fun of all the serious parts) spanish gay thug movie with shirin siyou dan jega thomas.
(in the movie, one of the thugs don't wanna have sex cos he believe his semen is holy and he must save it for god. teeheehee.)
was on the way to find nate and co, when was tipped off about illicit, but excellent singaporean gathering in triple A.
went to find A and L and TX... in excellently happy states.
it was thus a night of... new experiences but jerrine, same thing happen to me ie nothing and i had to mother ppl a bit. so sian. now brain cells die for nothing. WHY OUR BODIES SO LIDDAT AH. ok that part not so excellent la.

ok then finish.
must wake up in 5 hours to play tennis with nate. and must cook meepok tmr night. wheeheehee. i love singapore!

i sleepy until finger shiver. not good. bye.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

why did i watch the exorcist, why.

i find it amazing what the average human can find to entertain himself with within the confines of a rural college campus.

college seems to be one long stream of ceaseless movie watching. today, i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which was good in a trippy weird way. then at midnight, watched the freaking exorcist, cos halloween. so must.

i... hate monsters. this is why i am refusing to sleep at 2.59am. wah lau. i was hungry and weak after the movie ok, cos had to expend a lot of energy to close ears and squint at the screen. so loser.

in other news, i have decided on my major! (other than the ubiquitous, mandatory bitch, Econs.) Romance studies, with an emphasis on French. This means i have to start on Spanish next yr, which is also exciting shit. Hee.

AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW YORK. rachel's blog makes me drool on my mac keyboard condom, which is messy and gross. BUT OMG TO BE IN A 5 MILE RADIUS AMONG BUILDINGS MORE THAN 2 STOREYS TALL IS... ASDL;FKASFHJSAFASDFJHADLSKF. must... have... buildings...