Sunday, November 25, 2007

the wonder that is new york.

just got back from NY and i am missing it alr. omg. the past few days in the city have been freaking glorious.

main. street. sucks.

v tired and sian cos tmr must wake up and complete shitload of homework, so this will be short. or not. i tend to ramble on these things, like i am doing now. ok stop.

so. wed me and shirin arrived in NY and missed the columbia stop on our very first stint on the subway. (digression. at grand central i was so excited at seeing shiny things and people from the real world that i jumped around, in public. just a little.) in the end, we arrived at columbia unscathed and met rachel!!!!! WAS GREAT.

(there is a freaking asian supermarket 4 min away from her dorm. WE HAVE TO TRAVEL 40 MIN. bitchassshitwankcrappoo.)

went for dinner at awesome chinese restaurant at chinatown and met up with siyou, and a whole bunch of other ny ppl, including dione and nicole!


DAMMIT. MUST HAVE IT AGAIN LA. the soup inside... just as i remembered. zomg.
after that walked to nyu and had damn good shisha at Horus, some small nyu pub thingum. (again, i must stress that main. street. sucks.) first time i got a tad high on hookah. shiok sia. then after a while i started hacking after each hit so... damn loser la. the place very nice though!

after that, adjourned to desmond's FREAKING NICE FRAT APARTMENT to play mario/asshole daidi. omg. his apartment got bloody doorman and gilt doors and parquet floor and shit. amazing. i live in a hovel lor.

thurs, woke up at freaking 2pm so we had two hours of daylight. had great panini at cafe, evening went to sanur for THESE BAD BABIES:

after photo:

just so you didn't get it frm the pictures, we had satay, tissue prata, chicken rice, laksa (LAKSA LEH), and charkwayteow. (no haam, BUT WHATEVS MAN. WHATEVS.) wheehee. ate until mouth oily and stomach big.

saw this in chinatown, couldn't resist:

(only fiends will unnerstand hor, sorry to the remainder of my pathetic readership of bout 2 ppl.)

after that, walked around times square for a bit. THE LIGHTS. MAKE ME DAMN HAPPY. christmas displays in macy's were damn chio.

next day woke up at blood 5.30am for the black friday sales at macy's. was freaking CRAZY la, but i got like 7 tops for under 100 bucks! and ugg-like boots from aldo for 50 bucks! shiok, the saving of money while spending it like a bitch is a v shiok feeling.
met up with thomas, who spent the rest of the day with us. evening us and rachel's friend wen went to this gorgeous little family-run italian restaurant in soho (boho part of soho (heehee. rhyme leh.) is very very pretty. omg. so many little vintage-y shops ok can spend whole day there yourself just walking. love.) with the best food ever!

i must emphasize. THE BEST FOOD EVER. i had black squid ink noodles with shrimp, crabmeat, scallops in garlic white wine sauce. HOW TO NOT VOMIT WITH THE BEAUTY HUH, HOW. then after that got gorgeous tiramisu also. this is how happy we were, siyou represent:

(can't see my amazing plate of black goodness, but it is there. it existed. i miss it leh, dammit. omg dunno what the hell i am saying now.)

thomas looking very hongkong.

after that, must burn calories right, cos the carbs were insane, SO WE WENT ICE SKATING AT BRYANT PARK ZOMGZOMG SO FUN. seriously, one of my dreams since young is to iceskate in ny in winter (with lover. but no lover, so 4 friends will have to do la hor. harharhar. life.). anyway. fell down 3 times and ice coat butt like siao but falling down was damn fun!

'ice-skate palZZZZ' -siyou

went back to dorm, thomas crashed, much hooha was made over a pair of tights and unnecessary sights, fell asleep damn soundly cos two hours of iceskating is no joke hor thanks.

today, woke up too late to go to the Met, so just wandered around campus taking pictures, wandered into a gorgeous cathedral and then sorta drifted to the infamous hungarian pastry shop on amsterdam avenue and had great chocolatey things. forgot names alr, suffice to say there was much chocolate in cold weather. shiokness.

i love wandering around. i want to be a wanderer when i grow up.

so pritty right, columbia! wah lau. transfer la, transfer.

ok now it is 3am and i am sleepy so goodnight.
ps. new york freaking rocks. cannot take it. i change my life goal alr. now, it is to become carrie bradshaw.

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