Thursday, November 15, 2007

smeagol is freeeee!

nyeheheh. i suddenly miss lord of the rings.
(oh and, the title actually means something. I am smeagol, and i am free.)(er, not free from the evil clutches of the ring, but from the evil clutches of homework. UNTIL THANKSGIVING. WOO.)

pls watch the above. pls. lotr in... hokkien win all other lotrs.

oh. and romanian showed me this... priceless site.
it features singing horses. pls go thanks.

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Vladimir Nabokov

Then, after dinner, he would go back to his rooms, or perhaps make his way with some silent companion to the little cinema on the market place where a Wild West film would be shown, or Charlie Chaplin stiffly trotting away from the big wicked man and skidding on the street corner.

Then, after three or four terms of this sort of thing a curious change came over Sebastian. He stopped enjoying what he thought he ought to enjoy and serenely turned to what really concerned him. Outwardly, this change resulted in his dropping out of the rhythm of college life.
"I must confess," said [Sebastian's friend] as he stroked a soft blue cat, "I must confess that Sebastian rather pained me at that particular period of our friendship. Missing him in the lecture hall, I would go to his rooms and find him still in bed, curled up like a sleeping child... He would only grunt in reply to my energetic greeting, not deigning even to change his position."

but not as literarily well-endowed, dammit.

in other news, i love nabokov. he writes like an angel, really. no other word to describe, cos i am not him. i would love studying his books forever and pull out every single allusion to every single thing he makes in them.

literature is essentially the psychological unraveling of the author's entire brain. which is damn freaking fun. be psychologist for what, normal ppl's problems all damn boring. crazy dead authors more exciting.

ok this will be damn long and self-indulgent post cos this is the freest i have been since school has started and i have settled into school life and started to 'turn serenely to what really concerns me'... LIKE UGLY BETTY.

yesterday after hellish astro exam i went back to room and just watched 3 straight hours of ugly betty. SHIOK OK. i love MARK ZOMG. pretty little fey man. whee.

didn't see anyone the entire day so i went to wesshop and saw jega and we walked aimlessly around school, cos both don't wanna do work. went to his hall lounge watched the biggest loser for a while and laughed at the fat ppl in sports bras. (ok karma is coming to bite me in my ass v v soon.)

today we very excitingly ordered in northern indian food from main street - lamb curry, shrimp curry, chicken marsala and pannat paneer, garlic naan and basmati rice. EAT UNTIL DAMN HAPPY ZOMG. wah lau. winter i am SO gonna do this everyday and die from carb overload BUT WHATEVS. too shiok to live alr. me shirin siyou jega linda and later thomas and dan eat until never talk and mouths oily. woo.

that, and talking to jerrine on the phone just now, made my day man.

anyway. i am seriously considering not majoring in econs, but i only say this to make myself happy cos i know i will in the end. father's stamp of doom: you better learn to like econs ah. if not be prepared to lower your sights in the job market.

sianz :( i would love to just study nabokov and cultural perspectives and italian art history and youth culture and chinese anthropological history and androgyny in literature and not have to touch statistics and supply curves and constant returns to scale. but, such is life as asian. must accept.

on to other things. i have just joined ballroom dancing class. so fun! with equestrian and water polo and argus, i am booked for life. no friends also nehmind alr. hah.

one guy in my hall is leaving school cos of 'chronic fatigue'.
i think i have chronic fatigue too. that, or napping 5 hours a day is just my attempt at hibernation.

omg my hallmate stole a couch from the library. hahahahahaha it is sitting in his room, looking like Joey's Rosita. i love it.

ooh. hallmates are lying on top of each other in the hall. better go see what happen.

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