Saturday, November 3, 2007

an excellent day,

to quote siyou.

didn't have to stress about econs, cos copied all the night before, with thomas' excellent help.
had excellent lunch at weswings with dirty talk with linda rudi elena.
horseriding was damn good. the horse listened to me and didn't step on my foot. i trotted, excellently.
had excellent dinner of cereal while watcing grey's.
watched excellent (well, ish) dance concert with sarah.
went to fauver to play excellent game, apple to apple. apparently, communists = shiny and pond scum = hardworking. james won with the communist card. i dunno what i am typing.
went to 200church (not real church hor, will be smote) to watch excellent (well, only cos we made fun of all the serious parts) spanish gay thug movie with shirin siyou dan jega thomas.
(in the movie, one of the thugs don't wanna have sex cos he believe his semen is holy and he must save it for god. teeheehee.)
was on the way to find nate and co, when was tipped off about illicit, but excellent singaporean gathering in triple A.
went to find A and L and TX... in excellently happy states.
it was thus a night of... new experiences but jerrine, same thing happen to me ie nothing and i had to mother ppl a bit. so sian. now brain cells die for nothing. WHY OUR BODIES SO LIDDAT AH. ok that part not so excellent la.

ok then finish.
must wake up in 5 hours to play tennis with nate. and must cook meepok tmr night. wheeheehee. i love singapore!

i sleepy until finger shiver. not good. bye.

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