Friday, November 16, 2007


me: i hate econs
jaime: then don't take it! look, i'll call your father for you and say 'look, mr lee. econs is a crock of shit. you don't want your daughter selling her soul for some half-assed multinational co-op'.
me: er, my father works for citibank.
jaime: oh.

amit took a yr off school to live in Israel, volunteering at an orphanage.
'it was SICK'

paul is taking soph yr off to volunteer in bolivian orphanage, just to learn spanish and immerse himself in culture. then going to work for a concert management company.
'i told my parents, i'm doing this with or without your consent'

luke is taking junior yr off to work/travel in india.

i am... taking econs. my mother is trying to make me accelerate my studies. a yr off to travel would give my father a hernia.

paul: sam, if you say 'fuck this shit. i'm not taking econs and i'm quitting school' i'll remember you for the rest of my life.


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