Sunday, July 27, 2008

we are funny.

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Christine Sim wrote
at 1:43am on July 13th, 2008

Samantha Lee wrote
at 11:22am on July 13th, 2008
ah know. i'm a... beauteh. hahaha

Christine Sim wrote
at 11:55am on July 13th, 2008

Samantha Lee wrote
at 12:01pm on July 13th, 2008
that too.

Rachel Heng (Columbia) wrote
at 1:17pm on July 13th, 2008
shut up la

Jerrine Tan wrote
at 1:08am on July 15th, 2008
MY TURN. wait for it....

time for some good ol' fashioned recounting

today was a very nice and wholesome day. a recount is in order, even though it is boring. bear with me.

morning dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, 8am, to go all the way to ECP for cycling with church ppl. arrived one hour late at macs, and 2 people arrived after me, so i was absolved. cycled the usual route, had fun, then came home in the afternoon. had nice long busride, edwin said i was very... 'joyful to talk to'. that's nice, i guess. took nap. was woken by mother frantically waving the Wesleyan commencement magazine in my face cos... GOT FULL PAGE PICTURE OF ME PLAYING TAIKO. the expression on my face was... not very attractive, let's leave it at that. whai meeee. my whole life i have NEVER appeared in any school magazine in ANY capacity and now.. this monstrosity has invaded my calm, featureless life :(. anyway. nat and sk drove over to my house, very coolly, spent a long while looking through my clothes and touching my things, then went to serangoon for dinner at the market and yoghurt after. there was a very clever blind man busking at the market, and this is what he sang:
1. ji nang ji pua (one man on half)
2. some eric clapton song
3. pengyou
Three languages LEH. so clever. there were many old men around who kept clapping for him, and it was all very homely and heartwarming and i do not want to leave this constant comfort!!!

came back home, and started transcribing some research group meeting about parent teacher group shit. omg. it strikes you how BAD singaporean english is and how people all do not know what they are trying to say when you have to type down their every 'uhh... i think that this is.. i don't think that... uh... you know the children and the teacher uh... i think...'


now i am listening to Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell. it is very scottish and sad and poignant, and it makes me very very nostalgic for i dunno what. it also appears in the SATC movie, just for context's sake. nah, listen.

Friday, July 25, 2008


One of the favourite parts of my working day is its start and end. (The middle is just a stupefying, mind-numbing stretch of oh, eternity). I like the mornings, when everything is fresh and I am fresh and my clothes still smell nice and I plug in my Ipod and stomp off to work with Utada Hikaru blasting in my ears. And the evenings are exactly the same in reverse, with the impending presence of friends or family and social comfort. I walk the familiar route with my ubiquitous Ipod, shiftily observing and enjoying the familiar anonymity that comes with being in the same place at the same time every day but never seeing the same face twice. I gaze (surreptitiously, of bloody course) at the bare legs and strapped ankles, collared necklines and waxed hair of all the office-going specimens around me with unwaning interest. There is so much detail to be found in the seemingly mundane routine of commuting, and I am constantly surprised.

That said, we must all find something to infuse the daily doldrums with some semblance of variety, must we not. I wonder how long my simple wonder at this simple hobby will last.

Did You Know? The most number of chicken wings Naomin Tan has ever eaten at one go is twenty (20).

Also, BYEBYE ASHLYN! the next time i go mambo i will dedicate it to you <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is an unprecedented blogging spree.

today at work i was free, so i stalked andrea's blog, and i found this delightful little idea:

Google “[your name] needs”, with the quotes, and post the first ten (distinct)

and this is what i found:

Samantha needs a new life cause u r all sucking the life out of this one (hahaha)
Samantha needs adoptive parents who are willing to meet her needs for structure
Samantha needs to take a leak pretty bad apparently (that was true, btw)
This is Samantha Needs's public search listing on Facebook
Samantha needs to go live in her own castle
Samantha needs some hugs (so irritating this one)
Samantha needs $$$LM$$$ (TRUE)
Samantha Needs Help
Samantha needs some pixie thoughts (wtf)
Samantha Needs Sex to make her life tick. (ha. ha. ha.)

today at work it was so cold i peed 17 times.

after work at a nice loud noisy dinner at the very sec 2 taka kfc with nat naomin atiqah Christine ashlyn karen yogi, with talisman macdonalds french fries and poisonous chicken. then we adjourned (noisily and in clearly demarcated pairs) to some dessert place in the basement where we made too much noise and laughed too much.

now my stomach pain and i very tired. but it was vereh farn.
tmr night... kbox!
and it is exactly one week to cambodia. booyah.

last night i dusted off The Country Wife by Wycherley in a nostalgic (and bored) mood. Read quotes like 'your virtue is your greatest affectation, madam' made me miss studying books so in depth that you know every-single-thing about it, for no other purpose than to take an exam at the end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is why i love nat.

why. so. serious?


Yesterday, during the US university fair, I met the cutest little army boy in the world. This boy is not tall. He has a very clean, small face with small eyes. His complexion is pink and flawless. He speaks well, and softly. He is also gentle. His voice is neither high nor low, but smooth and kind. He has an older sister, and he looks like a Jared. I think he goes to church on Sundays, because he was well dressed at the fair. He is one year younger than me. His eyes disappear when he laughs. He does not like to study too hard, and wants to see the world. I bet my life he has a girlfriend. It makes me very inexplicably sad that I will never see him again. I have almost forgotten what he looks like, yet I have been thinking of him since yesterday with a little pang in my heart.

I suspect I am just clinging on to an image, just so my emotions can dust themselves off and stretch their wobbly legs.
I am a sick, sick being. Also known as siao.

Today, this phrase popped into my head suddenly: ‘It wearies me, you say it wearies you.’ Interesting.

about people being happy and contented because of wonderful and nice people in their lives makes me happy and contented about the wonderful and nice people in my life. I need external stimulation to make me grateful for things I should already be grateful for, but am not. What does that say about me.

By the way, I love Christian Bale. Also, Heath Ledger. Both of them are awesome and lovely and I cannot love them enough. I can demonstrate my love, however, by watching them two days in a row, which I have already done. And buying the pirated DVD from China, which I am going to do. And watching everything Christian Bale has ever acted in, except Reign of Fire, which sucks. And forgetting about Heath Ledger’s undignified foray into the cesspit that is The Knight’s Tale, which, and I think you’d agree, also sucks.

Ok sleepy. night.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


after a long hiatus, i am back due to popular demand. hello world!

nothing much to update cos my life revolves around the doldrumic wonder that is the OCBC tower. my day starts only after i leave the life-sapping lobbies at 6.30pm on the dot, but apart from that fascinating little nugget, here are some highlights:
- i owe my friends an obscene amount of cash. (BUT WILL BE PAID ON FRI, WORRY NOT)
- hellboy is a stupid and cool movie, and hellboy is fugly.
- i have regained my love for tennis.

(ok i must interrupt cos nip/tuck is on tv now and julia just kissed the midget and i have to go vomit a little.)(ok done)

- i hate feelings.
- i love that fact that i can see my friends for the first time after half a year and everything is the same
- i am going to cambodia!
- i am going to phuket!
- i love home so much i dunno how to write about it.
- i now know too much about the china banking system and its recent developments.
- ditto for taiwan.
- my ass has reached obscene proportions.
- i have found fellow mahjong noobs to practice with.
- i am seeing a lot of the people, of whom there are very few, who matter most.
- i still do not know what to do with my life.

nemo just licked my toe. heehee.
ok. i dunno why i do this. TATA.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


quote of the day (MY quote summore heh heh heh): in order to succeed in life, just don't do anything stupid.

spent the morning and early afternoon with christine and jerrine in the hospital, where jerrine now resides due to her out-of-commissioned hip. it was surprisingly fun amongst all the sickness and death, cos these little gems sneaked into the conversation:

'i kiap your nub then you know'
vajayjays (as usual)
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'oil'?'
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'ok'?'
the wise turtle in kungfu panda
'the bitty/digitalising'

ok that was written yesterday and then i ran out of steam so i went to watch japanese cyborg drama.

today was first day of work. had to shuffle to office and stop sheepishly at various eateries to fix bloody new shoes which were too loose for stupid feet. unglam to the maxXxXxX ok. work was boring shiznit as usual, then tried to watch 21 at amk hub with andrew and his friend but stupid hub (liar lor) don't have so WE WATCH ZOHAN WHICH WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF 7.50 BUCKS I THINK I STARE AT TOE HAIR AND WATCH IT GROW MORE WU HUA OK.

after that, limped home. and here i am and this is boring so i shall leave you now bye.