Wednesday, July 16, 2008


after a long hiatus, i am back due to popular demand. hello world!

nothing much to update cos my life revolves around the doldrumic wonder that is the OCBC tower. my day starts only after i leave the life-sapping lobbies at 6.30pm on the dot, but apart from that fascinating little nugget, here are some highlights:
- i owe my friends an obscene amount of cash. (BUT WILL BE PAID ON FRI, WORRY NOT)
- hellboy is a stupid and cool movie, and hellboy is fugly.
- i have regained my love for tennis.

(ok i must interrupt cos nip/tuck is on tv now and julia just kissed the midget and i have to go vomit a little.)(ok done)

- i hate feelings.
- i love that fact that i can see my friends for the first time after half a year and everything is the same
- i am going to cambodia!
- i am going to phuket!
- i love home so much i dunno how to write about it.
- i now know too much about the china banking system and its recent developments.
- ditto for taiwan.
- my ass has reached obscene proportions.
- i have found fellow mahjong noobs to practice with.
- i am seeing a lot of the people, of whom there are very few, who matter most.
- i still do not know what to do with my life.

nemo just licked my toe. heehee.
ok. i dunno why i do this. TATA.

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