Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is an unprecedented blogging spree.

today at work i was free, so i stalked andrea's blog, and i found this delightful little idea:

Google “[your name] needs”, with the quotes, and post the first ten (distinct)

and this is what i found:

Samantha needs a new life cause u r all sucking the life out of this one (hahaha)
Samantha needs adoptive parents who are willing to meet her needs for structure
Samantha needs to take a leak pretty bad apparently (that was true, btw)
This is Samantha Needs's public search listing on Facebook
Samantha needs to go live in her own castle
Samantha needs some hugs (so irritating this one)
Samantha needs $$$LM$$$ (TRUE)
Samantha Needs Help
Samantha needs some pixie thoughts (wtf)
Samantha Needs Sex to make her life tick. (ha. ha. ha.)

today at work it was so cold i peed 17 times.

after work at a nice loud noisy dinner at the very sec 2 taka kfc with nat naomin atiqah Christine ashlyn karen yogi, with talisman macdonalds french fries and poisonous chicken. then we adjourned (noisily and in clearly demarcated pairs) to some dessert place in the basement where we made too much noise and laughed too much.

now my stomach pain and i very tired. but it was vereh farn.
tmr night... kbox!
and it is exactly one week to cambodia. booyah.

last night i dusted off The Country Wife by Wycherley in a nostalgic (and bored) mood. Read quotes like 'your virtue is your greatest affectation, madam' made me miss studying books so in depth that you know every-single-thing about it, for no other purpose than to take an exam at the end.

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