Sunday, July 27, 2008

time for some good ol' fashioned recounting

today was a very nice and wholesome day. a recount is in order, even though it is boring. bear with me.

morning dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, 8am, to go all the way to ECP for cycling with church ppl. arrived one hour late at macs, and 2 people arrived after me, so i was absolved. cycled the usual route, had fun, then came home in the afternoon. had nice long busride, edwin said i was very... 'joyful to talk to'. that's nice, i guess. took nap. was woken by mother frantically waving the Wesleyan commencement magazine in my face cos... GOT FULL PAGE PICTURE OF ME PLAYING TAIKO. the expression on my face was... not very attractive, let's leave it at that. whai meeee. my whole life i have NEVER appeared in any school magazine in ANY capacity and now.. this monstrosity has invaded my calm, featureless life :(. anyway. nat and sk drove over to my house, very coolly, spent a long while looking through my clothes and touching my things, then went to serangoon for dinner at the market and yoghurt after. there was a very clever blind man busking at the market, and this is what he sang:
1. ji nang ji pua (one man on half)
2. some eric clapton song
3. pengyou
Three languages LEH. so clever. there were many old men around who kept clapping for him, and it was all very homely and heartwarming and i do not want to leave this constant comfort!!!

came back home, and started transcribing some research group meeting about parent teacher group shit. omg. it strikes you how BAD singaporean english is and how people all do not know what they are trying to say when you have to type down their every 'uhh... i think that this is.. i don't think that... uh... you know the children and the teacher uh... i think...'


now i am listening to Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell. it is very scottish and sad and poignant, and it makes me very very nostalgic for i dunno what. it also appears in the SATC movie, just for context's sake. nah, listen.

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