Tuesday, July 1, 2008


quote of the day (MY quote summore heh heh heh): in order to succeed in life, just don't do anything stupid.

spent the morning and early afternoon with christine and jerrine in the hospital, where jerrine now resides due to her out-of-commissioned hip. it was surprisingly fun amongst all the sickness and death, cos these little gems sneaked into the conversation:

'i kiap your nub then you know'
vajayjays (as usual)
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'oil'?'
'jerrine, is your doctor's name 'ok'?'
the wise turtle in kungfu panda
'the bitty/digitalising'

ok that was written yesterday and then i ran out of steam so i went to watch japanese cyborg drama.

today was first day of work. had to shuffle to office and stop sheepishly at various eateries to fix bloody new shoes which were too loose for stupid feet. unglam to the maxXxXxX ok. work was boring shiznit as usual, then tried to watch 21 at amk hub with andrew and his friend but stupid hub (liar lor) don't have so WE WATCH ZOHAN WHICH WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF 7.50 BUCKS I THINK I STARE AT TOE HAIR AND WATCH IT GROW MORE WU HUA OK.

after that, limped home. and here i am and this is boring so i shall leave you now bye.

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