Friday, July 25, 2008


One of the favourite parts of my working day is its start and end. (The middle is just a stupefying, mind-numbing stretch of oh, eternity). I like the mornings, when everything is fresh and I am fresh and my clothes still smell nice and I plug in my Ipod and stomp off to work with Utada Hikaru blasting in my ears. And the evenings are exactly the same in reverse, with the impending presence of friends or family and social comfort. I walk the familiar route with my ubiquitous Ipod, shiftily observing and enjoying the familiar anonymity that comes with being in the same place at the same time every day but never seeing the same face twice. I gaze (surreptitiously, of bloody course) at the bare legs and strapped ankles, collared necklines and waxed hair of all the office-going specimens around me with unwaning interest. There is so much detail to be found in the seemingly mundane routine of commuting, and I am constantly surprised.

That said, we must all find something to infuse the daily doldrums with some semblance of variety, must we not. I wonder how long my simple wonder at this simple hobby will last.

Did You Know? The most number of chicken wings Naomin Tan has ever eaten at one go is twenty (20).

Also, BYEBYE ASHLYN! the next time i go mambo i will dedicate it to you <3

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