Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i am 21 and going to france

i don't think anyone reads this anymore. not even me. whatever. i shall now blog bout the past few days cos they have been very good and full ones, and i need to remember.

let us start on yacht day (i have lost all sense of time). in the morning, i went to nat's aunt's party with naomin, as two VERY EXTRA CHINESE GIRLS out on a CULTURAL ACTIVITY. never see aunt before, very out of place. nevertheless, cried when bride walked in, cos very pretty. siao ok. the tear ducts have problems. after that, went home to change and then it was dwayne's 21st on the yacht that never left the dock. of course, a crassy crassy affair was rendered much less so cos... we are disgusting ppl la. talk very loudly with beehoon and chicken wings in mouth etcetc. the usual. got a tad tipsy, then went back to dwayne's (with a very drunk dwayne) to play some rock band and pingpong while he... lay in his room la. we are horrible friends. but dwayne, if you read this, THE PARTY WAS VERY FUN HOR, AND I LIKE IT A LOT. THANKS.

the next day was the day before my birthday. had champagne brunch with jerrine rachel adeline shirin luke dwayne christine at shangri la's the line. again, crassy affair made very much less so cos of the loud talking and annoying photo taking. got nice prezzies. was very happy. food very good, eat until peng. after lunch, went back to dwayne's (again) with one or two drunken (christine) mishaps along the way, for more rock band. then rushed off to nat's farewell allllllll the way in tampines and met her two boiz, who are my New Best Buddies. then, family dinner at chinese restaurant where.. i ate again la. i kinda hate food now.

my birthday, was my VERY LOVELY HIGH TEA SURPRISE WITH NAOMIN AND NAT. I LOVE THE SURPRISE. I SWEAR. had coffee at TCC first as 'decoy', then i guessed my surprise, then we went for it. ate like fiend again, then rushed home to set up for wesleyan bbq, which turned out pretty nice and chill and relaxed, which was nice. got to see anand aditi conan mark shuwei and met chengxi and joel. drank more champagne, bitched about more ppl.

day after my birthday, met ashlyn and yogi for thwarted ramen and green tea ice cream. lucky christine allow. [(tampopo man: tomorrow) (inside joke. VERY FUNNY, trust me)]
ashlyn: life as a human is hard.
after very nice and funny lunch, went to island creamery to meet edwin and olivia, and very quickly adjourned to ollie's house for rock band 2, where i discovered edwin's weakness: rhythm :D i think i am a convert, though. i blame christine. and zen... off to city hall to meet jerrine for secret meeting where we fantasized and were overall very disgusting. had soft boiled eggs. veh nais. then went to airport to see nat and luke off, which was noisy and happy affair, then was fetched back and am now home and very very sleepy. so... goodnight world, and tmr night i will be in pareeeeeee. :D

so far, being 21 is very very nice :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas and all that

quick recaps... tuesday i met jasmine in the afternoon for bolt (THE HAMSTER. PLEASE WATCH BOLT FOR THE HAMSTER.) and xo noodles at, where else, amk hub. caught up and etc, and i showed her the most impt part of the hub: scarlet city. at night met family friends and some of their friends for japanese excellence at Botan and drinks at Blu Jaz after, where we met with disappointment and no live jazz.

wednesday was the day of the ill-fated tree top trail hike, which was rained on so i met nat and naomin at city hall for long awaited crab tang hoon at thai express where we argued over the bill, talked about islamic banking and cried. again. about balls. in the evening was church, then met jerrine and luke after for a could-be-funner zouk night which was nevertheless fun COS I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU, JERRINE AND LUKE.

and today, christmas day, was spent helping mother prepare for usual partay. i made the cranberry sauce. woo. had the whole spectrum of meat laid out for dinner: pork (sausages, ribs and ham), goose, turkey, chicken, duck and beef and i died with the meaty loveliness of it all. tried to watch transformers with edwin and calvin but was chased off. the after party was a long and squishy drive with the cousins to sembawang beach, just because i said the drive was nice and straight and the beach was dirty and dark. we had fun watching people try to fish and clambering around playgrounds, making homevideos and annoying campers, breathing the salty air and brushing scratchy sand off our feet, swinging and running and climbing and even vibrating, at one point. there is something about the night that inspires the tranquil, unapologetic childishness that i wish i could have in daylight. after that we drove to the other end of singapore for late night prata and enjoyed the straight stretch of green lights that only the night can offer us.

it seems that everything i do this holiday is veiled by a thin gauze of barely discernible sadness - sadness at leaving so soon, the selfish sadness of loneliness; i am not sure what it is. what i do know is that the tangible presence of friends cars playgrounds family food dancing familiarity is effectively sweeping this undesired, unwarranted annoyance far into the part of my brain that is duly uncovered whenever i am far from home. i doubt the healthiness of this self-defensive mechanism, but for the meantime... je m'en fous.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

god. it's good to be back

ok never blog for very very long so i must recap from very long ago but i am sick and sleepy so i shall do it quickly. last few days of school. when not spent studying, was spent quite nicely with friends whom i am not going to see for at least another 8 months to ever. hung out with nicolas, linda, dan, shirinandrudi, elena, paul, eric, erwin, sarah, ivy, iwan, kohei, nateandsue and of course siyou at various different meals, had a farewell partay where i took a lot of nice photos but after which my camera was stolen :((( and... that was it, actually. every other waking moment was spent packing or studying. not very fun at all.

aaaaaaand... NOW I AM AT HOME AND heeheehee i love life again. in the past 3 days i have had enough chill, nice, happy, friendly, familiar, lovely fun to fill about 2 months in wes. so on friday, arrived in the morning, FIRST THING I GOT WAS YOUZHA AND WARM SOYA BEAN WITH MOTHER. ah bliss. and then lunch with elizabeth and ming and their friends at cheap ass dimsum (which i got for free :D:D), got fetched home, took nap till dinner, then went to eat world's freaking best rojak at balestier with family. and then and then. FUN HAVEN'T END KNOW. went to meet luke and ky at island creamery, then was driven to holland v for wala wala and mr siva. stumbled home in jet-lagged, alcohol-enhanced tiredness and fell asleep for a blissful 12 hours.

saturday was dedicated to nat and naomin! i must say... i haven't laughed SO FUCKING MUCH IN OH, 5 MONTHS. we oozed in the heat from TCC in raffles city to suntec to nat's house, where we spent er... much time laughing until peng over the unbelievable ugliness of our 14-17 yr old selves. goddamn i was a fugly teenager. when we were tired our from all the laughing, we headed to Mr Prata, ate beehoon goreng (alsfalskfja;klfja;klfjafkjaf good. a;lskdfjalkfdjalkfjalkdfj) and laughed summore, until i had to come home because i was all laughed out and there were no more laughter tears in my tear ducts. i swear. it was a weird feeling.

today went to church and surprised many with my unexpected presence. it was nice being so... wamrly received. then lunch at maxwell with parents, where there was the AWESOME MAXWELL FISH SOUP I HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR SINCE WELL... OCTOBER. i died. didn't talk for 20 minutes. and zen... off to christine's house where jerrine very opportunely skyped us! met luke and his manchester friends at PS cafe, talked too much about rock band, then was very nicely given a lift to orchard to meet felicia for bout 4 hrs of bitchiness, had ayam penyet (:D:D:D) and am now at home, showered, sitting on bed with laptop and nemo next to me. HIYAH. THE NICENESS OF LIFE.

and much more fun to come, cos jerrine returns and rachel returns and cousins come to singapore and i go to clubmed bintan and another wes dinner and there is christmas and new yr and my 21st AND HIYAH. SO SHIOK :D

Friday, December 12, 2008


studying makes me think of everything else but.

so. i shall now list my three favourite smells in the world, ever.
1. fresh orange peel
2. lavender
3. horses

aaaaand... that's all, folks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the name of procrastination

I have sat in front of my computer for the entire day and the only time when my keyboard clacks so quickly and productively is when i am... blogging. ergo, it has not clacked quickly or productively all day :(((((.

ahead: packing my wesleyan life into boxes again, french final paper, COL final paper, korean final, econ final (DEATHDEATHDEATH), forensic geology final, frenetic meals with people i will not see for 8 months/1 yr/ever.

it is insane how long this semester has been and how it has flown by. i forget details of things that have happened at the begining of september, but the beginning of september seems just yesterday. memory is a strange thing.

had joint farewell party with erwin on monday night. almost everyone i wanted to come, came, and that is good enough. no matter how much i complain about this school and the people in it, there are some i am genuinely sad to leave behind. so... yay. not all is lost. also, i have received funny presents from assorted koreans/asians, so that was nice. so far i have received: taro bubble tea, shin ramen, a piece of paper with eric's face transposed onto an ugly man, porridge, an annotated korean Men's Health, and a paper flower.

teehee. ok now french essay calls to me. must heed. turrah.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

be back home VEREH VEREH SOON :D:D

hello christine. i blog for yooz again k.

i do not feel like i have anything of worth to say anymore, thus the lack of blogging. hell knows why i feel thus.

but for the sake of typing something down... this friday has been a nice one. as usual, taiko and horseriding made me happy again, even though i fell off high horse. literally hor, not metaphorically. have never been on metaphorical high horse, cos have no morals. K ANYWAY. came back, elena called, had semi-usual friday gathering of gal palz for dinner: me shirin linda and elena. then rushed to sch cinema with isaac and eric and dom for screening of dark knight! which i have watched twice but it gets better each time i watch it! the joker and the christian bale and the humanity! dieded. i also love the black prisoner who threw the detonator out of the window. a tear made its stupid way out at that point. hannyways... after that went to chinese house for bubble tea with sue somin and paul. felt very wholesome and family like, which is good. zen... came home to make mulled wine with erwin. heehee VERY NICE OMG. so we randomly put a bunch of shit in a pot of wine: orange peel and oranges, ginger slices, brown sugar and a lot a lot of cinammon powder. and then put on low heat. and then drank and watched 2 days in paris, with somin. and now after movie we are tipsy and thus have gone to our respecive rooms to sleep it off.


tomorrow night will be french hall party, GIRL TALK CONCERT IN SCH GYM WITH 1500 PPL WOO, sunday will be taiko performance and monday will be the last day of school. YAY.

Monday, December 1, 2008

k. guess i should update again.

woo. first snow today lehhh. little puffs of greyish powder lie among half-dead grass, under steel-grey, sleet-urinating sky. as you can see, the weather is putting me in a very good mood. also, the fact that it is sunday and i can no longer sleep more than 10 hours a day!!!!!!! howz~~~~???

so, thanksgiving involved:
- me being invited to a korean 'gathering' and me not feeling completely out of place. teehee. TRIUMPH OF THE OUTSIDER.
- playing mario kart with pyungah, nick and somin
- going to boston with siyou paul and chelsea and spending thanksgiving dinner semi-conscious in BU. thanksgiving dinner was very asian: roast duck, stir fried lobster, beef, spinach, rice and egg tarts hahaha
- shopping on black friday quite unsuccessfully, and meeting rachel with siyou and thomas and chelsea in chinatown for dimsum!
- coming back to campus and being a hermity sloth. or a slothy hermit. both also can.

so... that was my weekend. my and siyou's last trip togetherzzz~~. we spent very good quality time together, including affirming each other in the dark, squabbling about directions and lateness, talking about er.. the future (NOT TOGETHER HOR, DON'T GET WRONG IDEA PLS THANKS) and the present and everything else in between. teehee. aiyoh. this is very disgusting and mushy and i hate it so... i shall now go do korean homework.