Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas and all that

quick recaps... tuesday i met jasmine in the afternoon for bolt (THE HAMSTER. PLEASE WATCH BOLT FOR THE HAMSTER.) and xo noodles at, where else, amk hub. caught up and etc, and i showed her the most impt part of the hub: scarlet city. at night met family friends and some of their friends for japanese excellence at Botan and drinks at Blu Jaz after, where we met with disappointment and no live jazz.

wednesday was the day of the ill-fated tree top trail hike, which was rained on so i met nat and naomin at city hall for long awaited crab tang hoon at thai express where we argued over the bill, talked about islamic banking and cried. again. about balls. in the evening was church, then met jerrine and luke after for a could-be-funner zouk night which was nevertheless fun COS I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU, JERRINE AND LUKE.

and today, christmas day, was spent helping mother prepare for usual partay. i made the cranberry sauce. woo. had the whole spectrum of meat laid out for dinner: pork (sausages, ribs and ham), goose, turkey, chicken, duck and beef and i died with the meaty loveliness of it all. tried to watch transformers with edwin and calvin but was chased off. the after party was a long and squishy drive with the cousins to sembawang beach, just because i said the drive was nice and straight and the beach was dirty and dark. we had fun watching people try to fish and clambering around playgrounds, making homevideos and annoying campers, breathing the salty air and brushing scratchy sand off our feet, swinging and running and climbing and even vibrating, at one point. there is something about the night that inspires the tranquil, unapologetic childishness that i wish i could have in daylight. after that we drove to the other end of singapore for late night prata and enjoyed the straight stretch of green lights that only the night can offer us.

it seems that everything i do this holiday is veiled by a thin gauze of barely discernible sadness - sadness at leaving so soon, the selfish sadness of loneliness; i am not sure what it is. what i do know is that the tangible presence of friends cars playgrounds family food dancing familiarity is effectively sweeping this undesired, unwarranted annoyance far into the part of my brain that is duly uncovered whenever i am far from home. i doubt the healthiness of this self-defensive mechanism, but for the meantime... je m'en fous.

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