Monday, December 1, 2008

k. guess i should update again.

woo. first snow today lehhh. little puffs of greyish powder lie among half-dead grass, under steel-grey, sleet-urinating sky. as you can see, the weather is putting me in a very good mood. also, the fact that it is sunday and i can no longer sleep more than 10 hours a day!!!!!!! howz~~~~???

so, thanksgiving involved:
- me being invited to a korean 'gathering' and me not feeling completely out of place. teehee. TRIUMPH OF THE OUTSIDER.
- playing mario kart with pyungah, nick and somin
- going to boston with siyou paul and chelsea and spending thanksgiving dinner semi-conscious in BU. thanksgiving dinner was very asian: roast duck, stir fried lobster, beef, spinach, rice and egg tarts hahaha
- shopping on black friday quite unsuccessfully, and meeting rachel with siyou and thomas and chelsea in chinatown for dimsum!
- coming back to campus and being a hermity sloth. or a slothy hermit. both also can.

so... that was my weekend. my and siyou's last trip togetherzzz~~. we spent very good quality time together, including affirming each other in the dark, squabbling about directions and lateness, talking about er.. the future (NOT TOGETHER HOR, DON'T GET WRONG IDEA PLS THANKS) and the present and everything else in between. teehee. aiyoh. this is very disgusting and mushy and i hate it so... i shall now go do korean homework.


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