Wednesday, November 26, 2008

long time no see, blog.

weekend was fun, cos no more horse show so can sleep late. aiyoh. that just sounded very loser. ok hannyway, it is first day of thanksgiving break and i have the WHOLE DAY FREE and i have just been watching movies in my room and cooking noodles and listening to music and am going to take a nap. BLIZZ.

so. recap of weekend hor. thursday night i cooked bahkutteh for linda shirin and rudi! we polished off 1.5kg of pork ribs, VERY VERY SCARY OMG. and 7 bowls of soup. hahaha. stomach mati alr i think. then watched Rocket Science with somin and spent the rest of the night feeding linda and rudi.

friday was horseriding as usual, and i rode well and was happy. at night went to sarah's birthday partay in her basement and had a lot of weird drunken encounters such as counseling a japanese man, being counselled by other japanese men, laughing at other horny asians, laughing about things that are not funny, shouting names of indonesian food in a circle, and boob touching. ran home at 4.30am because it was cold and dark and i had a vision that i was being chased by monster trucks.

saturday night went to studio 54 party at psi u with paul and other housemates. paul wore blue flared jeans and vintage loafers and a hawaiian tucked in shirt, and i loved him for that. we were being pushed around by stupid couples making out so i did rudi's use-ass-to-dance-into-people-and-push-then-away thing and herded them all away from us. hero, i am. then came home, had fun with apple bongs, watched pineapple express and cooked 3 bowls of noodles with linda.

sunday was work and shit. went to investment group meeting. SO BORING. BRAIN SHRIVELED UP AND DIED. i looked at the insidious, money-grabbing, single-minded people around me and was very sad that they are all very accurate representations of the people i might work with for the rest of my life. UNLESS. i be brave and don't listen to my father. but that is anotehr story for another time.

monday was a shitty day, cos i got back a bad essay and felt stupid for the rest of the day. night improved with dinner at french hall with siyou and shirin and isaac cos jega cooked nasi lemak and roti prata and it was VERY VERY GOOD OMG. jega is master housewife sia. why boy (albeit, gay) can cook so much better than me. at night was siyou's birthday party again in sarah's basement. got suitably wasted again and met the handsomest irish gay man EVER, met another Sam multiple times, witnessed illicit lesbian action, asked a lot of people if they have ever gotten back a bad essay (so bloody irritating omg), laughed at horny birthday girl, gave her a lap dance, was coerced into doing things, yelled bout forensic geology and ate a lot of fries.

ok.bed looks very inviting, it is time to dive in. heeheehee. bye all!

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