Sunday, November 2, 2008


weekend better than last, vastly. friday night i decided i was in need of a drunken night out, so i did. went to Buddhist House (!) for party with siyou isaac carlo leslie maria dan etc and lance lance and old flames were er, revived and we were almost caught by police for trespassing and then went home to cook noodles and listen to romanian music with dan and maria.

tonight i just stayed in my room and tried to read godot and played the hardest game in the world (seriously. and tried buying horses, donkeys, vietnamese wives and hookahs with isaac linda and dan. thankfully, we only succeeded in buying the last item. there is a party raging outside my room and my room is nice and bright and comfy and quiet and nice so i shall stay here with pocky and mojito.
v nais.

isaac: i wonder what you would get if you cross-bred a horse and a donkey.
me: a honkey.
isaac: !!
me: whoops.

k thass all. till next uneventful weekend, which i wish would come right now cos next week i have econ midterm, shitload of readings, korean test, COL essay, and US elections. cannot live alr.

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