Sunday, December 21, 2008

god. it's good to be back

ok never blog for very very long so i must recap from very long ago but i am sick and sleepy so i shall do it quickly. last few days of school. when not spent studying, was spent quite nicely with friends whom i am not going to see for at least another 8 months to ever. hung out with nicolas, linda, dan, shirinandrudi, elena, paul, eric, erwin, sarah, ivy, iwan, kohei, nateandsue and of course siyou at various different meals, had a farewell partay where i took a lot of nice photos but after which my camera was stolen :((( and... that was it, actually. every other waking moment was spent packing or studying. not very fun at all.

aaaaaaand... NOW I AM AT HOME AND heeheehee i love life again. in the past 3 days i have had enough chill, nice, happy, friendly, familiar, lovely fun to fill about 2 months in wes. so on friday, arrived in the morning, FIRST THING I GOT WAS YOUZHA AND WARM SOYA BEAN WITH MOTHER. ah bliss. and then lunch with elizabeth and ming and their friends at cheap ass dimsum (which i got for free :D:D), got fetched home, took nap till dinner, then went to eat world's freaking best rojak at balestier with family. and then and then. FUN HAVEN'T END KNOW. went to meet luke and ky at island creamery, then was driven to holland v for wala wala and mr siva. stumbled home in jet-lagged, alcohol-enhanced tiredness and fell asleep for a blissful 12 hours.

saturday was dedicated to nat and naomin! i must say... i haven't laughed SO FUCKING MUCH IN OH, 5 MONTHS. we oozed in the heat from TCC in raffles city to suntec to nat's house, where we spent er... much time laughing until peng over the unbelievable ugliness of our 14-17 yr old selves. goddamn i was a fugly teenager. when we were tired our from all the laughing, we headed to Mr Prata, ate beehoon goreng (alsfalskfja;klfja;klfjafkjaf good. a;lskdfjalkfdjalkfjalkdfj) and laughed summore, until i had to come home because i was all laughed out and there were no more laughter tears in my tear ducts. i swear. it was a weird feeling.

today went to church and surprised many with my unexpected presence. it was nice being so... wamrly received. then lunch at maxwell with parents, where there was the AWESOME MAXWELL FISH SOUP I HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR SINCE WELL... OCTOBER. i died. didn't talk for 20 minutes. and zen... off to christine's house where jerrine very opportunely skyped us! met luke and his manchester friends at PS cafe, talked too much about rock band, then was very nicely given a lift to orchard to meet felicia for bout 4 hrs of bitchiness, had ayam penyet (:D:D:D) and am now at home, showered, sitting on bed with laptop and nemo next to me. HIYAH. THE NICENESS OF LIFE.

and much more fun to come, cos jerrine returns and rachel returns and cousins come to singapore and i go to clubmed bintan and another wes dinner and there is christmas and new yr and my 21st AND HIYAH. SO SHIOK :D

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