Thursday, November 1, 2007

why did i watch the exorcist, why.

i find it amazing what the average human can find to entertain himself with within the confines of a rural college campus.

college seems to be one long stream of ceaseless movie watching. today, i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which was good in a trippy weird way. then at midnight, watched the freaking exorcist, cos halloween. so must.

i... hate monsters. this is why i am refusing to sleep at 2.59am. wah lau. i was hungry and weak after the movie ok, cos had to expend a lot of energy to close ears and squint at the screen. so loser.

in other news, i have decided on my major! (other than the ubiquitous, mandatory bitch, Econs.) Romance studies, with an emphasis on French. This means i have to start on Spanish next yr, which is also exciting shit. Hee.

AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW YORK. rachel's blog makes me drool on my mac keyboard condom, which is messy and gross. BUT OMG TO BE IN A 5 MILE RADIUS AMONG BUILDINGS MORE THAN 2 STOREYS TALL IS... ASDL;FKASFHJSAFASDFJHADLSKF. must... have... buildings...

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