Tuesday, October 30, 2007

on a lighter note...

ok time to stop whining and recount, recount, recount.

very boring one.

fri night watched three movies in three different locations, two of which had homosexual themes. such is wesleyan.
la vie en rose - french film about 7 yr old boy who wants to become woman. watched in film hall.
thank you for smoking - damn good film. pls watch, fanks. in hallmate's room.
mysterious skin - omg. freaking good movie la. got jason gordon levitt, who is prettytofu. he is gay, and very well so. haha ok i dunno what the hell that meant. in fauver with somin and siyou, and 3 full cups of excellent hot milk tea on rainy night.

sat spent the whole freaking day cooking chicken rice for 50 ppl with shirin vernie and ivan and IT TURNED OUT DAMN GOOD ZOMG. IS WIN MY MOTHER'S CHICKEN RICE OK, WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING. omg. damn accomplished la. erwin say taste like hilton hotel chicken rice summore. hee. (is complete lie, but whatever la hor). so me and shirin caught the cooking bug and after the international food fair was over we went back to tx's house to cook for concussed siyou. sauteed onions and fried garlic and marinated the chicken thighs with sesame oil and oyster sauce and panfried it and it was guhhhhd.

btw, rubbing raw cold chicken with oil is damn therapeutic. i love it. got squishysquishysquelchysquelchy sound one, DAMN SHIOK. me and siyou giggle and rub, like freaking perverts. but damn fun. ok i shall stop now before i am arrested.

after that tried to get into halloween party (as sixties girl. nicolas went as a beatnik and james as a communist (that was awesome) and they commiserated about the benefits of communism. exciting.)(also, there was a guy who wore a pumpkin on his head cos HE WANTED TO DISGUISE HIMSELF TO SNEAK INTO PARTY. put pumpkin on head is... not discreet, i think. i theeenk. then after he got chased away, he lay on the floor. hahahahaha. siao.) but no tickets so we stood around in the cold and i decided i was freaking tired and covered in chicken grease so i went back to dorm, where i was offered pot twice in the space of 5 min by paul and amit. but i hum. so i never. don't wanna enter some random guy's den of sin alone la hor. is... not good idea.

ok thass all. i dunno why i bother. night!

ps. oh dan just came by cos it is his birthday and he gave me dark chocolate lindt. (so cute, it is romanian tradition. like freaking primary school ok.) and the chocolate is now smeared attractively on my teeth. jerrine, this is for you. <3

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