Thursday, October 25, 2007


oh. oh my feet. they are in a happy place right now... ie, in homer's mouth(s).

i am never taking them out zomg.

anyway. slept every chance i got this week, cos it is my hobby la. cannot win one. on tues, i slept through the ENTIRE astronomy class ok. and, and. as paul did, I FELL ASLEEP EVEN BEFORE SHE STARTED. we... can win world record alr. then at the end of the class i think she... referenced me. and i wanted to open my eyes but i couldn't cos they were so happily shut, so i... nodded with my eyes closed and returned to unconsciousness. siao.

mon night had two hour dinner with various ppl. had enlightening conversation about sea monkeys and sea leopards with thomas, and two black girls taught me a new word - biffles. it is the phonetic pronunciation of BFFLs. i love it. i shall use it everyday. and they also like the word squeegies! must spread the joy.

tues night watched the awesomeness that is The Bubble - it is movie bout arab gay and jew gay and their love across israeli/palestinian border. IS SOME GOOD SHIT. after the movie though everyone was crying and being emotional and stuff, but i was all squee about the sweet gayness. so... i think the deeper political/racial/religious issues were lost on me. i suck.

(qualifier. i was not the only one. dan's only comment was 'god this movie is so depressing. i am going to watch ratatouille tmr.')

tonight i had no work! so after gym, i bummed ard sci li for a while, tried to get some o' dat econs going, but failed, then went to triple A cos luke cooked porridge!

it is CONGEE, and not the disgusting shitty grits (who the HELL would wanna eat something called freaking GRITS) that ppl eat here for breakfast. then he crack EGG INSIDE. and put SESAME OIL on top. quote DAMN SHIOK unquote. (hello luke. i know you read this now. nyeheheh.) then studied there for a while after shirin left to meet mufasa.

wah lau freaking triple A got projection screen and ps2 and DDR mat and rooftop and washing machine and kitchen OK. HOW TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, HOW.

anyway. let me provide you with an inventory of what i ate from 8pm to 1am tonight, it is scary.
- whole banana chip muffin
- hot chocolate
- rudi's 'special' chocolates
- linda's cup noodles
- wafers
- shirin's chips
- porridge
- chicken
- snackpeas
- popsicle
- green tea
- an onion ring (i must control self la. must.)


tonight, lemony snicket came to speak, but i didn't go cos i am a stupid ass. lemony snicket is a wes alum. michael bay also.

i think if my father know... he won't be very happy for me la hor.

anyway. talked to jerrine for a while and laughed until gums come out and eyes close and tears fall and mucus flow again. so uglynoalibi but I LOVES IT. (omg that last sentence is bimz until die. hahahaha.)

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