Monday, October 8, 2007

If there were a Procrastination God,

Facebook would be his Bible.

Because i don't wanna start on econs and cos i am bored, let me tell you a story.

My stupid dorm toilet floods EVERYTIME someone takes a shower, so when there is more than one person bathing at the same time, it becomes a swimming pool.

so to get out of clothes, must take off slippers right. i took them off. THEN THEY STARTED FLOATING AWAY. one clever slipper floated INTO THE NEXT CUBICLE SUMMORE. then i must put foot into next cubicle where some guy was showering and search for my slipper. omg the loserness. if i were showering and suddenly got foreign foot invade my personal space, i will not be v happy lor.

anyway. so that is the story. omg i dunno why i wrote it down. it is so boring it is funny la hor.

like that time rachel told me about her dream: eh sam!
me: what.
rachel: last night i dreamt about an eraser!

then... finish.
i love it.

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