Saturday, October 20, 2007

sianz part II

the rain it raineth everyday.

let me tell you story about life again.

this morning, was in campus centre rushing out econ assign cos must pass up by noon. me and siyou damn stressed alr. so. after finally finishing, we wanted to rush to pass up but... was raining like a beast. so we very cleverly went to the campus store and she bought a hoodie while i bought an umbrella. spent DAMN long in the shop, cos must look for perfect hoodie and i was wearing my newly acquired rainboots and trying to stuff stupid jeans into boots and grunting with the effort. (yes, in the store. i am that much of a peasant/fob. it is true.)

then FINALLY when we were both done, happy happy open umbrella and put hood up and stomp in rain boots and step out into the open..... THE RAIN STOP.


ok life sucks, must go be moody now. bye again.

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