Friday, October 12, 2007

fall break!

today was quite nice chill day, cos pre-fall break!

lunch with rhee-soo, spent the afternoon doing laundry and paying school bills (-.- cos father don't want to transfer for me, says it is part of GROWING UP. is standing at the only school atm drawing 3x800 bucks from citibank acc then nervously depositing 3x800 bucks to bank of america acc, to the ire of the ten million americans standing behind me, GROWING UP?), TOOK A NAP, ONLY ONE, went for killer water polo training, then rushed to chinese house on shivery legs with wet hair in the cold for the weirdest dinner in the world.

nate cooked the most fatty two-week old beef in the saltiest soy sauce in the world. salty until must put in sugar. then cannot taste sugar summore, cos the salt absorb all. then after eat the lips pucker up from the osmosis. hahaha. also, cucumber egg and lettuce. oh, and dilute milk. INSANE. is like, refugee meal. but nice la. beef fat always good. fanks, nate.

went to library to try to study minimally, then back to nate's room to watch pan's labyrinth again with sue somin shirin and freaked myself out with the STUPID MONSTER WITH EYES IN HANDS. why got ppl in the world imagine this kind of shit, why.

I am sorry, but i am damn bitchy and i must spread the horror.
so, pls do not look at this next picture if you want to live.

then went back to somin's room where she showed me her korean equivalent of natnaosk's scrapbook for me. :D then i came back and looked at my scrapbook and was very sad/happy. i love friends.

and in this happy vein, i bought rainboots (yellow with comic strips! shiok!) and isaac mizrahi white booties from target! i am white trash, but whatevs. shiok ok. shiok. damn waste money but whatever, don't buy soap from wesshop lor.

ok. damn self-indulgent at 3am in morning, so shall put up photos.

and tmr... i eat lobster for the first time in forever, in new hampshire. :D

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