Thursday, October 11, 2007


today i talked to rachel for 10sec online and jerrine for 26 min on the phone. THOSE TWO EVENTS MADE MY DAY OK.

i miss friends like siao zomg.

jerrine and i apparently sleep 5 times a day. SO GROSS RIGHT. hahaha everytime my roommate comes into the room in the afternoon, i confirm sleeping one. then yesterday when i was sleeping off the fast in the afternoon, she brought her pre-frosh and her parents into the room for tour. then there i was, sleeping like a freaking coolie. wahlau paisei like sai ok.

listening to mambo music now. homesick like a beast. :( I AM SO GOING MAMBO THE FIRST WED I GET BACK. EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME, PLS GO TOO K FANKS.

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