Monday, October 29, 2007


It is sad, but every momentous event that happens to me seems to affect me minimally, go WHOOSH over my head, and i am completely unchanged after it.

when in my life did i lose the capacity to just let go of my self-imposed cynicism and live life properly, with the childlike amazement it deserves?

when did i lose the ability to go after what i want, without thinking of the consequences and the potential failures and rejections?

when did i start undermining everything i really REALLY want so that when/if i don't get it, the loss is easier to bear?

and when did i just stop appreciating everything that happens to me.

i think it all started when i was ejected into the world, approximately 19.7 years ago. unfortunate, that.

well. guess 4 yrs among go-getter angmohs will sorta change that eh. hope to hell so.

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