Sunday, October 21, 2007

sianz part III

everyone is changing, and it kinda fucking sucks. ok not everyone la. but still. fucking sucks.

i still have to read phillip roth, but physically impossible!

so, time to update on my very boring and mundane existence.

(i really need a car. the cabin fever is getting to me sia. HOW TO SPEND 3.5 MORE YRS WITH WEEKENDS SPENT ON CAMPUS HOW.)

fri night was Rain Like A Bitch night, so pretty much nothing to do around the little rural haven that is wesleyan. so, i had four dinners.

First dinner - after horseriding, all-day breakfast meal at dunkin donuts with er, horseriders.
Second dinner - after sleeping off first dinner, went to usdan for meal with usual bunch of ppl.
Third dinner - after hanging out at scili for a while like a freaking LOSER, went back to usdan for late night dining with shirin siyou charlotte somin feifei kenta. ate oil and batter. whoopdedoo.
Fourth dinner - went to chinese house cos somin HAD TO WATCH her korean movie, sat in kitchen with siyou and chanyoung cos korean movie kinda sucked ass, then andrew gave us curry.

so i had my last meal of the day at... 2am. i think buddha cannot hold candle to me alr.

after sitting in kitchen for DAMN LONG, went to shuwei's apartment for half a cup of tepid beer amongst various koreans, and erwin. dunno what the HELL he was doing in there la, but he was drunk and happy, which explains many things.

then dropped into bed at 5, woke up at 2 today, went for IMS training which was mesmerizing, then had many free sausages at german house for some oktoberfest celebration. in evening went to main street for DAMN SHIOK northern food for charlotte's birthday with bunch of ppl again. the NAANS. why are the NAANS so good. but the curry hot until die, so the entire table (with the exception of pro shirin) was sniffling away towards the end of the dinner. damn cool.

came back to campus, went to dorm, was pulled into hallmates room where amit had some good coconut rum barcadi which i sort of polished off, went to sojoo party, went to international house party, and basically spent the entire night amongst many drunk koreans, while pissing off random ppl cos i have bigger mouth than usual when drunk. stumbled back to my room where i had half-conscious conversation with amit and allison until 5 freaking am again, then woke up still half-drunk and hungover like a bitch to go to church with tx and andrew.

had lunch at weswings, then went shopping where i bought FUCKING AMAZING PAIR OF HOMER SIMPSON SLIPPERS. THEY OWN THE WORLD. pictures up soon.

ok that's all, i haven't done my work, and am exhausted like sai. so, life ain't good. bye.

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