Wednesday, October 17, 2007

must read phillip roth. dowan.

the human stain beckons. am fastidiously ignoring it.

yesterday was supposed to go to gym and study, but then, fate intervened and i went to eat chinese food at the aptly named 'Chinese Restaurant' (i kid you not), apparently the best chinese place in CT, with singaporeans again.

HAD STEAMED FISH. STEAMED FISH LEH. it is as rare as a hairy-assed baboon lor. and i ate one cheek!!! siyou ate the other. nyeheheh. the sliver of white firm meat sliding down throat is... a good feeling. it is.

then me shuwei siyou and father tx went to cold rock to have mountains of icecream, despite my feeble attempts at refusing. it was good stuff also. fish and ice cream make me happy. interesting.

today i managed to make voice call to jasmine in oxford! i shouted a lot in my room! it felt great! i am still shouting!

ok i must go now! bye!

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